Jcrew skirt, T by Alexander Wang sweatshirt, Dolce Vita booties, Botkier clutch
Heading back from Santa Barbara today after having a wonderful time at the film festival this weekend. Our friend's film Pretty Old screened yesterday and has gotten rave reviews. Hopefully it will be coming to a theater near you soon. After the film we all had the most amazing brunch at the San Ysidro Ranch and I made some new friends that I'm looking forward to seeing again in LA. For pictures from the weekend follow me on Instagram.


Hello, I am the most adorable...

Pair of blue wedding shoes anyone could ever hope to find. Sadly, they've been sold from Etsy but I'll be damned if they didn't just steal my heart. I'm actually searching for perfect blue wedges for my bride cause she wants height but if you're over 5'7" and adventurous I say go for something like this!
Here's the thing about wedding shoes...only you know you're wearing them. You look so gorgeous on your wedding day no one's gonna say "Pull up that dress and let me see your shoes!" If they do, your husband should smack them. JK. Here are the shoes that I wore at my wedding

and here's my happy face since I wasn't in heels
what happened...
I had a monster of a time deciding on what shoes to wear. When I went for my last fitting I didn't have anything and it's impossible to do the last fitting without knowing how much height you'll have. I was with my friend Ian so we marched ourselves to the Steve Madden down the street and his brilliant boy brain convinced me to buy "cute, comfy shoes I could wear again." I'm pretty sure he was just tired of browsing but he sure did me a solid. My feet never hurt, I never even came close to tripping and the next summer I wore those suckers all over town. Which is more than I can say for my dress which sadly lives in a closet at my grandmas, I should probably sell it but I digress. If you've got the inches I say go for flats at your wedding. It's not for everyone but if you decide to go for it after reading this you can thank me later.
Flowers by Lisa Kattman
 If my schedule allows I'll be taking on a few more wedding clients this Summer so get in touch now if you would like info on pricing. In the meantime peruse more pictures from my wedding here.


Black + Blue

 My hair was sort of accidentally tucked into my jacket for these photos and it's making want to run to the nearest salon and lob it off to my shoulders. Unfortunately, I just got a haircut and it was way too expensive to waste. I don't know what happened but I'm suddenly back on the crack of super expensive haircuts. I guess if I'm still feelin' the bob in three months off-me-hairs will go.  Do you prefer short hair or long?
Vintage moto jacket, Steven Alan top, Calypso bag
We went to the most fun scavenger hunt party this weekend! Thanks to Corbett for planning it. If you are looking for an elixir to the predictable adult party this is definitely it. These photos look so randomly Twilight right? I got this moto jacket on ebay several years ago and his time has finally come. ASOS makes a nice quilted version with a good fit. Thanks for reading and have a great Monday ya'll. (Will ya'll ever feel comfortable coming from this brash east coast mouth?) Probably not. But I'm gonna keep trying!!

The Dorsey

Me and my oldest friend -Ryan Dorsey- at the world famous Walt's Inn this past Christmas.


You're So Mod



flannel and fur

RVCA dress, ADAM jacket,  Big Bear thrifted flannel
Ah wintertime in Los Angeles. Brrr, it's chilly this morning. Good thing I'll be able to sit outside in a tank top by noon! My mom said it's so cold in NYC that she doesn't want to leave her apartment! Oh lord. Next time I spend the winter in New York I hope to have a driver chauffeuring me to and from the deli.
I love me a polka dot dress and since this one hasn't gone online yet here's a more winter friendly version from ASOS for you east coasters. Went to a live taping of Whitney yesterday. It was great. Especially my friend and fellow NYU'er Zoe Lister-Jones. Hey, if you were following me on Instagram you would already know I was there and have the pictures to prove it! Damn. Do it already! Instagram is so fun! I'm @AmeliaAlvarez


Off Sunset

Crossing the street in a polka dot dress from RVCA's Spring 2012 line. Don't know what I thought was so funny. Had just eaten brunch at The Eveleigh so maybe I'm just stuffed an' happy. More pics from the day coming soon.


LittleBlackDress+Palm Trees

Trina Turk dress, Alexis Bittar cuff, Botkier clutch
The thing I love about a little black dress is that it will never, ever go out of style. Even if this is the last year of human life as we know it and civilization has to start all over again I'm sure the lbd will survive. I bought this Trina Turk version years ago and she still makes a similar one cause it's so classic. We shot these before Mark left for Cuba and I had the freedom of a single lady for the week. My was it fun. I always wonder how girls whose husbands don't travel cope, isn't alone time fun? Hubs is back home safe and sound now and I am planning a weekend getaway for us to Santa Barbara. A friend has a screening at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and it's the perfect excuse to get out of dodge/check out somewhere new and cool. I was trying to convince Mark to stay at this joint. He looked at me like I was mad. Which I probably am. I just really really love nice crazy expensive hotels. I briefly entertained the thought of getting married at the San Ysidro Ranch until I realized I could in no way afford it. One day San Ysidro...one day.


