You and I know it's tha best side

ADAM silk button down, Levi's cut-offs, JCREW belt and brogues, Loeffler Randall clutch, Trina Turk shades
 We spent Tuesday on the west side of LA. I kept the clothing casual but smart. I love the juxtaposition of a creamy silk blouse and oxfords with shredded denim shorts. I found my favorite new restaurant; Gjelina in Venice. We had a late lunch of oysters, smoked trout salad, chorizo pizza and a cheese plate for dessert. It was my favorite cheese plate ever because in came with a real honeycomb! A meal like that enjoyed in the sunshine with a nice bottle of Sancerre is about all I need to be happy.



Happy Birthday Clotheshorse NYC!

The blog turned two yesterday. Above, some highlights from the year. xx.


Mother Of Pearl

Army surplus thermal, Alexander Wang bag, Intermix leggings
 My sister and I have been wearing pearls for as long as I can remember. I love the way that they make my tomboyish outfits just a little bit sweeter. I think we consider it a sort of "Alvarez signature accessory". Mark got me these from Tiffanys when we first started dating which adds to their sweetness. We snapped these shots quickly on the way to rehearsal last week. Trying to balance blogging with spending eight hours a day in Costa Mesa and as you've probably noticed, it's a challenge.
If you are in the L.A. area and love awesome theater or love me or love my sister please come see "Between Us Chickens" at SCR. The play was written by Sofia and is starring yours truly. It only runs for two weekends and is selling out quickly so get your tickets here 
It's sure to be a good time.



Tracy Feith for Target t-shirt, Levis cut-offs, Zara ballet flats

 Eight is my lucky number so when I found this shirt on Ebay I was pretty excited. It hasn't gotten much action in my wardrobe until recently but it is the perfect thing to wear on a lazy Sunday spent poolside. Saw Rango last night. The animation was amazing although I never lost myself in the story the way I like to. But is that Rango's problem or just the obsessive compulsive nature of my own mind?


Nerd Bird

JCREW brogues, Nobody denim, thrift flannel, Alexander Wang sweatshirt      

Loving nerd glasses again and I am dying for a fancy pair from Selima Optique. Also obsessed with orange nails and lips, sweatshirts layered over flannel and having your ankles and wrists be the only skin showing. I'm in NYC this week for an exciting last minute meeting (keep your fingers and toes crossed for me). I'm planning on seeing some theater and hanging with friends and family as well. I love that my Mom lives here now!