Alice Waters' baked goat cheese salad

I made this dish for mi madre this week. It originally comes from culinary genius Alice Waters but I found the recipe in my Holy Grail of cookbooks; The New York Times Essentials. It's "a sell out" as my friend Denise would say. For instructions go HERE.


Lafayette st 4:30

I am having a whirlwind time here in NYC. I'm off to a dinner meeting with a style client but I had to show off my new jeans/new obsession from BLKDNM. The perfect high waist and the perfect wash.Heaven.


tie (dye) me up

Calypso dress, Devotte wedges, Alexander Wang bag
This dress is the only piece of tie dye I own. Not only is it silk tie dye it also has be-dazzling at the hem and bust and embroidered straps. Yeah, it's a statement piece. I wore it to the grocery store and was suddenly looking down on everyone in sweats. Then I remembered I was in a grocery store. It was the perfect thing to wear while shooting pictures next to the 101 freeway at dusk. I love the little girl lost bohemian look. 
I'm in NYC now and all I want to do is shop. Bought a cute vintage pleated skirt today and an awesome rusty 70's slip thing. Can't wait to photograph them. Also had the quintessential late New York dinner. Luckily I walked more tonight then I probably have in the last four months. Should counteract the quatro fromage pizza at 10pm.


Into the light

Madewell button down, Alexander Wang bag, GAP studded belt

I like pieces that I can wear over and over and over again and that pair easily with everything else in my wardrobe. There is really no need to have a ton of clothing if everything sort of goes. And anyway, who has the closet space? At this juncture in my life AKA the "not-rich-yet-but-still-need-to-look-good-juncture" I really think carefully about every piece that I bring to the party and I only want things that make me look and feel great. Lately I'm really into wearing button downs with cut offs and some simple ballet flats or oxfords. If I also happen to be drinking a cappuccino and squint my eyes into the sun long enough I can sort of pretend I'm in Paris. This belt has also been an awesome and cheap addition to my wardrobe. It looks great with black skinny jeans too. I'll post a picture of that lil combo soon.
 Also, I have a confession to make, after publicly lambasting the trench coat about a year ago, guess what, I want one. Correction, I desperately need one and I'm on a serious manhunt for it right now. I blame my change of heart on the June Gloom here but who knows, maybe someone's all growns-up after all. I'm also going to finally add the essential "white button down" to my arsenal. Thinking of buying this one right hurrr. I don't have an Equipment blouse yet and I'm beginning to feel like the only blogger in the free world who doesn't.
My little sister comes for a visit this weekend. It's closing weekend of her play that I am staring in here in LA. Maybe I'll try to style us both and do another sisters post. xx, A


friendship bracelet giveaway

Aren't these bracelets rad? I picked them up a few weeks ago in Venice beach. They add the perfect pop of color to any outfit.  To honor the summer solstice I will be giving away this set of five friendship bracelets from Thailand. To enter the contest become a Clotheshorse NYC Style Stalker via the google friend connect at the bottom of this page and leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing to do in the summatime. Winner will be picked on the summer solstice June 21. Good luck:)
(Buddha not included)


sleepy time

I was really taken with Kristin Collins home which was featured last week on Apartment Therapy. I'm particularly jazzed about this amazing headboard and that gorgeous window (NOT FAIR if it's french doors! I can't really tell) The house is definitely girly but not in a gross way. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel pampered and relaxed. See more here.


make new friends

Alexis Bittar earrings, Freepeople bloomers, Michael Kors handbag

 Old: This is the first "nice handbag" I acquired. I bought it for my twenty fourth birthday at Nordstroms. I think it cost about three hundred dollars which seemed like a fortune. The leather gets more and more worn and supple over time and the shape is classic and timeless. I'm starting to like it again after a few years.
Symbol: Even though it seemed like a lot of money to spend I saw the purchase as a symbol of treating myself and a good handbag is the best investment you'll make all year because you get to see, use and touch your "symbol" everyday.
New: I've been lusting for a pair of frilly bloomers. I like how the "rusty" color of these eyelet ones off sets the femininity. They are the perfect alternative to my worn-to-death denim cut-offs.


one piece

Billabong one piece
 I'm a water baby. Born in August and lived at the beach for the formative summers of my life. I love all things ocean and sand. So I'm always combing surf brands to find cool pieces to mix in my wardrobe or trying to slather my body in anything that smells like coconut. I would totally just become some sort of extra from Blue Crush if I lived at the beach but mixing surf wear into my city wardrobe can be tricky. This hot pink one piece looks great with a blazer and cut offs and probably won't come loose like some bikinis do when I surf. Which brings me to my next topic. I have realized that the only way I am going to become a better surfer is ... to actually surf on the regular. Shocking I know. Now that I am living less than an hour from the beach I have no excuse. I always feel so strong and zenned out afterward. I can't imagine how good it feels when you actually out there carving. My summer resolution will be to get in the water and do something that resembles surfing at least once a week. Practice makes perfect. I'll keep you posted.


Saturday Brunch

 Jen came to see my show on Friday night and afterward we had her and her husband over for some drinks. As my readers know I have never met a bottle of champagne I didn't like. Everyone else was driving so I just kept refilling my own glass. Oops! I really wasn't hungover the next morning but it seemed like the perfect time to try this recipe from Scott Conant of NYC's Scarpetta restaurant. Man, farro is energizing! Mark and I both kept saying how great we felt afterward and my favorite word, satiated, came up alot. It was a welcome change from my traditional brunch favorite blueberry pancakes, which are delicious but not exactly "go food".

Saute onions and garlic and chili flakes in lots of olive oil, then stir in tomato sauce and precooked farro. Crack a few eggs directly into the sauce and let them poach. Eat directly out of the pan and serve with grilled bread. - original recipe courtesy of Men's Health



freepeople tunic, levi's cut-offs, devotte wedges, alexander wang bag, topshop necklace.
 Mark and I had an impromptu date night at our favorite Pho restaurant in Silverlake. It was good to sneak in some alone time before a hectic couple of days. I'm performing in Atwater Village all weekend, Mark has a gallery show on Saturday night in Hollywood and an old friend arrives on Sunday. Finally liking this cross necklace a year after I bought it. It got thrown in a box on the drive cross country and some liquid spilled on it causing it to rust a bit. I found it in said box when we were unpacking and randomly threw it on one of our kitchen cabinets. That is where it has lived for the last three months. Now, all of a sudden, it feels like mine.