( Tess Giberson sweater, Adam dress, Indigo heels, Alexander Wang bag )
( Cute and Comfy heels)
These are the heels I was telling you about that are so cute and so comfy. They're made by Clarks and are high quality with a very affordable price point and a very classic look.
I recommend them! Go here to check them out.

I've been going downtown lately to visit designer showrooms and it's really exciting to see all the new businesses that are cropping up. Last week I was there twice; to Heidi's studio to get dressed for an event and to view The Robert Rodriguez S/S 13 Collection,  I'm excited to give you a sneak peek on Wednesday.

We also ventured downtown to have dinner at The Parish on Thursday.
I loved everything about it from the gas lanters on the exterior of the building, to the vintage leather chairs we were seated in, to the insanely delicious meat pie  that we all sampled.
I'm dying to go back on a Sunday for their fried chicken dinner.

Plus, if you squint your eyes hard enough in Downtown LA it almost feels like you're in New York City.