Trench Coats: Surprisingly Great with Long Hippy Dresses

( K Jacques sandals, Blaque Label kimono, Madewell trench )

And other Sunday revelations... 

-The Olympics are a really good way to feel productive while taking a nap on the couch. 

-I had three different Quesos for dinner last night and I've been thinking of them fondly ever since. Yay Oscar's Cerveteca in Venice! Erin Wasson was also having dinner there but she was probably eating something more healthy than a cheese flight.

-It takes me forever to get through the Sunday New York Times thus I will carry it to audition waiting rooms this week intimidating other actors with my intellectual prowess. Wa-ha-ha. 

-Capped Sunday off with three hours of Friday Night Lights and only stopped because it was 1am. If you're looking for me this August I'll prob be in a FNL K-hole. Big old crush on Taylor Kitsch fyi. Hachi. Machi.


Naughty by Kniture Part 2. Do it in the Dark

Once again, you have your minds in the gutter!
What I mean is...
Here's how I styled this sweater for a date night:)

I added
A black mini skirt similar here.
and an Alexis Bittar necklace similar here.


Naughty By Knit-ture.

Oh, there you are! I didn't even see you! 
What am I doing? 
You know, just casually talking on my cellie while looking wistfully down the street. 
This is Hollywood after all, a girl never knows when she'll be discovered.

JCrew knit sweater here. (This is a large FYI!)
Botkier Valentina bag here
Patent leather sandals similar on sale here



Valentina Slingbacks

I stopped by JCrew last week and scored these awesome snakeskin JCrew Collection slingbacks. They were admittedly an impulse buy which are normally a no no for me but it was sale time and I knew these puppies weren't gonna last long.

I had been looking for a pair of classic slingbacks in black, these are an ivory snakeskin so just as neutral as black but a whole lot more interesting. I didn't hesitate to snatch them up since they retail for $398.00 and I got them for a song.

I know most fashion blogs don't go into detail about price, budget, etc but I think it's a good conversation to start. I've struggled with debt in the past and a big part of the last few years has been reigning that in while still writing this fashion blog. 

Here's How I Do It 

Mark and I share a joint checking account. We  both have artistic freelance jobs that we love but we do trade guaranteed weekly income for our freedom. We share all the money that comes in because sometimes I bring home the bacon and sometimes he does. 

Last year I also started "play accounts" for each of us. 10% of each of our individual income goes into our own separate play accounts. This means if I stop by JCrew and there's a fabulous sale I don't have to feel guilty that I've spent our money on something I really don't "need". Yes I NEED classic snakeskin slingbacks and I'm sure you all understand but I don't need it the way we need food, water, and to pay rent on time:)

We also have a joint savings account which 10% of all earned income goes towards. Ideally this is just an abundance fund which has a year's worth of expenses in it but often it's used for short term goals like  travel or a new car purchase. 

I also recently embarked on the big "I", 
investing and started a ROTH IRA for myself.

I can't say I'm financially perfect. I still have some lingering cc debt and those pesky student loans but I'm getting there. Some financial advisors say not to save or invest until all cc debt is at 0 but that just doesn't feel right to me. The younger you get started with investments the more time your money has to accumulate.

Do you have a financial plan? I'd love to hear about it. Would you like to see more posts about women and money on this blog?

No matter what your budget I think it's possible to be totally chic and totally in control of your own financial destiny.


Freshening up the bedroom

My bedroom is still a work in progress but it's getting close. I ordered a headboard, picked out an end table and bought new sheets. Remember when it looked like this? The room has a much more soothing vibe now. 

The wall color is Snow Leopard by BEHR. I really like this wicker bowl as a magazine rack.

My favorite bedroom accessory - this guy. 

My essentials for bedside tables; soothing scents like Diptyque candles and fresh flowers as well as drawers and boxes to store not so pretty items like kleenex, lip balm, and lotions. But piles of jewelry are pretty! No need to methodically organize everything.

This Summer I actually scheduled time to relax at home, bake scones and decorate

And I'll be honest it's making me really, really happy. 

Summer is a great time to nest and prepare for colder months when all you'll want to do is snuggle and eat soup.

Plus, I'm learning to take photos. These are my first foray. Hope you like them.



(Orange Kikoy towel - on sale here)
I know I told you about my favorite jeans but I haven't yet shared with you my most amazing purchase of the Summer - the Kikoy towel

It's a little pricey for a beach towel but that's because it's not just a beach towel, it's also a sarong and a wrap with a hidden pocket for keys, lip gloss, monies, whatever. 

