Fresh Tomato Pasta

Yesterday was rough. It was overcast and blustery and I woke up feeling sick. The day got progressively better but I still wanted dinner to be a comfort food and nothing says comfort to me like a big bowl of pasta, I'm half Italian after all. We had next to nothing in the fridge except the basics; lemons, a block of parmesan cheese and some tomatoes so I was really happy to find this recipe online. We added garlic and subbed parsley for basil and the pasta turned out fresh and delicious. I always forget how much I like to stay in and cook with Mark when we have been eating out a bunch. 



Say hello to our newest sponsor Meinto. Meinto is a new shopping site dedicated to helping independent fashion boutiques sell online. I love these crochet lace shorts from Ark and co , this lace and fringe wrap from Lush and these Kamielle navy espadrilles. But what I really like is searching through brands I've never heard of in the hopes of finding something unique while supporting small business at the same time. Clotheshorse NYC/LA hearts small businesses.
In honor of their launch Meinto is hosting a Facebook contest where you can win $1000.00 worth of free clothes! Woot Woot!
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- That's it. Only 90 seconds of your life for $1000.00 worth of free loot. Easy Peasy I say.
- Contest ends March 12 so get your butt over to Facebook and enter now!


Find your light

(ADAM shearling jacket and chambray shirt, Nobody denim, Elizabeth and James Shane boot)
  Full disclosure the Elizabeth and James booties are not as comfortable as the Dolce Vita booties probably because the heel is twice the height. Or, it could be because I bought them half a size too small... either way it won't stop me from wearing them almost everyday. My sister was able to make her feet a full size smaller by "binding" them with too small shoes so I think I can make this work. As we were taking these photos on Sunset boulevard on Monday I ran into an old college friend and she exclaimed "I guess it's true, if you walk in LA you DO run into people!" Pretty cute.


Before and After: Ceramic Lamps

When I picked up these lamps at a used furniture shop in Brooklyn a few years ago I thought it would be a great idea to stencil their base with a heart and cross bone design. Fast forward five years and I was not loving that idea quite as much. I still liked the lamps shape so I decided to give them a little face lift, now they are feeling much more refined. Scroll down for a quick How To.

How to Paint a Ceramic Lamp
1) Remove shade and bulb
2) Cover cord and lamp socket with painters tape
3) Apply two coats of Kilz primer and let dry
4) Apply two coats of spray paint and let dry.


Sherbert Clogs

These are exactly the sort of contraption my feet want to find themselves in come Spring.



(Forever 21 T, Jcrew belt, vintage skirt, Casio watch, Elizabeth and James Shane booties)
I recently took this vintage skirt to the tailors to get the hem bumped up a few notches. It was falling below the knee and the pattern was already a bit homey so I felt like an old schoolmarm whenever I tried to wear it. I like the difference shortening it a few inches made, it still feels demure but much more "of the moment".  
I have to say I'm also really happy with these boots from Elizabeth and James. They are breaking in nicely and I love how my ankle is visible when I wear a skirt (optimal leg elongation). The chocolate color goes with everything without being too matchy/matchy but they also come in black.
 How was your V-day? We ate sushi at our favorite secret spot and Mark got me some hankies with my name engraved on them. So sweet since he knows I've become obsessed with this blog.


Suede Bootie Obsessed

Elizabeth and James Shane boots, Levi's slight curve skinny jeans, vintage T, Adam jacket

I picked up some new booties and jeans this weekend. I had been looking for an alternative to the Dolce Vita's since I bang around in them every single day and considered getting the same ones in black (Oprah says if you love it buy two) but I wanted something a bit dressier. Thought about the Rag and Bone boots that a few friends have and that I love but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend. Then this weekend I came across these chocolate suede lovelies from Elizabeth and James and decided to take the plunge. What do you think?


Rachel Pally for Bridesmaids

(Rachel Pally dress, Alexis Bittar cuff and earrings)
 Many of your know I've expanded my styling business to include wedding planning. I was recently asked "What is an alternative bridesmaid dress for a beach wedding?" I immediately thought of Rachel Pally's easy, breezy pieces. I borrowed some samples from Genevieve Productions in LA so I could show you what I mean, hence Monday's post on her super comfy casual dresses

 This is the SELA dress and your bridesmaids will absolutely, positively want to wear it again. There is a lot of room in this Grecian style gown so it's also perfect if your anyone in your party is expecting. 

I love the blue Libby Dress too. This one would also be great for a beach rehearsal dinner. I would probably pick a color and then let your friends choose a style that suits their body type and personality but you could also have dresses in a variety of colors. A very colorful wedding party would be perfect for a destination wedding in Mexico. Mmm tacos and tequila and love. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! I put together this bouquet on the fly with Toby at My Secret Garden
What did the bridesmaids wear at your wedding? Do you have any tips on where to get unconventional bridesmaid dresses?


Home is whenever I'm with you

Via The Coveteur
This is the Paris home of designers Jerome Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant. Their style reminds me of ours. A little mid century, a little thrift and lots of bright colors. I wonder if they (like we) ever long for a big old uglycomfy chair. Well, that's not true. I don't really want an ugly chair but one of those big ole' seats that would be perfect for drinking your morning coffee or snuggling up and watching a movie. Mid century modern may be my favorite look but it doesn't scream cozy so I'm trying to work in other comfort pieces. If anyone has recommendations for a big cozy chair please leave a comment.


Rachel Pally loves women's bodies

(Rachel Pally striped dress, Dolce Vita booties, Jcrew belt, vintage denim jacket converted to vest, vintage brooch)
Whenever I slip into one of Rachel Pally's dresses I immediately feel more like a woman.  This is really something because I usually feel like a teenage boy since I tend to bounce around in pants with no make-up and my hair in a messy top knot. Comfortable? Yes! Feminine? No. 
But Rachel's designs are so comfortable that if I had a whole closet of her dresses I would never need to wear pants again. They hug every curve (in a good way!) and this is going to sound really strange but...I think I feel happier in them. Weird I know and no, this is not a sponsored post, but there is just something really lovely about feeling feminine and also being able to breath. Cause, you know, I like breathing. In fact I think it's sort of the most important thing at the end of the day. And I think we may sacrifice breath for fashion a little too often. I know I do. Hello high waist denim
Come back later this week when I will be styling some Rachel Pally dresses for bridesmaids.


Santa Barbara Splendor

ADAM sweater, Alternative Apparel sweatpants, Amazing Palm Trees.

Middle photo: Steven Alan top, cut-offs (similar to shown), JCrew belt. Above: Blush leather jacket (similar to shown), Charlotte Ronson tank, Sunnies (similar to shown).
That top photo is for Miss Aya Cash who after seeing me eat breakfast in my pj's exclaimed "You should blog that!" I personally like my sweaters to be so large as to negate the purpose of a coat, unfortunately the above Navajo inspired one is from ADAM last season but here is another great. I have to say the Steven Alan top has been quite the addition to my wardrobe as it makes even denim cut-offs somehow classy. Are you loving the hot pink belt as much as I am?