memorial day supper

I keep waiting for my yoga practice to turn me into a vegetarian. It hasn't happened yet. Nope, not even a little. One thing it has done is created a thoughtfulness about what I put into my body and a deeper appreciation for natural and local foods. After the special memorial day platinum yoga meditation at Golden Bridge I came home and immediately gravitated to the New York Times Essentials cookbook. Here's what I decided to make 

- red lentil soup with cilantro and lemon ( Mark doesn't like lentils so I used split peas instead)
-La Brea bakery french baguette and butter
- spicy cucumber salad
- Marcella's Italien pear cake

It made for a deliciously unconventional Memorial Day meal. As my grandparents always say "If the meal is good the chef gets a kiss in the kitchen"!
I got a kiss.


recent acquisitions

Mossimo sandals, Billabong one piece, friendship bracelets from Thailand

It's Memorial day weekend a.k.a the official start of what is officially my favorite season. Hello Summer!
I just got this hot pink one piece with side slits that I am equally excited to wear to the beach and out at night with black harem pants. Also pretty stoked on these black platforms I picked up at Target this week. Make sure to cruise the shoe aisle next time you are there picking up tampons, you never know what you might find! I'm pretty sure they are a damn good knock-off of these Dolce Vita numbers. See? My crystal ball was right! Next on my list are red strappy flats. 
I am celebrating the holiday weekend with a visit from me mum and performing this awesomesauce play that my sister wrote in Atwater Village. How are you celebrating?


the love stuff

Levis men's cut-offs, JCREW brogues, GAP studded belt, Alexander Wang handbag, Madewell striped shirt, Vintage corduroy blazer
Some of my current favorites all thrown together in one big "sweet librarian meets edgy rock star" orgy. These denim shorts are just perfect. They have been in such heavy rotation lately that sometimes they ask for a day off to be with their kids. Also, the vintage blazer that fits me like a glove in my new favorite color, navy. Then there are those cream colored brogues. Oh yeah they're back in the spotlight after the Minnetonka moccasins threatened to de-throne them. Those moccasins are just too easy! I watched "He's Just Not That Into You" this past weekend and I am not ashamed to admit that I laughed and cried. Mark laughed so hard he cried watching me delight in every corny moment. We gave up television for a whole year and have recently invited the little monster back into our lives. It's hard not to feel like a junkie sometimes.


heavy rotation

Minnetonka moccasins
My feet are in a serious relationship with these bad boys.


boat shirts and blown out light

Zara boatshirt, ADAM denim trousers, JCREW belt, Candy Shop Vintage sequins clutch, Banana Republic wedges

Sometimes life is simple and sometimes it's tricky. Sometimes getting dressed feels impossible and sometimes it's a piece of cake. Some days it seems like everything is going your way and other days it feels like the world is your enemy. This past week was a-lot-of- bit stressful; I was in tech week for a play and began a new styling project. Those two things combined with my regular routine of auditions, blogging and paying my husband some small amount of attention almost got the better of me. I was in a little over my head and of course the hubby is the one who gets it first. After a day of tense silence and possible snapping (when he was driving me to do errands no less!) I was able to admit to him that I was a wee bit stressed out and could he please forgive my capital B bitchery. Luckily, he forgave me on the spot and all was right again in the world. Adding marital stress to an already stressed out time just makes everything SO MUCH WORSE!! This past week was a good reminder that when life is easy...enjoy it! And when life is hard just try and take comfort in the fact that it will be easy again.
P.S. although I have been an AVID flats girl all year, I think I might be getting into heels again. I am looking into my crystal ball and see a new pair of heels in my near future.


east coast summer nights

I am literally dying for a little crochet mini skirt and PS1 satchel like the ones pictured above. I think this would be the perfect outfit for a Summer cocktail party or date night. Visit my Polyvore page to buy items and check out other sets.


