Fall scarves by Charlotte and Lisa

How rad is this new scarf line Charlotte and Lisa? If I was in NYC this Fall I would definitely go for the furry hooded number but the military inspired one seems decidedly more LA.


LA sunset

(Vintage blouse and jacket)
I bought this Karl Lagerfeld jacket entirely because it was five dollar vintage Lagerfeld. Also because it is purple and bat winged and sexy in a back to the future type way. For years I have been stumped by how to wear it but pairing it with this seasons 90's minimalist pieces might be just what the doctor ordered.


Fall Must Haves

These are my top Wardrobe Facelift* picks for Fall. Wardrobe Facelift* is a term I coined to refer to a full closet over haul but it can also refer to a single item. A Wardrobe Facelift* purchase will make everything you pair it with look instantly better. Yes, even that Ann Taylor blouse from four years ago. All of these Wardrobe Facelift* pieces will be friends of your closet for years to come.  Promise.
I am just going to keep visualizing that PS1 bag until one magically falls into my lap. This purple suede version has me hornier than ever. 
You know I love me some Alpaca.  I bought this jacket a few years back. It's beastly hot in LA and hard to even think about putting on a sweater but when the nights get chilly this will be the first thing I reach for.
A black jersey maxi skirt is perfect with a white tee and statement necklace now and you can add a leather jacket and scarf when it gets cooler. 
I totally wanted suede leather strap booties when Vivienne Westwood was doing them. Sadly, my NYU budget didn't allow for such extravagance, or I would still be wearing them today! I'm excited to see that Chloe has picked up the reigns.
*This is the name of my future Oprah network make-over show. Oprah! Call me!


coke and a smile

(Jcrew chambray and bandeau, Levis cut-offs, LLbean tote, Topshop necklace)
 One of my best friends is heading back to NYC this weekend after spending the summer in LA with me. In order to send her off in style we spent the day at the Malibu Lagoon yesterday and tonight we are re-visiting the very first bar we ever got drunk at The Kibitz Room. 
Yesterday had all the makings of a perfect beach day; paddle ball, two ocean dips and a long walk on the beach. I was looking back on my list of Summer to-dos and realized the only thing I didn't make good on was the very thing I was most in control of, to practice surfing once a week. Inspired by all the beginners out yesterday I bought my first wetsuit. Luckily LA Summer will last well into the Fall.


Polkadots and Moonbeams

And by Moonbeams I mean leather shorts.
Puppy dog tail not included.
(Vintage blouse, shoes, and jacket, Zara leather shorts)
 I'm just gonna say it. LA kicks New York's ass when it comes to vintage shopping. A pair of shoes that would be $60 in Brooklyn you can get for $15 here. Trust me, there are plenty of ways that NYC trumps LA but I like to give credit where credit is due. When I go to a second hand store I like to have some stuff in mind that I am looking for. This weekend I had set my sights on a polka dot blouse and some loafer type shoes. I found both and also took home an amazing Aztec type blanket for my Fall bed. 
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T.T. Taa Taa for now.


Endless Summer Giveaway

What better way to move into Fall than with a little pampering? That's why I am thrilled to be hosting a giveaway for San Francsico based beauty brand Etta and Billie!

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Contest ends next Monday. Good Luck!


Strawberry Watermelon

(Vintage hat, American Apparel bodysuit)
Say hello to my little friend! AKA my new sunglasses. $12!! They are almost better than the Ray Bans I was lusting and they make me really happy. Know what else makes me happy? Strawberry Watermelon juice from Fred Segal's cafe. It's also a great place to people watch as there are usually a bunch of creepy paparazzi lurking around outside. I never seem to stay long enough to watch the shit go down but a pretty weird scene regardless.
I wore this striped bodysuit and cut off shorts to an audition for MTV this week. Totally ran the risk of looking like Six from Blossom but I think it worked. I have as much fun dressing my characters as I do playing them. This outfit was inspired by Cali beauty Sunny Walker who I posted photos of last Friday.


Do You Like To Do It Yourself?

