Blushington West Hollywood

Genius Idea Alert! This week I had the pleasure of being one of the first to experience the amazing wonder baby idea that is Blushington a full service beauty bar in West Hollywood.
 Look at these adorable chairs.
Even though it was 10am I decided to go big or go home and requested the "Smoke and Mirrors".
The amazing Jaime Fisher at work.

Drink Up! The biggest beauty secret is hydration.
False eyelashes are freaking amazing!
I wish I could go to Blushington every single day!
Me with director of artistry Emma Willis

I will definitely be going back before events and maybe even big auditions. They are located right next door to Dry Bar so this block is a one stop diva shop. I was totally down for a full day of beauty but my photographer was not so we made a compromise and took my new false eyelashes to lunch. Blushington opens for business in LA October 7! To book an appointment click HERE.


La Dolce Vita

I am loving the super feminine frocks that Dolce and Gabbana sent down the runway for S/S 2012. They make me think of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Would you wear one?


That'll be the day

 A white silk blouse
 + skinny cords and a cross body bag
(vintage hat, adam blouse, jcrew cords, calypso bag)
= almost as cool as Emmanuelle Alt.

If you are wondering about the title of this post it's not a reference to that awesome Buddy Holly song although it has been running on loop in my brain. It's actually about going to downtown L.A. and trying to but macaroons for a dinner party. Oh boy was I excited! I was going to be the super cool invited guest who showed up with a beautiful box of macaroons and not a boring bottle of red. The best laid plans of mice and men. When I arrived at my macaroon haven I found that a box of the sweet treats would cost me. Dearly. Eighty bucks to be exact. Eighty bucks? That's a leather jacket from Zara not the price of something that will come out in your poopie. What is this blog about? Oh right...fashion. I'm obsessed with this brown leather bag again after finally getting the strap fixed. I also love the tan Kirtley Satchel. I'm always drawn to a nice tanned leather. A white silk blouse is another necessary object this Fall. I could seriously put one in every post.



Hey Dude

  There is nothing better than a wallet that doubles as a clutch come sun down. These little guys from American West are made by hand in South America and would pair nicely with a poncho and skinny jeans for Fall. I love the cow hide version with studs and leather detail.
You can check out more American West handbags at Shop NBC!


Depressingly Awesome

Images via Ambular via Chandelier
 This surf shack in Montauk makes me want to have burritos and beer for breakfast. Then go surfing at Ditch Plains. Then pass out on the couch. Then burritos and beer part two.



(Adam blouse, Steven Alan skirt, Dolce Vita booties)
There are places in Los Angeles that are so gorgeous I feel like I am living in a dream. 
Mullholand Drive is one of them. Speaking of beautiful things, bow tie blouses in silky jewel tones are one of my favorite trends for Fall. My only regret is not buying this top in maroon as well. It would pair so nicely with denim in that shade.



Any Given Monday

 I love mixing tried and true wardrobe staples with new items to create a totally fresh look. A menswear blazer was the perfect thing to pair with this textured mini to keep it from feeling too girly.
 This t-shirt + This skirt
 + a blazer + sequins clutch
(ADAM skirt, Forever 21 t-shirt, Vintage blazer, Loeffler Randall heels)
 = Perfect Anniversary Dinner Outfit.

Sequins clutch
Black Textured Mini Skirt
Distressed Leather Belt
White Wool Blazer


Magic Moments

On Friday night I had the pleasure of visiting the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood. The dress code is strict my friends, apparently magicians are a fancy bunch. I was happy to have an excuse to wear this floor skimming pink number.
(Adam silk dress, Candy Shop Vintage sequins clutch, Alexis Bittar cuff)
Trying to give a different angle/ trying to pretend I'm not taking a picture of myself. Good acting no? Speaking of acting, did anyone see the most recent GOOP? That old so and so Gwyneth Paltrow is trying out the regular gal blogging thing and documenting her own press tours. I think it's fantastic. I think it's even more fantastic to see GP at the airport and realize she looks as goofy as the rest of us without hair and make-up:) Bravo Gwyneth!
Pink Maxi Dress (similar to shown)
Sequins Clutch (similar to shown)
Gold Cuff (similar to shown)


