Hello Moto

(Vintage moto jacket, Free People dress, Dolce Vita boots, Ray Ban sunnies)

I have had this motorcycle jacket collecting dust in my closet for most of our life together. I busted it out a few times when I was a stylists assistant at JCrew and you may remember I paired it with a feather skirt HERE. When I bought the bad boy on Ebay three years ago I loved how authentic it was but when it arrived it was also super stiff, not worn in and did I mention it weighs fifty pounds? I bemoaned it's uselessness and considered selling it or becoming a rubber tramp just to break it in.
Flash forward and Motorcycle jackets are everywhere this season. I'm super glad that I didn't get rid of mine. Good to note: Ebay is unparalleled when you are looking for a specific piece. I scored this awesome coat a few years ago which is also "of the moment" now.
Today is the official Halloween but I'm all worn out after a weekend of partying. On Saturday night I dressed up as a border patrol officer. It was a "sexy" costume that I got at Ricky's four years ago. I had a little anxiety about going out in the taboo "sexy" costume but dude, I was feeling lazy and last year I was a very "un-sexy" California raisin so I said f it. Just to be safe I left the stripper heels at home and wore combat boots. What are you dressing up as tonight? Do you like to go girly or nerdy? In the end I don't think it matters.  My friend Trilby went as a stuffed pig and I definitely think some people wanted to hit that.


Little Miss Perfect

Last week Emily wrote about her nasty habit of impatience and how it can sometimes interfere with living her best life. This got me thinking about my bad habits. As my husband will tell you I am definitely impatient but what really gets in my way sometimes is my desire to do everything in the best way possible or not do it at all. In short, perfectionism. Being a perfectionist is considered a good thing but it can really stand in my way. Completely ridiculous considering being perfect is a total illusion anyway! 
Last Friday, I almost didn't post the pictures with the wide leg trousers and scarf because I deemed the outfit "boring" "not original" "not as good as X,Y,Z blogger" etc.  Sometimes I shy away from entertaining (even though I really like to) cause I worry that the food won't be the best anyone's ever had or that my apartment isn't "perfectly" decorated yet.

At it's core perfectionism is fear I think. Fear of being judged or not being liked or not being the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen. As I get older I try to push through the fear and do things because I like doing them, letting go of results. Perfectionism is just my mind messing with me anyway. Our friends had a great time at the dinner party.


Um, I Just Bought This.

You should too. It's on sale at West Elm online for $65 bucks. My biggest problem with rental apartments is the cheesy ass light fixtures. No matter how stylish your pad the ceilings will just scream CRACK DEN! until you switch those bad boys out.
For those of you going "Wait, I thought this was a fashion blog??" it totally still is. I just moved into my own place in LA and my thoughts are entirely consumed with making it awesome. Also, making my screenplay awesome and getting a recurring role on Parks and Recreation but I digress. Don't worry, I bought some amazing ankle boots yesterday that look enough like the Isabel Marant Dickers to make me truly happy and not break the bank. I promise to style them and posts pictures before the end of the week. In the meantime, BUY THIS LIGHT FIXTURE! While you're at it get the West Elm credit card. You earn $25 bucks for every $250 you spend. They have so many great fuzzy throw pillows and I love getting them for free! 
If you do get the card I know you will pay it off in full every month. I am PRO living debt free! Did I tell ya'll I paid off a card in full last week. It was a big old balance from back in my not-so-responsible days and paying it off felt so good! I'm also gonna try and take Man Repellers Summer to Fall challenge and show you a few ways to style your fav Summer looks for the chilly temps. Although it seems whenever I promise to blog about something it doesn't happen, hold me accountable!
That's all folks. Happy Tuesday. I haven't even had my coffee yet.


Feathering Your Nest: Vignettes

Today's post comes from Deirdre Zahl, designer and owner of Candy Shop Vintage.  Deirdre shares with us her thoughtful tips for personalizing your nest.  Whether you're decorating a bedroom, dorm room or country estate you can easily implement her suggestions. Enjoy!

  One of my favorite aspects of interior design is creating little moments of artistry and surprise within a space.  It is easy to fill up a space with furniture, the difficulty comes with personalizing it - selecting the perfect accessories to bring out the overall design aesthetic and insure you create a look like no one else's.  Renowned designer Kelly Wearstler is a master at this.  I often recognize the furniture and fabrics she uses, many of which are used by other designers, but it is her assembly of objects, texture and colors in her residential and commercial projects that create moments of drama and makes her work unmistakably a Kelly Wearstler Interior.

I live in Charleston, SC and just walking around the city affords you plenty of moments of requisite surprise with all of its hidden gardens and historic alleys peeking out from behind wrought iron fences.  I try to replicate this experience of surprise as much as possible in my own house and interior design projects, from creating a "Southern Bar" (no Charleston house is complete without one!) to scavenging antiques malls and estate sales for various statues, prints, and antique frames. 

Things I recommend that add wit and whimsy to a space: animal statues, an assortment of picture frames, stacks of books (on subjects that actually interest you!), decorative boxes, found objects, vintage ash trays, back issues of your favorite or out of print magazine, antique silver and vintage dishes, different sized pillows, and framed and unframed photos.

