Airplane Food

I travel between West coast and East on the regular. Since six hour flights naturally make me hungry, cranky, and ugly I've come up with a few tricks to make flying more enjoyable. 
I pop a Benadryl at the beginning of the flight which does double duty fighting congestion at 30,000 feet and knocking me out for at least half of the flight. 
I always bring fuzzy socks for when my shoes inevitably come off, a good neck pillow and either a cashmere throw OR (if I am flying into cold weather) a blanket sweater like this one
To really get my good vibrations going when I am sky high I asked personal chef (and dear friend) Taided Betancourt to hook me up with some travel friendly and healthy meals so that I don't get stuck with an overpriced turkey and brie sandwich ever again! Below is Taided's recipe for Surprisingly Delicious Raw Broccoli Salad.

Surprisingly Delicious Raw Broccoli Salad


  • 4 cups broccoli (about 1 1/2 pounds), including some of the stems, sliced 1/8 inches thick on a mandoline
  • 4 scallions, minced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup yogurt

  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 2/3 cup dried cranberries


  1. Place the scallions, salt, orange juice, vinegar and yogurt in a large salad serving bowl. Whisk in the oil.
  2. Slice the broccoli into the dressing, then toss in cranberries and stir until everything is evenly combined. Taste and season with a little more salt and some freshly ground pepper. Chill in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes to let the flavors meld before serving.  How Easy?!                              
  3. Kitchen Notes: I do not own a mandoline but found it easy to cut the broccoli into small pieces with a kitchen knife. This salad is surprisingly delicious and surprisingly filling. I would suggest eating it in the terminal either before or after flying (broccoli is rather pungent)  for a Vitamin A+C power boost.
  4. Like what you see here? Visit Taided at THE WELL DAILY where she is the resident organic chef!


Dirty South Potluck

(Sur La Table napkins, Kate Spade cutlery and rose bowl, Martha Stewart "piggie board")
We celebrated Mark's Texan roots this week by hosting a southern themed potluck. I set the table with black and white check napkins from Sur La Table and wild french roses. Guests were instructed to bring sides and I provided pulled pork and barbeque chicken from my favorite: Baby Blues BBQ. We played Creedance, Allman Brothers and Lynard Skynard while sippin' on Mint Juleps and beer. The highlight of the night was definitely a Jiffy cornbread casserole (recipe courtesy of our Texas fam) that NEVER disappoints!


Alexis Bittar Fall Launch Party

 Me + Pasacle ... true blue.
 Love the embellished horseshoe on the left.
 This cuff was my favorite piece; simple, stackable and blue.
 OMG. Loved these too! Perfect with a tee shirt and jeans.
 Tara from N.Y.C.
 Alexis + Me.
 The return of the dickie! These were made for Jason Wu.
 This little guy.
That's what I call a statement piece! Do you think it's heavy?
 Where did she get these??? If you know, leave a comment!
Me: Cuff/badass geometric weapon. Alia: Mohair dickie. The future is now people.

Why am I so obsessed with the color blue lately? I don't know but it's all I want to wear. Found this great vintage inspired dress at JCREW on Thursday. They didn't have a 2 so I bought one size up and I'm so glad I did. Really like the slightly baggy feel. Some photos from Friday's event at Alexis Bittar LA. So much beauty. Alexis' jewelry is unique, vibrant and playful. There truly is nothing else like it.


on the rocks with salt

via Planet Blue
 Would you wear these margarita shorts from Stone Cold Fox? I love them. Might get them if I hadn't had a little accident at the Westfeld shopping center yesterday. I was instructed to park there for an appointment and let's just say that when the appointment was over and I had to return to my car I was powerless to escape the clutches of the JCREW Summer Sale. 
What are your plans this weekend? We are going to a launch party for Alexis Bittar's Fall line. I will also be practicing my Mint Julep recipe for next week's southern theme potluck.


Red Zebra

(Michael Kors handbag, vintage skirt, ADAM blouse)
It seems like everyone is looking for the perfect pleated skirt these days and while ASOS and ZARA def have some good ones I found this little gem at a vintage store in NYC. At first I was having a hard time pairing it. I was trying to go the wife beater route until I realized what she really craved was a similarly lady like blouse. Choosing a navy option instead of white keeps the look from being too perfect and the Wayfarers give it some extra edge.