Ten awesome points go to the reader who can identify the movie that the name of this post comes from. Hint: It has nothing to do with DIY or interior design in fact it has to do with something pretty naughty. 
When we moved into our new apartment in Hollywood last month there was a sad little wooden shelf shoved into one of the walk in closets. Actually it wasn't little. It was big, bulky and appeared to be covered in soot which made me say EW! Mark saw the potential in it so we cleaned it and spray painted it white. That sad little shelf turned into an incredibly useful shelf which now holds cook books, pots and pans above the stove. 
So in answer to the above question... Yes, I like to do it myself. Home projects give me such a sense of satisfaction because I can walk by my new shelf every morning, noon and night and feel happy and accomplished all over again. 
If you have a great DIY project on your blog please leave a link below to share!



(Banana Republic sandals, Adam silk skirt, thrifted top)
I'm starting to think of Fall. My girlfriend and I got all excited last night at dinner discussing bow blouses, tights and wellies. A.K.A the joys of her shopping for an upcoming trip to Scotland. I'm jealous but I'll be spending some time in NYC this Fall so I can deal. 
The end of Summer gets me thinking about all my great Summer skirts and dresses I haven't gotten around to wearing yet like this ombre blue number. 
I got this stripey Muslin top when I was thrift store shopping on Thursday and have barely taken it off since. At first I wore it with denim shorts and a black blazer, then with this skirt and finally last night I wore it to dinner with some denim trousers and platform sandals. In hindsight I should have photo'ed all three looks for ya...D'uh-oh. Will show you the other two sometime soon. 
Looking forward to a busy day of auditions, writing, and yoga. I slept through the 9am class but I'm going to give myself an end of Summer pass on that one.


I'm so down

Sharing some of my favorite visual stories from around the web this week. Nike US Open of Surfing covered by Susie Bubble and Sunny Walker shot for Closet Visit.


painted desert

Trina Turk dress
I meant to take more pictures in Palm Springs...I truly did. But I was having way too much fun and I was way too relaxed. You might be able to tell from my half open eyes that I had just gotten a Rosemary head massage/body brushing at the spa. There is really something magical about the desert. It's hot as hell but that's o.k.  Reminds me of East Coast Summer nights.
Take me back!


Pretty In Pink

Vintage suit, Ray Ban Wayfarers
Hey ya'll. I just got back from an incredibly relaxing three days in the desert. We celebrated my birthday with friends at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs. Since today is my actually b-day I'm going to try not to work too much but I wanted to post these awesome pictures Mark shot last week. I wore this vintage suit on my birthday last year. It's pink, It's ladylike, and I totally love it.
Happy Monday.


Errands 101

(Jcrew oxfords and belt, Madewell button down, Mayle leopard tote)
 I love running errands. The bank! The post office! The pharmacy! All great ways of feeling productive without using too much valuable brain juice. When running around town I usually want comfy clothing that still looks chic. That's where khaki chinos, butterscotch oxfords and a cute button down come into the picture.


Dream Shelter: Surf Cottage in Montauk

My birthday is coming up which of course makes me think of______
-Getting older?
-The people who gave me life?
Wrong again.
It of course makes me think of... gifts!
For those wondering what to get for the "girl who has everything" contact Theresa Eurell at Town and Country Real Estate. If you want to go real big you can fly Emily in to decorate.
P.S. I don't really have everything so just get me ANYTHING!


Beach Glass

(Vintage Bruno Magli pumps, Black Halo pencil skirt, Jcrew top, Loeffller Randal clutch, Alexis Bittar ring, Candyshop cuff)
Mirrors can be deceptive and it's often helpful to take a photo of your outfit before leaving the house. For example when we originally shot this look I had on a thicker brown belt, black strappy wedges and no jewelry. It looked extremely classy but in front of the camera it fell totally flat. So I swapped out the belt for a thin pop-of-color version, then added more ladylike heels and some vibrant jewelry. Still classy but way more fun and not so stark.
In happy styling news my client Liana just landed her dream job at BAM in Brooklyn. I styled her for the interview and the callback and hoorah! She nailed them both.
Looking good = Confidence. Confidence = Success.
Originally the consultation took place in New York but when she found out she had a second interview I had already flown back to Los Angeles. We did the second session via phone and internet by photo sharing outfits and telling her how to tweak them.
If you or your momma need style advice for upcoming big-deal events contact me. I work within each client's budget because I want success for everyone!