Like the perfect outfit, your nest is incomplete without accessories!


fall ya'll*

(Jcrew bateau tee and scarf, Adam trousers, Dolce Vita boots, Calypso bag)
People like to say that LA doesn't have seasons but I say au contraire mon frere! LA certainly does have seasons! And I love em'! I love em' cause I can walk around saying things like "I love the Fall" and really mean it. I like wearing hats and scarves because it's seasonally appropriate not cause I'm genuinely cold. I also like making melancholy faces like the one in this picture. Melancholia is so Fall. You know what I'm not a big fan of? Winter. Fall on the East Coast felt a little bit like having the best meal of your life right before you're about to get executed. You can't really enjoy the lasagna you know what I'm sayin'? Speaking of things I'm enjoying (mmm lasagna) rust and cream is a winning combo. Yesterday I paired it with wide leg trousers and suede booties.
 * I'm technically allowed to use the word ya'll even though I'm from Baltimore cause I'm married to a Texan.


just stop

PS 1 Satchel
This bag is like an ex-boyfriend who just keeps getting more successful and looks hotter and hotter every time you run into him. He also gets A LOT of publicity so don't even worry about forgetting this guy. EVER! He just won't go away!!! To make matters worse he now splits his time between NYC and Hawaii where he is learning how to surf and be manly and tan 24/7. 
I mean seriously? It now comes in aloha fabric with beautiful brown leather trim??? 

I ripped this XL image off of The Man Repeller. If you don't read Leandra's blog you should. She is hilarious and adorable and maybe one of the only people who is so good at blogging it's like a vocation. I'm not that good. I rarely wear velvet bell bottoms like she does.


skirt on skirt

 I would say that I have an average sized wardrobe. I'm not Kim Kardashian and I'm not an Amish woman. I have plenty of nice things and I should never feel bored. But, of course, I do. I generally find if I am bored with my wardrobe it means I 'm just being lazy and not getting in my closet and playing around.
This Sunday I layered a floaty black skirt over a slim black slip dress and then added a belt at my natural waist to tie the whole thing together. It had an awesome tiered effect because both pieces were of a similar fabric.
(twelfth street Cynthia Vincent slip dress, thrifted skirt, JCREW belt, vintage chain worn as necklace, gifted Botkier clutch)
When you start playing with your clothes it's amazing all the new outfits you can create. 


oh how lovely

via Style by Emily Henderson
I have a big bare wall in my living room that is just screaming for some removable wallpaper (it's a rental) and a big ole' framed photo collage like this one that Emily did for Joy's house. It will definitely take some time and money to accomplish but I was newly inspired today when I found this list from Oh Happy Day.
P.S. There are several amazing links in this post so don't be shy about clicking. You've got time:)


fuzzy wuzzy

 Last week I talked about juxtaposing different patterns and textures into outfits HERE. This week I added some new textures to my home and I'm loving the effect.  I turned this dead space next to the heater into a cozy nook by adding an Aztec blanket and burro rug.
Sheepskin throws from IKEA look great draped over pretty much anything. I'm not a huge fan of their furniture but it's a great source for playful odds and ends.
If I could add only one texture to my space it would definitely be fresh flowers. I get mine every week at the Hollywood farmer's market. They're my favorite way to add a seasonal element to the casa.


The Nest

Exciting news! Since the weather is getting cool we are gonna take a break from the clothes this week to focus on the style of the nest! I will share my favorite interior design blogs and little touches I'm adding to cozy up my home this Fall. I'm also happy to announce that I graduated from Improv 301 at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater yesterday! This means I performed my first Harold for an audience which was at once exciting and terrifying. The Harold is a long form improvisation style created by Del Close. If you want to learn more about The Harold you can buy this BOOK. And now onto the nest...
To get our juices flowing I will start the week by sharing some pictures I have been pulling for inspiration. I am trying to find a nook in my home to stack a bunch o' logs in. I love how it gives a room that instant rustic feel. I am also on the hunt for a pair of Bertoia chairs. I already snagged the sheepskin throws. This photo reminds me of our old place in Brooklyn and it makes me want to eat some kale.
This is how my dream Clotheshorse NYC headquarters would look. Love me a black lacquered floor and those rustic wood/modern chairs are perfect. I WILL find the perfect antlers this year. This photo comes from one of my favorite design books Easy Elegance by Atlanta Bartlett. I love Atlanta's style. You can check out her site HERE.
I plan on adding a bold rug to our dining alcove this Fall. I pulled this picture off Amber Interior Designs. Amber is a great designer and professional superwoman. I call her a superwoman cause she manages to blog everyday, raise an adorable child, run a business AND be happily married. Yup that's a superwoman! Stop by her blog for daily home inspi.


Coco cozy

(Botkier clutch, Alexis Bittar cuff, Free People sweater,)

This sweater has only left my body for showers and bedtime since I bought it a few days ago. They don't call it the Easy Days Sweater for nothin.


Leopard and Lace

Think I look drugged in this picture but Mark liked it so it made the final cut!

(Free People dress, clutch c/o Botkier)

 On Monday I paired a leopard clutch with this girly lace dress from Free People.  I like how it toughens it up a bit. Mixing different patterns and textures can have a wonderful effect.
The lovely people at Botkier sent me this Trigger clutch to test drive and I have fallen in love. It's so versatile and plays well with everything in my closet. You might see it a lot this Fall!
It is raining cats and dogs in L.A. and hard to believe that just a few days ago I was wearing a sheer dress! Los Angeles has made me such a baby about the weather. One day of chilly rain and I want to stay in bed all day with a bottomless cup of tea.


Kill Your Darlings

I love an exposed zipper. This tunic dress is from Adam Resort 2011 but Zara is doing similar pieces this season.
These boots were a great investment and so was this Alexander Wang Bag (obviously!)
Mark Champion takes such dreamy photos don't ya think?