Being married to a photographer is a good excuse to buy lots of photo books!
They are among our favorite gifts to give and receive.With the holidays coming up I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.  Any of these would be great to have on hand for those last minute "Oh you shouldn't haves..."

I recently purchased Tomboy Style by Lizzie Garrett Mettler and it's been inspiring me ever since. Chock full of classic fashion; this one would make a great gift for any young, adventurous women in your life. 
You may have noticed I added Tomboy Style to my blog roll recently.

Richard Avedon was a master. I got this volume as a birthday gift for Mark last year. It's large and not inexpensive. I like to keep it open to a new photo every week. Truly inspiring. 

My surf photography books are a collection within a collection. 
The first one I purchased was Photo Stoner about legendary surf photographer Ron Stoner. It's still one of my favorites to flip through.

Judy Linn and Patti Smith collaborated together as photographer and muse back when Patti was a struggling poet in New York City. I bought this after reading Patti's memoir Just Kids.
 If you haven't read yet it's a must!