Haute Hippie


I spent the weekend doing yoga, listening to my new Ravi Shankar Pandora station and coming up with new juicing combos. I discovered a very light and refreshing mix of Celery, Cucumber, Ginger and Clementines that I highly recommend. I'm also planning a devilishly good escape from New York City Winter and took time out from being a total hippie to attend the premiere of Brick City on the Sundance network.Then we went to El Quixote next to the Chelsea Hotel (one of my favorite spots in the city). Then I might have stayed out dancing until 2:30 am.


Are You As Lazy As I Am?

Buy Yes To Cucumbers Here

What happens when I have watched three episodes of The Wire in a row with a full face of make-up on and am now falling asleep on the sofa?  "Say Yes To Cucumbers" facial towelettes that's what. Voila! Make-up removed! They are non-drying and seem to have some sort of moisturizer built in. One bummer; they leave a bit of film so I wouldn't recommend using in place of face wash every night but a few times a week when your feeling sleepy is fine.
Sometimes happiness is laziness.


Shearling Chic

ADAM shearling jacket
What happens when your wool knee highs get holes in the toesies? Cut off the sock part and make arm warmers! I love when DIY projects actually turn out successfully. You know the way that some girls are "shoe addicts" well I'm a bit of a "coat addict". I said COAT, jeez, get your minds out of the gutter! This cropped shearling number is the latest addition to my collection. It's surprisingly warm and I think there is one of these bad boys left in the ADAM store here in New York. Mention Clotheshorse NYC to get a 70% discount on all Fall, Winter and Holiday merchandise.
P.S. My juicer is a Breville Juice Fountain. Haircare post coming soon...


Just Say AHHH

Caneel Bay St.John via the Caneel Bay website

I just got back from St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We stayed at Caneel Bay, an amazing resort founded by Laurence Rockefeller and dedicated to re-connecting people with their spiritual energy. Below are a few "A-HA" moments I wanted to share with you from the trip.

1. Me and Mom travel v.well together. That being said I should usually take my own advice when it comes to practical matters i.e. take your swimsuit in your carry-on so you can dip right away:) But I also want to be more open to taking suggestions from her on activities. I wish we had snorkeled again like she suggested!

2.W.O.S.= wide open spaces. This is what humans need to do our best thinking. Clear out the clutter! And next time you move try and make sure you have pretty pictures outside your window:)

3. I finally understand the concept of WellBeing. YAY! This revelation came to me on our last night when I was feeling quite wonderful. WELLBEING is...wait for it: simply feeling WELL in your BEING. Don't know about you but I feel like I have been trying to decode that riddle for awhile. It really doesn't matter how much yoga you practice, how much cleansing you do or how organic you eat if you do it in a manic, stressful way and are always being hard on yourself. Simply being connected to how WELL I feel inside my own mind and body is the secret.

4. Finally I need to go slow and take things one day at a time. If there is a big change I want to make I need to take the first step not focus on how hard the last one will be.


Juice Tripp

My brother got me a juicer as a wedding gift this Summer and let me tell you that it produces liquid gold! I am serious! It is so fun to play around with. We got grapefruit, we got kale, we got cucumber juice people! After I drink a glass I feel energized, sharp and I even stayed up way past my normal bedtime last night and then went to sleep feeling legit tired and not groggy. I seriously recommend adding a juicer to your home kitchen set up. Fresh juice is a great way to chase away those Winter blues. Ski goggles aren't totally necessary but definitely make it more fun. Bottoms up!


White Out

JCrew cords, Club Monaco sweater, ADAM shrug, Alexis Bittar jewelry, Loeffler Randall pumps

Pretty much every life coach and happiness guru out there agrees on one thing; to be happy and productive you can't have too much extra crap lying around! NYC life coach Marie Forleo video blogged about it last week and the New York Times got on the bandwagon by doing a piece this Sunday on Barbara Reich. For $450 Babs will come to your house and fill FOUR trash bags with stuff you simply couldn't part with on your own. Well, I can fill my own trash bags thank-you-very-much, but as I got my clutter colonic going Barbara's slogan "Clutter equals stress and stress equals clutter" played on loop throughout my head.
So far I have filled one donation bag and one "dump it" bag and the energizing effect is miraculous. I don't think I will miss a thing. Especially since we kept a little Christmas tree magic by wrapping a pipe with thick rope and lights:)

After the clutter colonic we had a crisp white stage for photographing my amazing, new, multi-purpose knit. I love that I can slip it over my shoulders like a shrug but it also does duty as an infinity scarf and apparently a knit skirt as well.


Everything In The Name Of Inspiration

The above photos are from our last cross country journey in June 09' and once again the open road has been a-callin'. Travel always gives me a big healthy dose of freedom and adventure and there is nothing quite as loosey goosey as getting up in the morning, having your coffee and only one goal for the day : DRIVE. After that trip I vowed to never again make the 3,000 mile trek in a Jeep Wrangler but time has softened my resolve.  If you haven't gone cross-country yet I highly recommend it. Artist Lisa Solberg's travel log on the FOAM blog solidified my desire to plan another American roadtrip sometime this year.


Land Shark

JCREW oxfords, ADAM wave skirt, Michael Stars tank, Vintage hat

Did I mention that I am super, super over-the-moon excited that it's a New Year? I don't know what has come over me but even the brisk New York weather and imminent snow isn't enough to get me down. Well O.k. I do have a bit of a sneaking suspicion about my rosy mood. For starters I got these awesome JCREW oxfords, that I have had my eye on for months, on sale for only $84. Marked down from $250 and available in my way average shoe size of 8 1/2. Ca-Ching! Then I found out today that I am going on an ALL expenses paid trip to St. John in the CARIBBEAN with my mom's work for a four day weekend. Ca-Ching! Talk about living my best life. If I believed in lotto I would be a-playin'! But spending three good American dollars on a "chance" to win? I would rather have something tangible in my hands...like a Latte.


One Amazing Thing

Fresh flowers are certainly part of my "Best Life" plan for 2011. This week it's Fuchsia Tulips. Somewhere along the way I acquired a Vintage dry cleaner's hanger. I hung it on the wall and now use it to display earrings and necklaces. Wood and Gold look so lovely together.


One.One.One.One. Sounds like a reset.

ADAM wrap dress, Aurelie Bidermann cuff bracelets
Get out. Do some Yoga. Have fun with the way you dress yourself and have a great year. My New Year's resolution is to adopt Oprah's slogan and "live my best life". I have an idea what this looks like and I promise to document it here. I hope that all my readers have some "dream come true" moments in 2011.