Hot Pink Mini

Baltimore is known for a lot of things - The Orioles, The Wire, steamed crabs and recently it's become a bit of a foodie destination. There's also a vibrant music scene happening but still you're pretty good to pack only leggings and a Patagonia if you visit or flip flops and shorts if you go in the Summer.

I absolutely could not wait to leave home and move to New York when I graduated high school. I was so set on a life in the city that I only applied to colleges there and of course one "safety school" in Philadelphia. I wasn't ready to move as far away from my family as California but I did want to put myself in an environment where I would meet more people "like me."
People like me. What does that mean? I guess Partly I wanted to move to a place where I could push the envelope style wise and no one would notice. Unlike in high school when I wore a lime green ensemble to Christmas at my boyfriends and his older brother made fun of me all day long. It was a fashion misstep for sure but no one comes out the womb with great style.
It was fun stomping around Belvedere Square last weekend in a hot pink mini for that reason. I stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the preppies but I liked it. After all these years I'm finally comfortable with my personal style. And the relaxed nature of Baltimore has become something I love although I hated it growing up. If I'm there for an extended stay I usually end up wearing leggings and no make-up and enjoying the break from "getting dressed."

Jacket | Vintage (similar)
Skirt | Ted Baker (on loan)
Top | Ted Baker (on loan)
Cuff | Alexis Bittar
Boots | Shoemint 
Clutch | Gotham Decay