zip it

Vintage boots and denim vest, JCREW jacket and tank, Nobody denim
I took a spin around JCREW at the Grove last week and entered the dressing room with no less then 20 items. I left the fitting room with three key pieces (pictured above) to move me into Spring. I got a fun moto-zippy cardigan, a skinny belt in pop-of-color-coral and a rust and white striped tank. I can think of countless ways to wear all three items and I only bought what I loved. The sales girl seemed shocked that I tried on so much and left with so little. Das cool. Three right pieces are WAY better than 500 WRONG pieces. Right? RIGHT!


holler back youngin'

Sharing is caring hence I had to scan in these images from the April/May Foam magazine and share them with you. I will be searching for a powder pink lipstick this weekend. Anyone have suggestions of a good shade?
Photos: Trevor King
Styling: Katrina Sheiles
Make-up: Charlie Kielty
Le Model: Zippora Seven


Happy Hippie Home

Images via ALEXANDRA ANGLE interior design
Drool over more of Alexandra and Eliot Angle's work here.


Malibu 4PM

Alexander Wang Sweater, necessary objects blazer, Converse sneakers, H&M shorts, LL Bean tote, Sector9 long board

One thing an East coast girl like myself has to give L.A. props for is that you can totes rock a sweatshirt and blazer on top and short shorts on the bottom here. There is not one day is NYC where this can EVER happen. You will either be freezing cold or sweating your balls off. So thanks LA for giving me the grand opportunity this past weekend. You make getting dressed so easy.


Film Friday

JCREW silk blouse and belt, Zara ballet flats
 I have recently become re-obsessed with this peachy silk blouse I got from JCREW a few years ago. I was there yesterday and saw a similar one, also super cute. We've recently become intrigued with shooting film. Anticipation is good; dropping the film off, waiting to see how the images look...no instant gratification. Hence, Film Fridays. Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Easter! After forty days of no red meat I am super excited for some In and Out burger this weekend.


I just want it all

 I've been a fan of Free People since I stepped into my first Urban Outfitters sometime in high school but they really knocked it out of the park with the new catalog featuring Sasha Pivovarova.



Ray Ban sunglasses, American Apparel swimsuit, Chuck Taylors, Necessary Objects blazer
 Weekend: Watermelon juice, coffee cake, Quinoa salad and fish tacos. A way too long drive out to the beach made better by actually being at the beach. Long boarding around a mostly empty parking lot and falling back in love with one piece swimsuits, skirts with Chuck Taylors and this blazer. I'm planning on wearing it a lot this Spring paired with various white staples. I've had the long hippie-ish skirt forever and I can never follow through with getting rid of it. Thankfully, some things are meant to be worn forever.


Just Right

 I was just about to shut my laptop for the weekend when I found these images and they were just way-to-Friday not to share. So bursting with inspiration...I am def gonna take my longboard for a spin in Venice this weekend. 
P.S. If you want to see some cute photos of the Matthew Williamson for Macy's party that I attended this week go HERE.

British Invasion

These are The Tricks, a British band that I saw play at a friend's BBQ last weekend. They are over for a few months to record their next album and they will be playing at Whiskey a Go Go on April 19. They had a great sound and were definitely one of the nicest bands I have had the pleasure of meeting. Check them out at The Whiskey if you are in town. Side note: The Tricks have great style. Isn't it funny how all British rockers dress the same no matter what decade they are from?
Side note #2: These photos were taken on film. Can you tell? I think they look richer and a bit more dreamy. Stay tuned for more film posts.


I Wish...

I was spending the weekend poolside at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs enjoying the live music and free haircuts (what?!) at their Desert Gold party. Here's to better planning for next year's Coachella. Sigh. Tear. Sigh.


In my room

Dittos high waist denim, Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent slip dress, Thrift flannel
China Chow said that if she can't think of at least three ways to wear something she won't buy it. This might be my new motto. For the past two months Mark and I have been living out of a single room. We have scaled down our belongings so that everything serves a purpose and I have been living (successfully!!) with such a restricted wardrobe I wonder if I even need any of the clothing I have in storage. I think that a "way to wear it" could be as wall art. Example being my suede-leopard Mayle bag hanging above.



If you read my blog you know that I am a super fan of Charlotte Ronson and have been for awhile. CR sample sales never disappoint. The merch is always hot and the prices are always low... like everything under $100 low. Unfortunately I'm gonna miss this one which is why I want all of you to go so that I can live vicariously through you, WA-HA-HA! If you have a major score send me a pic and I will post on ClotheshorseNYC with a link to your site.
Happy shopping:)
Insider tip: hit the shoe table first.


Malibu Mondays

Freeway Eyewear, JCREW bandeau
One amazing thing about being in SoCal is that several great beaches are just a short drive away. Last Monday our friend Pete (#1 beach rat) convinced us to take the day off and head to Zuma beach in Malibu. At first it was a hard sell but once we were there we realized there was no place else we'd rather be.


cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Freeway Eyewear, AE t-shirt, Dittos denim,  Devotte wedges

There is something innocent and hopeful about cool Spring air in the morning. My winter wardrobe of gray, cream and black suddenly felt way too serious so it seemed like a good day to pull out a neon stripe tee and some high-waist denim. American Eagle makes great, affordable t-shirts that I love to wear to yoga and the beach. I have been wearing this one everyday, I should really do like Oprah and buy back ups. Also, wearing my Devotte open toe wedges from last season that had to be traded in when the afternoon turned suddenly chilly. It's not Lemonade sippin' season just yet...