Film Friday #3

Thrifted denim jacket converted into a vest, AE t-shirt, Alexander Wang bag,  best hair ties in the world!
It's opening night of the play I am doing in L.A. "Between Us Chickens" at Atwater Village Theater. Even though we already opened this play less than two months ago at South Coast Rep I still have opening night jitters! One of the benefits of being an actor is that it always keeps me on my toes. Personally, I thrive on finding myself in new situations with new people and new challenges. If you are in LA and would like to see the play you can get tickets HERE. I wear this denim vest in the show and it sat unused in my wardrobe forever. Now I wear it constantly, usually over a tank dress or cardigan to add an extra layer.


blow out

Gap belt, Necessary Objects blazer, JCREW tank, Minnetonka Moccasins
Yesterday was windy and cool. After these pictures were shot I ran in the house to throw on denim skinnies and this jacket. In warmer temperatures the above outfit has become a bit of an L.A. uniform. A major shout out to the GAP (surprise, surprise!) belt. It is quickly becoming the star pupil in my wardrobe. The shorts are, of course, unsung hero and the blazer...most valuable player. That's for the way it takes me from ragamuffin to polished in two seconds flat.


black and white ball

Images via hedi slimane diary and planet blue
 I never get tired of the dress I'm wearing in the first picture. Good vintage is priceless. I'm in Baltimore this week for a friend's wedding. Being reminded that they don't call it "Charm City" for nothing.


love nest

Photos via Amber Interior Design
Amber got in touch with me after seeing a dining room she designed HERE. I'm really into her bright rustic interiors. Especially that second bedroom picture, how awesome is the fabric headboard?! I would love to wake up in a bedroom that happy every morning.


sunday mash-up

Men's Levis, belts from Jcrew and Gap, vintage crochet sweater, Adam cropped jacket, Ray Bans.
We've been spending the last week with lots of visitors and while it's fun to ALWAYS have someone to have a margarita with by Saturday we were ready for some alone time (together). Dinner at UMAMI burger followed by Water For Elephants at the Arclight. Reese's costumes were amazing and inspired me to add a bit more glamour to everyday life. If I'm not going to an audition I don't wear make-up and have a hard time running a brush through my hair. I would probably feel fantastic if I put myself properly together every morning but in lieu of that kind of motivation, sunglasses do the trick. 
What do you think is glamorous? I think... a personal fragrance, meaningful jewelry bought by loved ones, bit of a tan, a nice clutch or handbag, mani/pedis and a good blow out. 


film fridays

Alexis Bittar earrings, American Apparel top, Loeffler Randall clutch, Trina Turk shades
 I don't know if Trina Turk even makes sunnies anymore but she should. These are leftover from my days as a shop girl in her meat packing district boutique and I still love them. The picture was taken on an ill fated trip to Beverly Hills Juice Club a few weeks ago. FYI: they aren't open on Sundays. 
Hope everyone had a festive Cinco De Mayo. This weekend we start rehearsals for "Between Us Chickens" here in L.A. See you on the other side of Friday. Adios!


in more detail

 Some up close shots so that you can see my new JCREW finds in all their glory. Right now I'm working on putting together some outfits for an upcoming wedding weekend in Baltimore.


me so horny

I love horns and antlers. Not really heads of animals though, that's too scary. The house I am staying in has so many antlers laying around I feel like I could snatch a pair and no one would really notice. But then I'd be a thief so I'll probably just buy my own. Emily decorated the house so she will be a great resource for sourcing antlers of my own. I really like how she put a frame around this pair in the living room. I'm gonna do that too. It's great to have creative friends. When we shot these pictures Mark told us to make a face like a deer. I went for, I guess, a KILLER DEER! and Em went for...Bambi? Either way, it works.


socal hospitality

Vintage hat blazer, Madewell shirt, Adam denim trousers, Charlotte Ronson platforms
Sometimes you are heading to Redondo Beach for a teeth cleaning and so much fun stuff happens. I was visiting a dentist who I found through Groupon and obviously I was scared; coupon and dentistry don't exactly go together like milk and cookies. Even without a coupon I've had dentists in New York that tried to fill cavities that I didn't even have. The guys at Dental Center of Redondo Beach were great and even told me not to fix my little crooked tooth because "flaws make people more beautiful" how awesome is that? Tacos seemed a good bet for lunch in Redondo and I found a place on Yelp with loads of good reviews but the name was a little weird for a Mexican joint. When we got to Wee man's chronic tacos I realized it was Wee-Man, as in the fearless little person from the Jackass movies. He makes a good taco and the skater guys working the counter were sweet and friendly. In fact, everyone in Redondo beach is so friendly that I thought I was in Texas. Will definitely be coming back to Redondo for more So-Cali hospitality.