It's almost the weekend...

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Why don't you lick something? Hehe.

Summer Whites

(Necklaces from Planet Blue + Candy Shop Vintage)

Is there anything better than a white dress in the summer? I have too many but this one is a particular favorite for it's gauzy texture, the fact that it's so easy to throw on over a bikini, and cuz it's a sample from designer Tracy Feith. What better to wear for cocktail hour in Montauk
I'm usually all about minimal jewelry but there's something about the beach that brings out my inner gypsette who lunches and I just have to pile it on. But it makes me wonder, if a bunch of bracelets is an arm party, what about when the party's on your neck?


Wedding Wednesdays: Montauk Moodboards

I'm sort of superstitious so I didn't want to share too much about the wedding I was working on until we pulled it off. Afterall, a destination wedding for 230 people is no small thing to cut your teeth on! But secrets are hard to keep and the wedding was a huge success so now I can happily share my MODERN ELEGANCE moodboards and tell you a little about this awesome day. First off - the ceremony - which set the tone for the whole event with a lot of love and laughter. 


My lovely bride wanted something BRIGHT so I chose Monochrome pomanders to line the rose petal aisle and had the groom wait for his bride under a tree covered in colorful ribbons that blew softly in the breeze. Bridesmaids carried sweet peony bouquets to complement their cream hued dresses and guests christened the new couple by tossing fresh lavender as they came down the aisle.

The weather was undeniably fantastic which is a huge bonus when planning an outdoor fete. Thank you mother nature for making my job easier! Next up...cocktail hour. xx- Amelia


Designer Rachel Pally's home on Apartment Therapy

You guys know that a few months back I guest blogged for designer Rachel Pally, what you may not know is that I initially reached out to her after seeing her home on Apartment Therapy. Supporting local designers is important to me and after seeing Rachel's house I knew our vibes would mesh and that her clothing would be a good fit for my readers. I thought I'd share a few photos so you can see what made her so damn irresistible to me. Please visit Apartment Therapy for more. xx -Amelia

I should mention - my friend Annie says I am drawn to girls that look like me and I have to admit, in this instance - busted!


Fun at the East Deck Motel

I thought I would share a few pictures from our trip as I wait in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK. Having to return a rental car is a great way to be early for your flight (which is normally so not me). It was a pretty awesome time, as these pictures show. The wedding of our new, dear friends Danielle and Luke Taylor went off without a hitch and I'm excited to share some more pictures with you soon. 
The end of the trip did have it's fair share of drama however. Mark was rushed to the ER last night with a bout of heat exhaustion. He's o.k. now but I must remind you all - if you are in the sun this Summer DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!! xoxo


Later L.A.

We've gone MIA in Montauk, NY. Pictures coming soon...


Coffee and Dessert

(Dress c/o Sugarlips Apparel, Ray Ban sunnies, Botkier purse, Charlotte Ronson sandals - old)

We popped by Los Feliz yesterday for some Red Velvet cupcakes and to visit the Steven Alan outlet. I wore this lovely floral dress that was sent to me by Sugarlips Apparel. I've been getting loads of compliments on it - it's pretty versatile. I wore it to a pool party on Sunday afternoon and to perform Victorian themed improv with my team at IO West last night:) 



Last week we had the pleasure of visiting FROCK, a new boutique in Studio City, LA. There is a lot to love about FROCK, owners Jessica and Lacey are passionate about stocking small brands from California and Australia and are committed to reasonable price points. Nothing in the store is more than $200 and most things are substantially lower. Watch the video below to get "frocked."

Videos are something new for us so if you like it please "like it" on Facebook and share it with your friends!

I got these adorable shorty shorts for $28.00! I love finding a place with brands I've never heard of and secretly long for the days when you could only find Diptyque candles in Paris or Tates cookies in the Hamptons. I think it makes traveling and shopping more special when you know you are buying something you can't get just anywhere. 

I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend in The Hamptons. Good news: I found one! Of course I found other stuff too...


Sweet Dreams

Remember when I did a massive de-cluttering of my bedroom? Well, now I'm in the process of decorating it! It's slow goin' cause that's how I roll, preferring to let a room "evolve" over time. Guess that's why I'm not an interior decorator! I figure if I show you guys some inspiration pics it will kick my butt into high gear to get this room finished so I can move onto the living area ( a year after we've moved in.) Anyway, one of my favorite decorators, Rita Konig, says that once a home feels finished it's time to move... and who wants to do that?



(Rachel Pally skirt c/o, vintage top and vest - converted from denim jacket, Alexander Wang bag, Dolce Vita boots)

This skirt is quickly becoming a staple of my Summer wardrobe, I wore it Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I'm excited to explore it's potential as a dress too. It's insanely confortable and pairs well with just about anything, making it ideal for packing. What are you excited for this week? I'm counting down the days until we leave for Montauk and also doing some major car research as we are buying a second car soon. What kind of car do you drive? Do you love it? I get overwhelmed by major life decisions.  


Date Night Idea: Farmer's Market

(Vintage hat, Striped t-old, gifted Rachel Pally skirt, Botkier purse)

When you've been with your boo as long as I have (almost 10 years!!) it's even more important than normal to do new things together. Last week we went to see Cabin In the Woods which was a "new thing" for us because I'm historically terrified of scary movies. This Thursday we went to the Yamashiro Farmer's Market in Hollywood. This market is different than most - more of a street fair set on a hilltop in Los Angeles at dusk. The mood is perfect for a romantic stroll and there are tons of food carts to stuff yourself with (alcohol too!). I tried the crab sliders which I can report were delicious. It's also super kid friendly if you got em' - live music and even art's and crafts. 

 I'm interested to know, what's your favorite "date night"?