Crystal Waters

This Celestine crystal is a souvenir from my birthday weekend in Palm Springs. I may or may not have gotten a crystal healing that weekend while my husband looked on in horror. Literal horror. It took awhile so he was forced to browse in a crystal shop for a whole hour which makes me laugh just thinking about it. My crystal healing proves that even the most cynical East Coast girl can turn all new-agey when she moves to LA. I can't wait to buy a turban and where it un-ironically.

So it's official, I live in LA now but my blog is still called Clotheshorse NYC. Weird. NYC is sort of like an ex-husband to me, I gave him my youth and goddamnit I'm keeping his name!
But this means West Coast designers, showrooms etc I want to hear from you!
Also, YES! that is me mowing a cupcake on your television. If you haven't seen my chomp monster skills yet click HERE.