The Organized Home

Image via Apartment Therapy
My mother in-law is a master home maker. Everything has a place, nothing is ever out of place and she doesn't waste anything. Whenever I return from a stay at her house I am always inspired to clean out my pantries and buy AJAX. I know that being clean and organized is just as important to the flow of your home as having awesome throw pillows and a big screen TV (maybe even more important) so this year I'm going to up the ante on organization.



We are heading back to Los Angeles today after spending the week in Texas. Before we left on this trip I was a little stressed about auditions I would be missing, money we would be spending and taking a breather from the hustle in general. I have to remind myself that I am much better at everything after I take the time to unwind and reboot. Nothing gives me more perspective or fills me with more gratitude and inspiration than a change of scenery.


Swing State

(JCrew socks, skirt, and tank, Dolce Vita booties, Pyrrha and Planet Blue necklaces)
I was buying socks and tights at JCrew last week when I saw this silk swing skirt on the sale rack and knew I had to have it. I love shots of bright color in an otherwise neutral ensemble. It's a great alternative to the LittleBlackDress for all the holiday parties coming up and even Christmas Eve. I wore my lady like skirt to bowl with friends in San Antonio this weekend and Mark said I looked like a cute girl from the 1950's. What a compliment! What do you wear when you want to feel girly?


Black Friday

All I want for Christmas this year are items that have function as well as form.

1/ A sleek handbag for daytime meetings.


Turkey Dressing

(Dolce Vita Jamison booties, American Eagle jeans, JCrew sweater, Botkier Trigger clutch, Pyrrah and Planet Blue necklaces, sunglasses from Painted Bird LA)

You might remember my Brooklyn Thanksgiving table from last year. This year I'm a guest at my in- laws house in San Antonio. I have so much to be grateful for this year. Thank you to all my beautiful readers and the brands I collaborate with. I couldn't do it without you. In honor of our laid back Texas holiday I'm ditching the party dresses in favor of good old American style. Here I gave the classic crew neck sweater and denim combo a lift with layered necklaces and a leopard clutch. 


Travel Diary: San Francisco

Almond croissants and coffee at Tartine
The view from the Ferry Building
My belated birthday weekend in San Francisco was really wonderful. This was my third time in the Bay Area and on each visit I peel away another layer of this great city. Highlights included checking out the shopping district Hayes Valley and the beautiful new Steven Alan store there. The very Parisienne Tartine bakery, sipping Blue Bottle Coffee, seeing FELA at the Curran theater and the mouthwatering burger at Heirloom Cafe.  American Airlines flies into the new and gorgeous Terminal 2 at SFO which is so cool I actually wanted to arrive at the airport two hours early.


Baby It's Cold Outside...Sort Of.

(Thrifted dress, ADAM shearling jacket, Botkier trigger clutch)
Last night I went with the HelloGiggles girls to OP's Winter Wonderland party. I was trying to look cold in the above photo to showcase the Holiday vibe but my "it's chilly" look somehow translated to "fearfully praying to God" which just goes to show how everything in my life harks back to my Catholic up-bringing.
I like to call this one "crazy monkey face". Why was I pushing my tongue behind my upper lip in a photo you ask? I really don't know. I do know that the highlight of the night was having my first sugar cookie of the season!
J.C. wore hers as a brooch.
A mustache for Ingrid.
Grasie donned an eye patch.
And I could not stop talking on mine!
Chord who? I miss Mark! Looking forward to spending some Q.T. together relaxing in Texas right after my quick trip to San Francisco. What are ya'll looking forward to this weekend?


I Saw This Yesterday

...And by this I mean Chelsea Handler. And by Chelsea Handler I mean Chelsea Lately and by Chelsea Lately I mean I saw the b live! A live taping of Chelsea Lately on a Tuesday afternoon! It was magical. Denise Richards was the guest and Chelsea took us exactly where we wanted to go asking questions about Charlie Sheen in the first thirty seconds of the interview. Yay Chelsea! I really wish that I had booked the role of the Latina bf on your new sitcom! It's my head that belongs between your breasts!
More outfit posts coming soon I promise! My photographer happens to be in Palm Springs this week.


Mara Hoffman Macrame

Photo by Zoey Grossman
"Macrame: it's not just for owls anymore." That's what I would have named this photo story. Planet Blue went the dark and sexy route instead and called it "Black Widow." Whatever you call it this one piece is H-O-T. HOT!
I've never been to Hawaii and Mark and I are planning a trip in 2012 now that we are only a five hour flight away. I can see myself sipping a Mai Thai on the beach in this little number then throwing a maxi skirt over it for al fresco dining at night. Look at me, it's not even Thanksgiving and I'm already packing for Spring Break! What beach destination would you like to travel to this year?
Pre-order macra-mazing- ness HERE.


Jack's Mannequin "Amelia Jean"

She lives in LA.
She has a sister.
Her name is Amelia Jean.
I don't know this guy but I'd like to thank him for writing a song about me!


Sister Sister

My sister, the playwright, is staying with us in LA this week while she takes film and television meetings. As Mark knows an Alvarez loves to crash but instead of being "too close for comfort" it's actually been really great. I love chatting over coffee in the morning and sharing the events of our day at night. I'm looking forward to this weekend and indulging ourselves with spa treatments and shopping around Silverlake.
Do you have siblings? What is your favorite thing to do when you're together?


