Feathers and Leathers

Vintage leather jacket, ADAM feather skirt, ADAM basic black tee
Some "closet gurus" say that if there is something in your closet that you haven't worn in a year you should toss it. I agree; if the item in question is a Baby Phat puffy jacket. Sometimes a good vintage piece takes awhile to wrap your head around. I have a Karl Lagerfield purple jacket from the 80's that I KNOW I will figure out how to wear someday! It took me awhile to figure out this biker jacket scored on EBAY last year. It's boxy so it looks best paired with something ultra feminine on the bottom. The ADAM white feather skirt is perfect. The two together= New Year's Eve in New York City. Done.


Where I Was From

Pinky Otto dress, Vintage Anne Klein riding boots, Vintage corduroy blazer

 My father owns four connected row houses in Baltimore filled with antiques, books, records, art and curiosities of all kinds including a chandelier filled with bubble lights and oil paintings of Johnny Winter on his kitchen cabinets. As a kid going to dad's house was a nightmare (no TV, only mustard in the fridge) but as an adult it's actually pretty cool. Now that I am older I have a lot of things earmarked for when I have a house of my own. Notably a framed photo of Janis Joplin and Johnny Winter performing together at Madison Square Garden. 
These Vintage Anne Klein boots have been a staple of my wardrobe for about five years. Pretty good for $40 bucks at a thrift store. The navy blazer is a recent addition but is working in heavy rotation. The dress is borrowed from my sister who borrowed it from a friend. Who knows why Dad has the amp from the "Eagle Rock Music Dept." but I like it.

P.S.If you look to the left in the top photo you might be able to spot an etching of my twelve year old self carved into the door.


Snowin' and a Glowin'

Cynthia Rowley dress, Adam cropped jacket, Alexis Bittar choker
Whew! Don't know about you but I have been on quite a bender of Holiday parties lately. My secret to surviving the craziness... enjoy every moment to the fullest and most importantly to never go overboard at any one party. Hangovers suck. On Saturday the hostess asked me to bake something. I made Annie's famous sugar cookies and they were a huge hit! Felt like wearing my Cynthia Rowley dress again (also seen here) but I switched it up a bit by adding a cropped jacket and a statement necklace from Alexis Bittar. Still unsure of what to wear to the big event which in my ItalienSpanishPolishCatholic house is Christmas Eve. I'm thinking chunky sweater and maxi skirt.


I've Got Love For You

Image via Studded Hearts via NO magazine #13

This morning I woke up with the 90210 theme song stuck in my head. I then tried to remember the one for Melrose Place. All I could come up with is that it was somehow more mellow and dangerous sounding than 90210's. I guess I was feeling inspired by THIS and wondering why I have such nostalgia for the 90's. Possibly because it's the last time I can remember not having to forage my own food (she says as she digs her hand deeper in the bag of Munchies mix).  Also the last time I could confidently pick up a bag of chips and a candy bar and call it a meal. Ahhhh, childhood.


A Warm Home

 Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite like a Christmas tree. This year I made homemade ornaments using Vintage Christmas cards found on EBAY. The cards feature illustrations of Paris street scenes on the front and holiday greetings en francais on the inside. A bit odd since the box claims they were made in Western Germany. Oh well! To turn the little suckers into ornaments I simply used a hole punch in the upper left hand corner and then threaded through some ribbon that I always have around. I can never bear to throw ribbon away! It's so beautiful and I always find a good use for it.


Justification Station

Here is a little story, a true story, K? After you are done reading please leave a comment and let me know your verdict so I can win a debate with Mark. 

At an audition today the casting director was wearing a pair of these clogs by No.6 that I have been lusting after.
I complemented her on them and she said she had just purchased them and that they were so, so, so very comfortable. She also rolled down the top so I could feel the super soft shearling inside. Divine. She told me where I could buy them. I lamented that I could not afford the $400 price tag but assured her that if I booked this job I would definitely get them :)
As soon as I left the audition I checked my Blackberry and saw that I had an email from none other than Gwyneth Paltrow (or whoever writes that GOOP newsletter) saying that she was freezing her ass off (oh Gwyneth, how naughty!) and if I was ALSO freezing my ass off SHE urged ME to buy.... the VERY SAME BOOTS! Now, I thought, that is a coincidence! Surely if four hundred and twenty dollars were to fall from the sky I would definitely rush to No.6 and buy the damn boots!
As I got off the G train I decided to finally mail my grandmother's birthday card (so sweet, I know) and check my P.O. Box. The mail box of course housed that old albatross around my neck The New Yorker (an albatross because I can NEVER finish it in a week) but what was hidden beneath the magazine you ask??? An UNEXPECTED check from my agents in the amount of four hundred and twenty three dollars and ninety six cents exactly. "Thank you universe" I exclaimed as I bounced home. "I asked and you gave!" Now it seems written in the stars for me to have these booties since God practically put them on hold for me. What do you think? Make God happy and buy the boots? Or make husband happy and put the money in savings?


Shopping party at Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley sunglasses and dress, Vintage fur

Hot pink roses

My favorite FOAM sent some magazines for party goers

Cynthia is a surfer too and she makes the BEST sunglasses. I'm hoping Mark surprises me with the pink ones I'm wearing in the first photo.

Me and Cynthia

Michelle Bossy loves champagne and shopping!

My beautiful mother and sister

New mommy Taided was glowing. She loved her FOAM mag so much that she didn't notice when someone swiped her purse on the train ride home!

Some of my foxy friends in Cynthia's designs

We raffled off a gift bag. I still don't know who won it!

I want to go back for these.


Oh, you old phone you!

Something I love...old phones. Something glamorous and rare...a land line. I was delighted today when I found an old milk colored phone hanging discreetly in Michelle's kitchen. I immediately exclaimed "Oh, I want to call someone!" But alas, who did I really care to call locally and whose number did I know off the top of my head?? Instead, I picked up the phone and held it's substantial weight in my hand. I brought the receiver to my ear and for the first time in a long time I heard my old friend the dial tone. Maybe I love land lines because they remind me of late night's spent talking to a boy. Your ear getting hot, cradling the phone between your chin and shoulder, hoping that Mom won't embarrass you by picking up. Or maybe I just like the feeling of something real in my hands. Something tied down. Something that I can't take with me wherever I go.