Bedroom Makeover

 About a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night in a full blown panic. What was troubling me? The very room I was snoozing in. We moved into our new apartment two months ago and the bedroom, child, it just didn't make no damn sense. So I spent the next day helping it make sense. Then I took pictures to share with you.
 The first thing I did was take out anything and everything that was clutter, mismatched or just plain ugg. I even stripped the duvet of it's too dark cover and let it hang out all naked and white. Eventually I will get a white duvet cover but this works for now. Set it free duvet!
  If you are anything like me ( and if you are reading this blog you probably are) you have a ton of clothes and not a ton of closet. You mean to wear all your garb but often you feel lazy and just reach for the same old denim cut offs thing. Behold the beauty of the rolling rack. Every so often I take out those never worn pieces and throw them on the rolling rack with new,exciting things. I especially like having this pretty wetsuit staring me in the face every morning reminding me that I haven't gotten it wet.
Bedside tables are a place for pretty things; fresh flowers and colorful trays. I always have a room spritz handy, any perfume works. Calypso's fig scent is especially nice cause it reminds me of my grandmother.
This Asian piece seemed too flowery for the living room but I love it next to my vanity and stacked by some luggage. The brown suitcase is actually a record player and the black one is my jewelry box.
The end result: Serenity Now. And I didn't spend one penny!


Made In America: Salt Swimwear

Images via Salt Swimwear
  We all know our economy is not the hottest on the planet at this very moment so I'm a gonna take some time out from my busy schedule to spotlight some insanely awesome brands that not only fall into the cool girl category but that I feel AWESOME wearing because I know they are helping our economy thrive. I know you guys care where your clothing comes from too so let's start the dialogue.
September can be the hottest month of the year in Los Angeles and I won't be putting away my bikinis anytime soon. In honor of the scorching California sun let's begin our MADE IN AMERICA series with Salt Swimwear, shall we?
Founder Layla Pakzad describes her line as sexy, flirty swim and beachwear made in California with love. Sexy and flirty is what we expect from swimwear but what about made in California? I checked the tag of all my pre-existing suits and you know they said Made in China, Made in Canada, and Made in Italy. Not only are Salt suits made in the USA they are some of the cutest I've ever seen! I cannot wait to get my hands on one and then ride a horse while wearing it. Seriously.

Read a Q&A with Layla and FOAM magazine HERE.


Baby Steps

Dolce Vita booties, Alexander Wang bag

(Alexis Bittar cuff, vintage chain necklace worn as bracelet, Etoile Isabel Marant skirt, thrifted flannel)
 Baby steps to the office, baby steps up the stairs. Baby steps seems like the perfect metaphor for Fall. If you are anything like me back to school time still gets you all fired up. This Fall I am going to focus on the next little baby step in front of me and not the top of the mountain:)
After spending most of the holiday weekend in a swimsuit I was happy to put on a more refined ensemble for dinner last night. I picked up this Isabel Marant military skirt last week and it feels like the kind of piece I will wear forever.
How did you spend the holiday weekend? We had a lovely stay-cation that included fish tacos in Malibu, karaoke in Little Tokyo, a day at the beach for Sid, our puppy, and a sunset swim with friends. Yesterday we had brunch at Victor's Restaurant which is right around the corner from us in Hollywood. It is a traditional delicatessen and has very good pastrami if meat is your thing. I had a Smoked Salmon Benedict and Mark had pancakes that tasted even better than the ones we make at home. There are definitely fancier brunch spots in Hollywood but Victor's hits the spot.
Ray Ban Sunglasses (similar to shown)
Isabel Marant Military Skirt (similar to shown)
Dolce Vita booties (similar to shown)
Alexander Wang handbag (similar to shown)


touched by terry

via Terry Richardson's Diary

Mark is working with Terry Richardson today. I'll just be reading his blog.

Crystal Waters

This Celestine crystal is a souvenir from my birthday weekend in Palm Springs. I may or may not have gotten a crystal healing that weekend while my husband looked on in horror. Literal horror. It took awhile so he was forced to browse in a crystal shop for a whole hour which makes me laugh just thinking about it. My crystal healing proves that even the most cynical East Coast girl can turn all new-agey when she moves to LA. I can't wait to buy a turban and where it un-ironically.

So it's official, I live in LA now but my blog is still called Clotheshorse NYC. Weird. NYC is sort of like an ex-husband to me, I gave him my youth and goddamnit I'm keeping his name!
But this means West Coast designers, showrooms etc I want to hear from you!
Also, YES! that is me mowing a cupcake on your television. If you haven't seen my chomp monster skills yet click HERE.