The ones that got away

Ph. by Mark Champion
Outtakes and such from 2011. In keeping with my reflective January I went through the pictures from this past year and thanks to the urging of my friend Liz I have decided to make a photo book of the best of the best photography from Clotheshorse NYC this year and possibly even of the whole blog's history. It will be fun for our kids to look at one day. I can already hear them exclaiming "You weren't always so old?!"
I said I would tell you how Mark and I spent New Years. We spent it on our butts chanting, meditating and doing yoga for three hours and it was AWESOME! I had always wanted to do a spiritual new year's cause it makes more sense to me than waking up on January 1 with a hangover but you know how someone always invites you to the "party of the year" where you "can see the fireworks so good!" and there goes the zen. This year we had 0 plans as of December 29 so we bit the bullet and it (surprise!) felt great to sail smoothly into 2012 on the sound of my own breath and a room full of positivity. On Jan 1 we took a hike with friends in Topanga Canyon and then ate fish and chips at the Reel Inn in Malibu. Not a hangover in sight.


It's hot and I'm feelin' shifty

Add ADAM dress, Dolce Vita boots, JCREW ankle socks, Casio watch and Daniela Zagnolli cuff
January - March is my favorite time in LA because I feel like I'm getting away with murder. The holidays are over and while the rest of the country tucks in for the coldest months of the year the weather here feels downright tropical. Disclaimer: I did buy the Sunday New York Times this weekend and it did make me pretty homesick. I was enjoying my time in Brooklyn so much over the holidays that Clotheshorse NYC didn't take one picture in NYC!
But I digress, warm weather in January calls for light, tailored pieces like this shift dress. It may be 80 degrees outside but Summatime it ain't. Thanks to Succarra NYC for sending me this Daniela Zagnolli cuff and so much rad jewelry to play with over the holidays. FYI - just took off my holiday nail polish -have I mentioned before how I sort of love the look of chipped polish? It's like suddenly my hands become two pieces of abstract art. I keep it on until the actual nails start chipping and I become snaggles the clown. That, my friends, is not a good look.
For anyone wondering Currently Obsessed is now officially launched and no longer requires an invite to "stalk" so get your butt over there if you're one of the lucky few who still has money to spend after the holidays. My favorite thing on Currently Obsessed right now are the Rag and Bone maroon boo-tays -such a refreshingly alternative "neutral" color.
Oh, and if you want this outfit or something similar in your life click on the links below for shopping.  The dress is on sale!
Ta Ta for now. That's all folks. Good talk. -A


Baby's first hobby: Classic Bad Boy

Over the holidays I was lamenting the fact that I don't have a hobby. Or, rather, I have many hobbies but I want to turn them all into multi-million dollar enterprises thus rendering them not so hobby-ish. Urp.

Then I returned to LA and to my Improv group Classic Bad Boy and OH, JOY! I realized Improv is my hobby! Sure, it's sort of related to my industry but it's a hobby because I don't have to get my hair and make-up done to do it! It's a hobby because the percentage of people who make money from Improv is slim to none. It's a hobby because I get to just "play" a.k.a non-result oriented fun. Oh, Man is it fun! Better than getting drunk, better than going dancing, probably not better than sex but a full-body-party all the same. Sometimes you suck and sometimes you're awesome and sometimes you're just somewhere in between but the best part is that it doesn't even matter! It's a hobby! We had a show at Prism Box here in LA last night and I woke up this morning feeling so lucky to have met these other goofy people through Upright Citizen's Brigade. I'll see you back here next week when I'll be sharing my fav way to dress for this LA heat wave!
In the meantime you can check out Classic Bad Boy's facebook page for upcoming shows and info.
Have a great first full weekend of 2012 ya'll!


Piles of Peonies in Paris.

Image via OH HAPPY DAY!
If this doesn't make you smile than I don't know what will. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. I'm happy to say they will be in season and playing a central role in the June wedding I am planning for a client. Peonies are not in season now but I did fill my house with a variety of other flowers yesterday. One of my dreams is to have enough disposable income to have beautiful arrangements delivered to my house on a weekly basis. What would be your "I'm rich!" splurge?



ADAM chambray, JCREW tank, Suzanna Dai necklace c/oSuccarra, Casio watch, American Eagle jeans

Sundance Film Festival is right around the corner and I've always dreamed of starring in a movie that screened there and having my portrait taken. We weren't going for that when we shot these photos but after I looked at them I saw a similarity, the wall is actually the freshly painted one in our bedroom (BEHR Snow Leopard, highly recommend if you like a silvery blue that isn't over powering) No Sundance for me this January but who knows what the coming year will bring. I'm spending this month finishing my screenplay, doing various home improvements and cozy-ing up for cooler weather which should be coming any day now although it's been 80 degrees in LA all week. I passed by LULU LEMON today and they had this in their window. 
"Reflect on your past. Set goals for your future."
Perfectly sums up what January is all about. I'll write later about the fun way Mark and I spent New Years Eve.


Resolution solution: Baggu

My new year's resolution is to reduce my carbon footprint by using  Baggu shopping bags every time I go to the grocery store or farmer's market. The ones pictured here are Baggu x Mociun and my friend Adam gave them to me for Christmas.
I like this cute polka dot version too. Happy 2012!