Kate Middleton and I may not have a ton in common but we can both agree on certain style secrets i.e. a good blowout and investing in a pair of classic pumps

The Sledge pump by L.K. Bennett are Kate's heels of choice and are topping my list of Fall must-haves. I'm also loving L.K Bennett's Harper pump in orange suede and this hot pink (duh) shoulder bag from Claire Vivier. 

 They would both go great with my fav outfit as of late; A white tee, some bold jewelry and this colorful tweed skirt from JCrew. 

Here's Kate looking incredibly pulled together at some Royal Event. I might like to have a pint with her. I bet homegirl can get down.

What are y'all doing for the holiday weekend? I'm doing something pretty wacky and hopefully pretty fun. I'll tell you all about it on Monday Tuesday.



Summer is coming to an end but Summer dressing...not quite. Dunno about you but I'm scrambling to create Summer outfits that I'm not sick of yet. 
When designer Rachel Pally sent me this skirt in June I remember thinking it might also make a nice LBD.
Necessity is the mother of invention so I tested my skirt->dress theory on Sunday.

I like using bright colorful accessories, like this orange clutch, to add oomph to a neutral ensemble. 
I'm hoping to expand my clutch collection this Fall, maybe with one of these from LA based designer Claire Vivier. 

military style jacket is one piece that you will never regret buying and can always find for cheap. Mine's old - from J.Crew - but try your local Army Surplus store for something truly authentic and use this great FOAM tutorial to personalize it. Even though tan lines are historically tacky I secretly love them. 

Military jacket - similar



One trend from last year that seems to have come back in a big way for Fall is Polka Dots.

I dipped my toe in last year with a few blouses and now I'm ready to go hog wild. Last week I purchased these jeans and this swimsuit. I'm absolutely in love with the jeans. The cut is so good and they have just the right amount of stretch.

( I wear this vintage chain belt as a necklace all the time!)
I'm also very excited for the swimwear to arrive.
In L.A. Summer gets started late and goes through October so I have plenty of time left for the ocean. My sister has been here all summer and we have taken many "life affirming swims"
We really get a kick out of calling them this and I'll be sad taking them without her when she leaves. 

I'm finding a perk of the California lifestyle is that there are always new beaches to discover and what's so cool is that in Cali all beaches are classified as national parks and free to the public. 
We found a great one this weekend that is also dog friendly! 

I love it when I put together a look that I can see myself happily wearing for years to come and that's exactly how I feel about this skinny pant, button down shirt, slingback heel combo.

 Sure, the styles might get tweaked over time. One year blackwatch might be all the rage, but the general idea will hold up pretty well and is appropriate at any age. 
I'm talkin' to my one reader in particular who is a very chic grandma!

xxoo, aja



Ever since we moved into our new apartment I've been a bit obsessed with buying a proper bed. I fell in love with the O'Hara bed from Cisco home but it just didn't seem practical; when we upgrade apartments our current bed will go into the guest room.

After some hunting on the internet and some input from my husband I stumbled upon the Carlton headboard from JCPenney's. 

I've never bought from them before (admittedly a little snobby) but the online reviews were fantastic and the product is made in the USA which is a huge selling point for me.

I bought the oatmeal with brass studs but also liked the charcoal micro-suede with pewter studs for a different look. 
If you're thinking of buying keep in mind it's made to order so factor in three weeks for delivery time.



I posted this on the FB page and people really seemed to dig it so I thought I would share with you all who aren't on the FB or haven't "liked" me

Yes, that's really how outtake is spelled! Double T's, holdin' it down.

Also, I've been too busy to shoot anything new with scuttling back and forth to Santa Monica for auditions. 

You'll have to really drink this one in and I'll have something new soon, I promise.

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I'm like a plant that needs watering. 

Only my water is your love and affection.
xx, AA



The best outfits can transport to any country or culture and not stand out like a sore American thumb. This is one of them thanks to the classic cut sweater and the Parisian style skirt.
After a Summer of loving color (neon jeans anyone?) black and white feels fresh again. 

Something about a skirt with a little swing makes me feel giddy. Keeping the color scheme basic, I opted for a beaded vintage handbag with gold chain (a gift from the actress Melissa Leo when we worked together) and piled on jewelry in various hues of gold, including my Alexis Bittar cuffs and a vintage necklace my mom gave me for Easter.

James Perse sweater - similar here.
Heidi Merrick full skirt - similar here.
Vintage bag
Jewelry from Pyrrha, Alexis Bittar and Vintage

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My birthday was Wednesday so we decided to start the weekend early. Five days of rest and two days of work seems about right in August.
 Here's a sneak peek at Monday's post... 
I think it's a good one.
Have a fantastic weekend!



Hey Y'all

I'm sitting in my favorite new cafe in Los Angeles; Graffiti on La Brea. 

I've been using Yelp to find new coffee bars so I don't spend my life at Starbucks or in my apartment. 
Try it out, it's fun! 

I'm stoked right now because as soon as I sat down with my Intelligentsia iced latte I got an email saying
The Cookie Monster, starring moi is featured on Zoey Deschanel's Hello Giggles homepage.

My sister's favorite part starts at minute 1:20
Would love for you to head over to check it out and leave a comment. 




(Heidi Merrick dress, Alexis Bittar ring, Ray Ban sunnies, JCrew heels)

This fantastic dress became mine on Friday morning when I hit up the Heidi Merrick sample sale in downtown LA. Ahh, it was such a bummer leaving NYC and my beloved sample sales but such a relief to find some amazing California designers also willing to sell me their clothes at a fraction of the price. 

Life will be even better when I am being dressed by said designers for various red carpet events and my closet is over- flowing with one of a kind pieces designed exclusively for me. Whoa.
That sounds good. 

In the meantime I can pretend this dress was designed exclusively for me. Heidi told me it's a sample that never went into production hence the only one in the world. Love that. 

P.S. Heidi is the new editor at large at FOAM MAG  and also one of the coolest chicks I've met. I want her as my new bff. Check out beautiful things on her website.