Winter Afternoons with RVCA

Thrift sweater, GAP leggings, Alexander Wang bag, Vintage hat

 We stopped by the RVCA on Fairfax this Saturday to hear Tijuana Panthers and Allah Las. Both bands were awesome and the event was totally free as was the beer. I had to chuckle to myself when the lead singer of Allah Las thanked everyone for coming out on "this blustery afternoon" since it was only 50 degrees. Ah, California. Check out the Panthers video below. They get me stoked for Summer.



Trina Turk sunglasses, Thrift store flannel, Abercrombie denim, Zara flats

Hello world! I'm feeling pretty good today. Musta been the In and Out burger that I had for lunch. Just a quick outfit post of what I wore to a commercial audition on Monday.  This is the awesome flannel that I thrifted this weekend in Big Bear. I want to wear it all the time. Denim tip: Abercrombie and Fitch makes great fitting and inexpensive jeans. Also sporting my trusty A Wang bag...worth every penny. I can't wait to visit his new store in Soho.
Alexander Wang NYC
I always feel comfortable in a feminine meets tomboy look. Hey, remember Tommy Girl perfume?? I totally wore that in high school. Still love the name. Do you remember the cologne or perfume that you wore in H.S.??
Have a great weekend everyone. I can't wait to veg out and watch the Oscars!


Senior Vintage

We went up to Big Bear this weekend and Emily had the great idea to check out the area's thrift stores. Sleepy little communities are some of my favorite places to thrift shop because everything is dirt cheap. I scored a classic red flannel shirt and some bright beaded necklaces. A good red flannel has become a "modern classic" i.e. wardrobe staple. I can't wait to dress it up and dress it down. In fact, I might be on my third day of wearing it this week...anything's possible.


One more day up in the canyon.

ADAM sweater, American Apparel men's tank, Frye boots
I'm all about investing in pieces that will last a lifetime. My Frye boots are a great example. I've had them for three years now and they just keep getting better with age. I'm hoping this sweater is another one. It is so cozy that I never want to take it off. Also, it doubles as a sort of jacket which is great for these chilly Hollywood nights. You may have noticed a change of scenery on this blog. We have had a great opportunity to try a different lifestyle in Los Angeles this Winter. Living my best life is all about mixing it up once in awhile, meeting new people and seeing new parts of the world. I definitely had a little resistance because I am so comfortable in New York but an older friend gave me some good advice and told me to try new things while I can i.e. before babies come into the picture. Thanks Josh! I am happy to report that some cool stuff has already started happening. I can't wait to show my readers some awesome things about living in L.A.


Toe Cleavage

Zara Ballet Flats

 I stepped out yesterday to buy some hair product that my friend Laura (another product junkie) recommended ages ago. It just so happened to be 50% off. Sephora also had my favorite scent in a very "purse friendly" roller ball version. I was feeling lucky. The luck of the shopping gods continued when I stepped into Zara and found these ultra chic ballet flats for $35 USD!!! You know how it is ladies, some days you just have it and some days you don't. My advice is not to force it when the shopping gods aren't with you and to go crazy when they are.
I also had my first UCB LA class last night and it was just as much fun as I remember. I think we have a great group. Needless to say, the shoes came with me to class.


L.A. lemons

Arugula and Orange Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Mr. Lemon himself

prepping the lemon vinaigrette

Dining alfresco

Basil lemonade

Lemon Meringue Pie
One thing that NY doesn't have? Fresh lemons in February. We decided to make a lemon theme dinner on Sunday night in honor of Ian's lemon tree which has just yielded fruit! The menu included Basil Lemonade, Arugula and Orange Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, Lemon Spaghetti and a delicious Lemon Meringue pie. My nails were also painted a very citrus hue (Mini Shorts by Essie).
I can't say enough about the ADAM cashmere hoodie I am wearing in the first photo. I recommend getting it for the man in your life and then stealing it as often as possible.


We will rock you


Rebecca Taylor

Tess Giberson

Cynthia Rowley
Some of my favorite looks so far from NY Fashion Week. I could see myself wearing all of these. Which do you like?


The Perfect Perfect.

Image Via Fashionising 

I just read an article with Lauren Bacall in this month's Vanity Fair. The article was interesting. She is so unapologetically blunt. What I loved even more than her candor were the old photos from her heyday in Hollywood. The outfit above is one the the most perfect I have seen in awhile. Speaking of perfect things...if you are in NYC this weekend join my friends Alia and Jackie as they launch their new vintage home furnishings business The Perfect Perfect this Saturday and Sunday at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. 70 N.7st between Wyeth and Kent.



 Sid doesn't seem to miss Brooklyn one bit.
 Mark and I have a suspicion that you sound like an A*&^hole when you ask for chopsticks at a Thai restaurant. Do they even use chopsticks in Thailand??? If you know the answer to this PLEASE leave a comment!
 This is what my closet here looks like. Apparently I am in a blue period:) I sort of like having a limited wardrobe. I may just give this a go and get rid of even more stuff. Yay Shop Horse!
 This is how I would cut my hair if I had any balls what-so-ever.
This is the fantastic Anja who does my highlights seen HERE. I heart her.

So I'm in L.A. and have only an I-Phone to keep me warm take photos with. I can't wait for Mark to get here so we can take some kick ass pics in a brand spanking new WARM! environment. I thought I would post these just so you can see what I am up/ not think I became addicted to crystal meth and stopped blogging. I have some exciting news about a project I am doing here in L.A. that I should be able to announce soon.


Introducing SHOP HORSE!!

Exciting news. I am launching a sister shopping site where I will be selling pieces featured on this blog.  First up for grabs is this awesome rocker meets hippie boho hat. 


Lights. Camera. Action!







(GAP blouse, Charlotte Ronson skirt, Dolce Vita booties)

In this, the most miserable of New York Winters, one must be creative when one is forced to take pictures indoors. Don't worry. I'm headed to Cali on Sunday and will once again have beautiful scenery in my shots. Not that NY Winter isn't beautiful, it is, in it's own way. I just don't want to be outside for longer than five seconds at a time. If you have a bad ass piece like a leather lace up skirt try pairing it with something super girly like this sheer floral blouse. Add tights and ankle booties and you are ready to roll almost anywhere.