ADAM sweater, JCREW men's chambray, vintage Levis, Alexander Wang bag
I'm gonna be honest with you...I'm tired. I just got off work, I have an audition to work on and I am a single mother tonight to adorable little Sidney the Maltipoo. I'm also putting the finishing touches on my event at Cynthia Rowley later in the week. But on the bright side...I love the play that I am  auditioning for, I have two parties this week, the Holiday season is in full swing and life is pretty much great. Spin the positive:) This sweater has become my everyday friend because it is pretty much a long and luxurious glorified blanket. Mark said I looked like a little French boy in this outfit. I said "you probably like it".
Which brings me to a Frenchman I met this week who told me that his wife specifically "dresses to please him" that they are "not all about independence like us Americans". O-kay. What do you think ladies? Dress to please the man or dress to please ourselves? I think if you dress to please yourself you somehow end up pleasing more men in the process.



This Thanksgiving we hosted twelve people at our apartment including my Grandmother and Uncle who came up from Baltimore. I always want to make the environment as special as the food and I was excited to steal this idea from People magazine. I really love the informal chicness of the monochrome table arrangements and the butcher paper as tablecloth. Also the votive candles and flowers are low enough so that all guests can see each other. My mom still does the bird but I made delicious rosemary nuts as an appetizer and a Texas cornbread casserole. Find the nut recipe here.


Night Walker

Cynthia Rowley skirt and handbag, American Eagle sweater, Madewell scarf

 Gobble Gobble everyone. I am off to pick my Mom up to go Turkey shopping but before I bounce I thought I would post this super cozy look from a few days ago. I never wanted to wear a coat when I was young and now that I am a grown a@$ lady sometimes I still prefer a chunky sweater and gloves.
Taking Sid for his nightly walk around the block feels a lot more glamorous when I'm not in my UGGS. I have really been feeling long skirts and dresses this Fall. I can't get over how much warmer they are than jeans!  
Since it is Thanksgiving and I am feeling warm and fuzzy corny why don't you delight me by leaving something that you are thankful for in the comment box below. xx


So Many Engagements, So Much Love!

In case you haven't heard my favorite celebrity couple is getting hitched; Jen Brill and Terry Richardson. Why are they my favorite celebrity couple you might ask? Mostly because she is adorable and has great style and doesn't seem uptight and he fuses pornography with art in a very American way. They are a major high-low mix which for me, always does the trick. So Cheers Terry and Jen. 
The only thing cooler than a hipster wedding has to be a Royal wedding! If you are wondering how I can have such enthusiasm for both...well, I'm a complicated lady. Another one of my favorite couples got engaged last week and lets get real, no matter how cool J&T, are their wedding will not be considered a national holiday like Kate and Willies. I mean Kate Middleton is the luckiest girl right? People in England are already getting busy painting her face onto commemorative plates! I just love it when a couple sticks it out the way these two did.  
In local engagement news one of my favorite NYC casting directors Kelly Gillespie was engaged this week to fellow MTC'er Alex Barron and I am so happy for them! 
Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! All you need is love!


Something Special: Clotheshorse NYC + Cynthia Rowley

Dear Readers,
Some of you I know and some of you I don't. No matter, I still would like us all to get dressed up this Holiday season and have some drinks! Cynthia Rowley and I will be hosting a fantastic shopping party together December 2 from 6-8. There will be cocktails, discounted merch and maybe even a prize or two. If you are in the NYC area and would like to be added to the guest list please leave your email in the comment box below (just to make it interesting tell me your favorite Christmas Carol too.) Happy Holidays!


Cherry Pie

 Cynthia Rowley dress, Cherry Pie from Kelloggs diner in Williamsburg

 Putting on a party dress can change your whole outlook on life. Like the gray day last week when I got dressed up to go eat at our local diner. I definitely stood out in the sea of androgynous hipsters in hoodies and denim. This dress feels extra girly because of the feathers and lace.
The cherry pie wasn't great but it was still pie and some pie is always better than no pie.


