Fall is the time of year when we're all craving something fresh and new which makes it a great time of year to shop. 
I stopped by my favorite Silverlake thrift store last weekend searching for some bang for my buck. 
Here's what I scored...
THRIFTED  denim dress $19.95

THRIFTED  cardigan $15.95

THRIFTED Levi's orange label denim jacket $24.95 AKA "Cindy"

Your local thrift store isn't just a cheaper place to shop it can actually be a better option for sourcing certain pieces. 
For example, anything you want to look worn in, vintage or totally unique like this awesome jean jacket. 

You can usually get a cooler version of trending items and save some dough-rae-me which can then be put towards your
Isabel Marant Dicker boots:

For the record there are certain things I would never buy at a thrift store like underwear or a basic t (let's not get cray cray) 


 Does it fit me? If not is the alteration cheap and easy?

Is it in good condition? Meaning no gaping holes or hidden stains.

And lastly,

How does it make me feel

I try to keep this in mind anytime I buy anything...do I like the way I feel in this garment?

So the big question...do I keep the "Cindy" stitching on the back of my new jean jacket?
I think it's kind of awesome so I'm leaning towards leaving it.

Would love to hear what you think!



I love Succulents. There is something so quintessentially California about them.

I just put several around our bathroom and I love the way they match the green tiles in there.

I especially love the look of Succulents in these glossy black and white potters that I get at Rolling Greens in L.A.

This Fall I plan on expanding my collection and buying some of these from IKEA as well.

Succulents aren't exactly high-maintenance but they do require a little bit of love. HERE is a great article on how to care for your Succulents and keep them thriving all year long.



(Adam Chambray - similar , BLK DNM jean 6, Gap sweater - similar, Alexis Bittar cuff, JCrew heels)
It's funny how something formerly dorky like the Canadian tuxedo (that's denim on top and bottom y'all!) can start trending and suddenly feel awesome. 
 There's all sorts of ways to rock the tux; mixing denims, tucked in or out. 
For my first foray I went more or less standard; matching denim tucked into high waist jeans. 
To make the look my own I added a striped cardigan from the Gap and a gold, lucite cuff from Alexis Bittar.

(Ph. by Mark Champion)

Mark has been in New York City all week for work so I've been flying solo. Waiting for the weather to cool down and trying to dress for Fall even though it's not totally appropriate yet.

Friday night had no plans so Sidney P. and I took a nice walk around Silverlake at Sunset. 
We stopped by my favorite vintage store and I tried on lots of things while Sid waited patiently on a poof in the dressing room. 

I started really wishing Mark was with us. 
I couldn't go in any coffee shops or my favorite gelato place because I didn't want to leave little Sid tied up outside all alone.
I know lots of people tie their dogs outside but I believe Sid is so cute that someone might just walk by, grab him and then sell him on the black, puppy market.

I also wanted Mark there to enjoy the perfect pink sky with. Sometimes L.A. feels like the most beautiful place in the world. Especially when the sun sets so majestically over mid century houses in the hills. 
It makes me feel very grateful that I came here after I started my own family so that more often than not I'm enjoying the beauty with the person I love.



(Alexa Chung for Superga)
 I have been wanting to pull the trigger on these SUPERGA kicks for awhile.
But I've had a litany of excuses. 

I already have two pairs of converse, I want white but Summer's over, I want red but they aren't versatile blah, blah, blah.

The fact of the matter is that they are just too.damn.cute.

 As Nike says I may "JUST DO IT."
Bad, corny joke but sometimes I can't resist.
What can I say?

What color do you think I should get?
Navy? Red? White?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson just opened the first SUPERGA store in the U.S.

Can someone please explain to me how two child stars from the Valley ended up with such impeccable taste? I love absolutely everything Ashley wears. 
Should have thought of her when FOAM MAG interviewed me last week. They asked who I would like to trade closets with. 
I said Sylvana Ward-Durrett, the special events director of Vogue.
I mean, she's a Vogue girl. 
Can you even imagine the swag homegirl gets?
But Ashely's no slouch and who cares about swag when you are one of the richest women in AMERICA!
Am I right people?
Kick back with your morning coffee and read the rest of my FOAM Interview HERE.



(Leopard and lights while waiting for the Juicy Couture presentation to begin)

Modelina party at the Thompson hotel)

(I'll take both @Rachel Roy)

(Los Angeles based Clover Canyon had an excellent presentation)

(Finally met my virtual friend Lindsay from Cynthia Rowley at Employees Only)

(Would love to wear this peachy Clover Canyon shorts suit to an upcoming event)

(Models being shot during Cynthia Rowley's dreamy presentation in an abandoned building)

This was my first time travelling to New York City for Fashion Week and it was so much fun! 