How To: Build A Vanity

ADAM top, Vintage skirt, Alexis Bittar earrings
In high school and college I never wore make-up but as an actress and a blogger I spend a lot of time getting dolled up. One of the best ideas I've had this year was to set up a proper vanity for myself in our bedroom. It helps me slow down and enjoy the ritual of getting ready which used to feel like a chore. I actually like putting on make-up now that I'm indulging myself a bit. 

Tips For Setting Up Your Vanity
-Put your vanity in an area that gets natural light. You'll know exactly what you look like when you step out the door.
-Any small table and medium sized mirror will do, mismatched items can look great together.
-Make sure there is an outlet nearby for blow dryers and curling irons if you use them.
-Make it pretty. I like to scatter fresh flowers, my favorite jewelry and decorative boxes around.
-Keep some truly indulgent items handy like an expensive lipstick or scented lotion. Just one nice thing can make you feel totally pampered.



Steven Alan pencil skirt, Zara wool top coat, Dolce Vita booties
 Is it just me or is Fall totally in the air? We set the clocks back and I'm literally sitting here with a mug of hot apple cider and a warm chocolate chip cookie. I-luv-it.  Mark and I are attempting to become "regulars" somewhere. It seems like the thing for two married people to do when they move to a new town so we picked Alcove in Los Feliz mostly because they have the best french fries known to man.  These fries come with not one but two fancy dipping sauces and the bowl is the size of my head. I always order an Alcove turkey burger with cheddar. Mark gets the same but the cow burger and then we order a gi-canto bowl of fries to share. The goal is to one day have name plaques on the back of bar chairs. I'd even settle for sharing a name plate,
"Mr. and Mrs. Champion"
In more relevant news here are some links I'm loving this Monday.

-My friend Taided's go-to Guacamole recipe.

-Amber's California Chic home.

-Neon Pens! What? What?

-Tis the season and I am feelin' it this year.


Pussy Bow Galore

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles. I was wearing the pussy bow blouse (also seen HERE) paired with high waist denim, a black vest and my new Dolce Vita boots.
I also had this little Buddha man around my neck and my favorite new everyday necklace from Pyrrha.
Then I decided to bust out a downward dog on Los Feliz boulevard. Ya know, just cause. Once I start stretching I kind of can't stop. Of course this led to....
My Burt Reynolds impersonation. What else?
Seriously though, these boots are awesome. Totally comfy, good for walking around and they go with pretty much everything. In pussy bow news, this bad boy is from ADAM but JCrew just came out with a new one that is pretty enticing. It comes in solid colors but I need more florals in my life so I'ma get that one. Oh, and the amazing purse which I have so carelessly tossed on the sidewalk like amazing purses grow on trees? Alexander Wang of course.


November is going to be awesome!

Wool topper from Zara
Hey Kiddegos, here's the scoop. November is going to be an amazing month. This first photo is a little preview of Monday's post. The light in Griffith Park was fantastic yesterday and the cool air got me so pumped for Fall. In a few weeks I'm going to San Fran for the first time in five years! Mark, me and my dad (his dad too I guess) are staying in Union Square so we can walk to tons of stuff. If you know of any great shopping or eats please recommend. I'm gonna get to see my "best-friend-from-freshman-year" Kate and her husband Jake. I love them. They are so SF.
Here is a picture of me, Kate and Annie from my birthday dinner. Terrible resolution but you get the point. Kate's beautiful! After San Fran we head directly to another San. Antonio that is! To spend a week with my in-laws for Thanksgiving and see all of our awesome friends in Texas. I'll be practicing my "Ya'll", hog tying animals and doing other things the wife of a Texan should be able to do, like eat her weight in barbecue. As if this wasn't exciting enough, the grand poobah of holidays is right around the corner and I contributed to this!
 It's the Holiday Gift Guide by Emily Henderson and it's gonna make your life a whole lot easier this Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa. The Holiday Guide is a  giant E-mag of Holiday goodness with gift ideas for everyone on your list. Seriously, it's so huge that it's gonna take me til' Christmas just to get through it. My piece "Ten Trends To Get You Through The Holidays In Style" is on page 110 and Mark has an epic holiday photo story on pages 26-50. It sort of makes me want to get a MOD white Christmas tree this year. My family back East is dying, perish the thought. 
Who knows what else November has in store for me but I think this is a pretty rad start. Please leave San Francisco shopping recommendations. I want to come home with lots of souvenirs.


Black, Lucite and Bad ASS All Over

Images via Design Sponge.
I love it when people pick a design concept and implement it throughout their entire space. It's bold, it's brash and it's above all disciplined! No cake and eating it too here. In my quest to have it all I've definitely made the mistake of "this room is tan! and this room is tiffany blue! and this room is pink!" Hey, it's where my mind was at that time. This beautiful apartment is seriously begging me to stick to a black, brass and lucite vibe. Shout out to the different textures especially that bangin' chair vignette above.
 Outdoor space in New York? I die. Can you spot a familiar rug from Ikea?

More HERE. What design choices or trends were you into that you now think are comical? Two special words from my past are...First.Down. Do you know what that means? Did you know they came in silver? Let me see if I can find a photo for ya'll.