Navigating Neutral

Zara coat, Vintage hat, Anthropologie tank dress

I think that I am just now figuring out how to dress for cooler weather. Layers are key as are fun coats and accessories because unfortunately, that is all most people ever see of you in Winter. Also, let me say this. I think the worst giveaway of an outfit is a handbag. It is really the only thing you cannot afford to skimp on if you are wanting to look pulled together. I'm not saying go out and get some ridiculous giant Prada emblazoned nonsense. Vintage can work great. Just don't buy your handbag at Marshalls. How the heck did I get on that tangent when I'm not even sporting a handbag in these photos...oh yeah Winter! The best part about getting a hat or a coat or a purse that you really love for Winter is that you almost look forward to bundling up. That is how I feel everytime I put on this striped, swing coat number. It's originally from Zara but I got it at Beacon's closet so I'm guessing it is from last season. The best part...I traded it in for four jackets that I never wear that were taking up valuable space in my eensy weensy New York closet. 
Beacon's closet is amazing, it combines my two favorite things; getting rid of stuff I don't want and "acquiring new things" (a civilized way to say shopping.)
My Mom gave me this awesome hat. It originally had a weird veil on the front but I fixed that quickly with a pair of kitchen scissors. As far as the tank dress, it's become a bit of a uniform. Seriously. I defy anyone to order it and then try to take it off. Especially because it is surprisingly warm with tights underneath. I am going to get it in black as well. Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far!


Freshen Ya Drink Govner'

Menswear P.j.'s with contrast piping and Kate's face circa the late 90's. It don't get no betta.


From Brooklyn With Love

Vintage Fur Coat, Cynthia Rowley ribbon skirt, Anthropologie tank dress

1. Fur:vintage aka someone else already bought it so no cruelty on my part.  
2. Layered skirts with tights underneath. So much warmer than denim and so much more festive!
3. Hats. Enough said.
4.Vacas in the Caribbean
5.Husbands and puppies.


Hit List/ Insta-Sofia Loren

I am a self professed product junkie. Whenever I sit down in the make-up chair I am always annoying the man or woman attempting to do their job by asking, "Ohhh, what is the best mascara, foundation, eye-shadow, you-name-it". Here are two of my recent discoveries.
If you are looking for a liquid liner this Holiday season and let's be honest, who isn't, I highly recommend MAC's version. The tube seems to be bottomless, a huge plus since it makes me feel lucky everyday that it doesn't run out. In L.A. I finally embraced L'OREAL Elnett hairspray. Lest you waste as much time as I did using other inferior sprays, take my word...it lives up to it's rep as the best out there.
 Swipe on a bright lipstick (I like Maybelline "Bit Of Berry") and feel as festive as a Christmas tree.


Party On

Decorating is my favorite aspect of party planning. I am a big foodie but usually prefer to eat what others have prepared:) I recently threw my friend Taided a baby shower and was thrilled to find these homemade Papel Picados in the Aj Mujer Etsy store. Yreina will custom make these amazing tissue paper banners for any occasion. The sweetheart ones below are perfect for a casual wedding or engagement party. After the shower I gave a strand of the "Baby Mama" to the new parents to hang above little one's crib. Such a sweet welcome to the world.


Mem, Myself and I

American Apparel t-shirt dress, Vintage Anne Klein boots, Madewell tights
I love hotels because they provide an elixir to the hum drummery of everyday life and it is so easy to slip into a different skin for awhile. These photos were taken on a recent stay at L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills. I love getting dressed in LA. Its never too hot or too cold so you can pretty much wear whatever you like all the time. I'm really favoring neutral colors and a creamy red lip these days. Very simple ways to feel pulled together and chic. Also loving these Vintage boots and my Alexander Wang sweatshirt which is apparently worth its weight in gold.
P.S. My nickname has always been Mem or Meme or often Memes. Hence the joke title of this post. Yes, Mark, you are very witty;)