Have a Psychedelic Weekend

Gillian Zinser shot by Zoey Grossman in Indio, California for Foam and Planet Blue.
Styled by the one and only Purse n'Boots.


Socks N' Sandals

(Jcrew sweater and socks, Adam Lippes dress, Botkier purse, Ray Ban sunnies)
One of my favorite trends for Spring is socks with sandals. Formerly a major faux pas (hello Teva!) I think it's super cute to pair a pretty sock with some platforms or open toed heels. Unfortunately, my favorite nubby wool socks  have a big a*#  hole in the heel. If you own a sock store...HELP! 


Balancing Acts

(Dolce Vita boots, Jcrew tights and skirt, Steven Alan top, Botkier bag, Vintage hat)
You've seen me wear this top here and here proving that sometimes a splurge is worth every penny. You've also seen me wear these boots too many times to count proving that you don't always need the most expensive version to satisfy. It's all about balance. If something feels too expensive it probably is but sometimes we spend more than we'd like just to realize that our purchases have been worth every penny.


Have a Rosy Weekend Y'all

Kate Moss shot by Tim Walker at The Ritz Paris via 


Don't know. How you do. The Voo-doo. That you do.

(Vintage hat, Adam sweater, Blue dress, Jcrew socks, Elizabeth and James booties)
I love me a babydoll dress, in fact I still remember the first one I bought. It was seventh grade and my best friend Anne Preis and I were performing "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa in our Catholic middle school's talent show. I wore a sheer babydoll dress from Contempo Casuals that had a sun, moon and stars design on it. Now, if you remember the lyrics to Shoop and are familiar with Catholicism you may be surprised to hear that we won the talent show. It was an amazing performance and people in Baltimore still talk of it to this day. Not really but I'm sure it was hilarious ( I was twelve and probably weighed 80lbs sopping wet.) In lieu of an actual video of the show I suggest you click here and then try to visualize,  I performed Salt's rap FYI. Actually, definitely click here. It's a really great song that will totally brighten your hump day. As for this dress, I bought it in Venice Beach. It's by a company called Blue that designs in France and manufactures in India but I can find no trace of them online.


Vintage dress + Frye Boots

(Vintage dress, Frye boots, Wool Turban - Similar)
Knit hats are my "I don't feel like washing my hair today" fix. The turban style makes this one more chic than burnout, not that that's a bad look either. Weekend was a mash-up of 21 Jumpstreet, early dinners at our favorite spot, parlor games and a pedicure thrown in for good measure. Happy Monday y'all.


Leprechaun Suit

Can you believe this bikini is from Old Navy? It's often mistaken for Missoni and I probably paid twenty dollars for it three years ago. Go figure. Hope everyone has some great plans for the weekend that involve blowing off lots o' steam. I'll be doing some improv around town and drinking green beer come Saturday. Also hoping to find a pot of gold...cheers!


RVCA in Bed

(RVCA spellbound dress, Kate Spade socks)
Last week I was lounging in a king size bed at the Parker Palm Springs. This week I'm baking cakes and casseroles in an effort to distract myself from "looking-at-my-phone-to-see-if-my-agents-are-calling-to-tell-me-I- go- the-part." If you are thinking of becoming an actor let me assure you that this sort of crazy behavior NEVER gets you the gig. If you really want a job the best thing to do after the callback would be to drop your cell phone in the nearest trash receptacle, head immediately to whatever sort of underground community exists in your area and tell them you would like to join. Yes, you are willing to never see your friends or your family again. Then that evening when you are dining on rat meat leftovers and sporting a trash bag like your new friends Slerg and Merg you'll be super surprised to see your agent climbing down into the sewer to pull the rat bone out of your mouth and tell you that "you booked it!" Ugh, take me back to vacation time. This RVCA dress is a keeper. The only downside - it's a little sheer on top so pair with a cute bra or make sure your hair is long.  


Love at The Parker Palm Springs

(Frye Biker boots, Adam chambray-similar, Zara leather shorts - similar, vintage hat)
Dear Monday, What's it like being you? No offense, just wondering. I was back in LA on heavenly Sunday and spent the day in Venice beach shopping and having lunch with one of my NY friends who's in town to shoot a pilot. I bought a cute hippie dress, a super soft T and two amazing rice bowls that have life like portraits of my dog painted on them. Now, I have never in my life said "Gee, I could really go for a baby size portion of rice and darn, I need a separate bowl for it." Rice bowls must be something that my noticeably smaller non-asian brain just can't comprehend the need for but I had to buy them because really, how often is your pet immortalized in dishware? Follow me on Instagram to see the doggy rice bowls and other slices from my life that are frankly too riveting to show on this blog.


Have an eggcellent weekend guys

(Frye biker boots, Vintage dress, Botkier purse)
I'll be soaking up the rays in Palm Springs and finishing up Tina Fey's Bossypants which is making me laugh out loud and causing people at the pool to give me sideways glances. Everyones read it already but I'm cheap so I had to wait for the paperback. I splurged on two books this week which was fun cause buying two of anything at once feels so decadent and naughty. I couldn't wait any longer to read The Marriage Plot so I sucked it up and bought the hardcover after accosting a Barnes and Noble employee and demanding to know why it wasn't out in paperback. But let's be real Jeffrey Eugenides has won the Pulitzer... it's probably a sound investment that I can proudly display on my bookshelf for years to come unlike Bergdorf Blondes which now lives in a hall closet.


Sea of foam

I found this rad chair in my friend's rubbish pile and quickly snatched it up. Why do I say rubbish? Because it sounds a whole lot better than "I took it out of the trash." It's currently functioning as a make-shift nightstand in our bedroom while I look for a side table like this. My favorite things of late are featured here; this old school lamp that my mother gave me ages ago that I just had re-wired, the Valentina purse and yes, still loving my Elizabeth and James booties. And of course there's the standard magazine pile (old and new) that serves as inspirational bedtime reading/decor.


Safeco Auto and RV

Here is the commercial that I had a blast filming all over California this past December. The lovely and talented Phoebe Dorin is definitely the star but my face pops up a few times.



(Levis jeans, Free People sweater, Valentina bag c/o Botkier, Ray Ban sunglasses)
A ladylike purse is my must-have accessory for Spring so I was thrilled when the people at Botkier sent me the Valentina bag. I love it because it's roomy enough to stash a notebook in but still looks proper and chic. Also it's lightweight and can easily be swung over my shoulder when a dance party breaks out (like happened this weekend at El Carmen). It's been attached to my hip since I got it and may just be the perfect bag. See more colors here


Get your sun on

(Vintage bag and tee, Jcrew skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, Elizabeth and James boots)