I love hidden pockets, did I ever tell you that my wedding dress had them?


Against The Wall

(BDG denim, thrifted top, Botkier purse -c/o, Ray Ban oversized wayfarers, Bruno Magli pumps - vintage)
I started out the day wearing ankle boots but then I got a pedicure and didn't want to smudge it so threw on peep toe heels for these pictures. FYI: if you want to try this look at home I think the ankle boots were cuter. Tomato/toma-toe but it makes a difference when you're picky about looking too prissy like I am.  

What do y'all have planned for the weekend?
I'm planning to swim in ocean water and paint my living room wall a dramatic color.

Congratulations to Tegan Parsons and Emily Ulrich, the winner and runner-up, respectively in our Tee Pee Giveaway! Tegan please email me with your address so that I can mail your prize. 


A Montauk Diary

Dear Montauk, Don't change. I could literally look at pictures of you for days. You're an incredibly special place - even more special since marrying my guy on your soil three years ago. I totally cannot wait to see you again. Love, A


40 oz. of Pink Lemonade

(RVCA spellbound dress, Zara topcoat, Devotte wedges, Ray Ban sunnies, Alexis Bittar cuff, Brics travel bag - used as clutch)
 Ok, maybe it's not a 40 oz but it's a big ole' can of pink lemonade so naturally the perfect accessory for this outfit. 

I love these sunglasses.

Took a break from pink coats after wearing this everyday for a week  but my favorite Italian lady inspired me to throw one on again.

We shot these photos on the way out to Malibu and although I would normally never get this dressed up for the beach I wanted to squeeze in a outfit post before Mark leaves for NYC. I finally got my wetsuit wet this weekend and guess what? I love paddle boarding! The learning curve is way less steep than surfing and I'm not nearly as scared of other paddle boarders as I am of big surfer dudes whose turf I'm goofing around in. I'm secretly hoping paddle boarding will act as a gateway drug and somehow make me a better surfer by proximity. It's all ocean water right?

P.S. This is the last day to enter my TEE PEE giveaway. 



Via Song Of Style

Denim on denim is always a win but add a touch of leopard and you're golden.

The most perfect statement necklace/rock t-shirt combo I have ever seen. Single tear.

 What can I say, I love a brunette in an oversized topcoat. Thanks Audrey. Giovanna Battaglia is no exception.

Just a smattering of some of the amazing street style photos I've been seeing around the web lately. These pictures make me feel excited about the prospect of getting dressed. Even though I'm a fashion blogger I'll admit right now that I don't always feel excited about fashion. Sometimes I'd rather just throw on a t- shirt, jeans and TOMS but when I see real women interpreting trends through their own unique P.O.V. well, it just really gets me goin'. Have a great weekend everybody. xx


Summer Whites pt.2

(Show me your MUMU dress c/o Frock, Botkier Valentina bag c/o, Trina Turk sunnies-old, Devotte wedges-old)
There's something about Summer that makes me want to live in whites. Like this adorable Show Me Your Mumu dress from our friends at Frock and my new how-did-I-ever-live-without-you J Brand jeans. I don't think I've been as happy with a purchase since this Fall's Dolce Vita booties. I've been wearing the jeans so non-stop that Mark has taken to saying things like "White jeans again, huh?" LOL. It's just that they are so soft and second skin feeling. Definitely the most comfy pants I've ever owned.  

Happy 4th of Ju-ly Y'all!

via PB
I'll be spending it how every red-blooded American should - in a pool with my floaties on - a beer in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other.
Summer 2012 is officially on!


Win a Tee Pee Singlet!

(Tee Pee tank, J Brand jeans)
What better way to say Happy July than with a Clotheshorse giveaway?

The Prize up for grabs this month is a Tee Pee by Jessica Brennan singlet - or, for the non-Aussie's amongst you, a tank top. Jessica sent me a few to test drive recently and I give them a high score in all categories. Good for daytime, night time,  beach time and sleep time if, like me, you're too lazy to change into your pajamas. 

*All you have to do to enter is Like Clotheshorse NYC and Tee Pee on Facebook. 

*Then tell us what your favorite way to rock a t-shirt is. 
*You can upload an outfit you styled to our fb page (my favorite option) 

*or upload a photo from a magazine 

*or just describe to us your favorite t-shirt outfit.

*Contest ends July 10. 

*And don't forget to leave a comment with an email, phone number, or pony express mailing address so we can notify you if you win. 

*These tanks are the cat's pajamas! Good luck!