Summer Series #1 Potluck Supper

(John Robshaw tablecloth)
In the Summer no one feels like spending too much time in their own kitchen so my friends and I love to get together once a week and potluck. Yup, it's a verb! And it just so happens to be the perfect entertaining solution for lazy hostesses like myself. We always set a theme so that everything more or less goes. This week's theme was vegetarian and we sipped French 75's to keep things lively.
I set a quick table with a bright blue John Robshaw tablecloth and my signature; hot pink flowers. This week the florist had Hydrangeas which is particularly sweet cause they remind me of my wedding:) 
Et Voila! With a little help from your peeps anyone can serve din din at home. Yes, there are shrimp in that edamame salad! We cheated a little. And yes, it was a late night.
Click here for a delicious French 75 recipe to make at home!


Paris in the 70's

(Vintage dress and hat)
OK, I'm probably way off and this is absolutely not how the ladies dressed in Paris in the 70's but this is my blog and in my imagination this is most definitely how I picture them; like Annie Hall but in all black. This weekend was a lot mellower than the last. Saw a friends play, swam in a salt water pool, did some yoga...that's about it. It was just what I needed after the whirlwind of the last month. Monday is made even sweeter by the fact that I passed off a few errands to the hubs this morning. Happily, he obliged.



I'm so horny for these bags from The Row that I see them everywhere. Oh wait, they are everywhere.

le tank dress

(Anthropologie tank dress, vintage belt, Alexis Bittar necklace, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo)
This is how you might find me if we ran into each other at the grocery store; tank dress, top knot and no make-up except a smear of red lipstick. I dress up the basic look with a vintage gold belt low on my hips and Lucite horn necklace from Alexis Bittar. Follow me on TWITTER to get tips on where to buy items featured in my posts!


In a perfect world

Emily posted this a few days ago via Coco and Kelley so I thought I would share the love. Yup, officially obsessed. It's like Joni Mitchell or one of those Gypset girls could walk in the door at any minute. I love the juxtaposition of the glamorous couch with the rustic guitars and suede ponchos. I'm imagining a pitcher of cucumber margaritas somewhere off on a side table, a fragrant Diptyque candle burning and a tanned surfer dude sitting in the corner strumming a guitar while simultaneously giving me a foot rub.


blue jean baby

(BLK DNM  jean #6, JCREW belt, 39 SIXTY ONE tee)
Here they are! The new supreme high waisted guys from my favorite store BLK DNM NYC. If I don't consume any food stuff while wearing they are pretty much a perfect fit. Unfortunately I seem to like going out to eat in them. Probably because that is the only thing I really "go out" to do. They work to limit ones consumption (sort of like the lapband???) but I'm sure sitting around digesting food with a constrained waist is frowned upon. Oh well! Tonight I wore them to Baby Blues BBQ and just went for it. I was amazed I could even zip them after a weekend with my in laws with included Asia De Cuba, Gjelina, The Hungry Cat, Pizzeria Mozza, Mastros steakhouse and yes! tonight! BBQ! Impressive right? You're probably wondering when my juice fast begins. So am I. Back to the denim...I like them paired with a paper thin v-neck and pop of color belt. These jeans make me feel curvy like an old Hollywood starlet or a mom from the 70's. Either way looking forward to never washing them wearing them in real good. I have a feeling they might be my "denim short" of the Fall.


get out your sparklers

photos via Planet Blue. Styling by Ashley Glorioso. Photos by Zoey Grossman
Happy fourth of JU-LY! I hope you enjoy it with a Budweiser in hand. Flying back to LA early tomorrow but I wanted to share these amazing photos styled by Ashley over at Pursen'boots. If these don't make you feel proud to be an American I don't know what will. Ashley rocks. So amazingly talented and such a sweetie. Note to self: must drape myself in an American flag soon. Thanks Ashley!


my beach bag

I'm feeling all sun kissed since I just got back from an amazing two day vacation at Sole East in Montauk. Ready to relax in the city for a few days before heading to the west coast on Monday for work. I really loved wearing this one piece on the beach and the cotton bikini top did double duty as a bra.  Here is what else was in my beach bag this trip.
From R to L: Straw fedora, Billabong one piece, FOAM mag, ALBA organics sunscreen, Stila lip glaze in rasberry, friendship bracelets, Rainbow sandals, Levi's cut-offs, bandana from India, Calypso St.Barth vintage bikini top.