There was a great energy at the shows (someone likened it to back-to-school-time) and I saw a lot of girl meets menswear stuff that I just loved. 

I was introduced to some designers I hadn't heard of like Clover Canyon and saw some great stuff from old favorites like Cynthia Rowley.

Looking forward to the next one. 
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(Urban Outfitters raglan t-shirt, Heidi Merrick skirt, Botkier Trigger clutch c/o, Elizabeth and James Shane boots, Alexis Bittar jewelry) 

Just as I was getting excited about the imminent Fall Los Angeles decided to have a massive heat wave

Temperatures reached 105' and everyone was either in air conditioned homes or at the beach. 

Needless to say this dissolved my desire to bake

We did have a slice of Apple pie รก la mode at Canters after my Improv show on Friday night. 

We also swam at our friends pool and stayed up way past our bedtime two nights in a row this weekend. 

Which makes it seem like Summer fun is here for awhile longer.



(ACNE Piston Boots)
All of a sudden I'll I want to wear is heels and soft wintery fabrics like silk and cashmere

And bake Apple Pies.

And go to the L.A. County Fair and have Mark win me a large and gaudy stuffed animal.

Truthfully, I'd prefer if someone else made the pie and I got to lay on the couch and read a book but no matter who makes the pie, the craving alone is a sure sign of Fall.

( Rashida Jones in Tanya Taylor)
(Tanya Taylor f/w 12 lookbook)

(Steven Alan cashmere sweater)

I'm really excited for the cooler weather and the chance to wear cute little sweaters with floral pants and boots. I like these from former Elizabeth and James designer Tanya Taylor. 

Anyone planning on doing some Fall shopping this weekend? 
What's on your list?



On the last day of NYFW I wore a Heidi Merrick dress with a grey vintage tee shirt, chain necklace, Botkier clutch, Dolce Vita boots and some cute fishnet socks. 

Sort of Audrey Hepburn meets Grunge.

Headed back to LA today and back to work. 

Please excuse the non-witty reparte between me and my computer right now, it's 6am and I can barely take off my sunglasses. 

Florescent lighting before noon? 
I think not. 



I read an article a few years ago on travel tips from Supermodels. The Cliff Notes version of this article would be that Supermodels travel a lot which naturally makes them amazing packers. They also don't drink alcohol in flight (dehydrating!) and they manage to look amazeballs upon arrival while fitting everything in an itsy bitsy carry-on. 
To which I thought...

Fuck my life.

I have always been an over packer but on my recent flight to NYC I decided to pack "like a Supermodel".
It was a real challenge but I did it.
Here are a few things that made the cut.

Carry-on necessities: a rich moisturizer for face and hands. I love this Embryolisse lait cream; it's light and rich and makes me smell like a baby. I also bring energy bars in case I get hungry and a journal and pen, I tend to do some of my best thinking on long flights.

This blouse comes with me on most Fall/Winter trips because I can dress it up or down. I also packed my favorite rollerball fragrance. It's tiny and can uplift my spirits after breathing plane air for six hours straight. 

This army green cap is my favorite Fall accessory, I wore it for the entire flight and totally avoided plane hair.

Shorties; perfect for sleeping or an impromptu run.



Waking up in Cobble Hill Brooklyn to be precise, the cutest little storybook neighborhood you've ever seen. 
If I ever move back to New York I'll live here. 

FYI I normally don't fly in minidresses (although I probably should)
Had to hit up a callback on the way to the airport.
For any non-actors reading, a callback is when you are asked to come back and audition for a role again.
Like...a second interview.
And you always wear the same thing you did the first time, at least I do.

I changed into stretchy jeans and a tee in a teeny tiny airport restroom. Also forgot to wear/pack any socks at all.
GAP here I come!

Off to the Berkshires in a few hours for a friends wedding, 
I bet the Berkshires will make Cobble Hill look like a dump!

Have a great weekend everyone:)



(MARA HOFFMAN tube dress-old, my trusty chambray shirt-similar, Rainbow flip flops, Alexander Wang bag - similar, RAY BAN sunnies) 
Currently sitting at home with two Fresh face masks layered on top of one another (Umbrian clay on the bottom, Rose mask on top) and a layer of Calamine lotion on my butt. I sat in something while camping this weekend that I'm JUST.PRAYING was not poison-anything. The weird thing about having a rash on your butt is that A)you feel like an adult baby and B)you can't wear pants.
But I digress... 
On Friday afternoon I was soaking up some late Summer sun at Babycakes NYC, a vegan bakery on Larchmont. Is it just me or are vegan baked goods incredibly delicious?

They also have really good coffee and are located across the street from the best sandwich shop in town and next to my favorite beauty supply store. Larchmont Blvd is definitely worth a visit if you are in Los Angeles.

Do I have something on my face?