L.A. Lady

 I took a picture to show off new highlights done by my girl Anja Burton from Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills. Mark could probably explain how the light in my bedroom became so damn ethereal but I have no idea. Anja basically invented the "lighter at the tips" trend that everyone is trying to emulate these days and she is so good that I stopped getting color done in New York because I would always leave the salon thinking "Man, no one does it like Anja."  I am really enjoying visiting with all my wonderful friends here including Aya who took us to the most delicious meal in Thai Town last night. I also visited her on the set of "Mixed Signals" today, a new t.v. show that she is starring in. The show is very funny and she no I'm not biased! is the best part:) I apply sunscreen often in a vain attempt to not age 50 years while I am here. How do you Californians do it?? Everyone knows I LOVE the sun but this is ridiculous!


Bedford L Train

I saw this girl on the train and I wanted to remember her outfit. The jacket was a nubby wool in Army green but alas, I did not have any Army in my colored pencil box nor "nubby" so it wound up looking like a Forest green blob.
Third day in California. The sun is so bright it is impossible to sleep in. Which for me, may be a good thing.


Street Chic

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik
Even as a Fashion Blogger I still get excited when someone gives me props on an outfit. So I was stoked to have Daniel,from ELLE, stop me the other day for a quick picture as I was rushing to the theater.
I have been waiting patiently for my photo to go up on the website (AKA checking everyday, who? me?) and as a bonus I get to see other fashionable New York ladies and their interpretations of current trends. It has become my go-to website if I am feeling uninspired while getting dressed in the morning. See for youself here. Thanks again Daniel!
On a side note I wore this jumpsuit to fly to Los Angeles this morning, and I am happy to report it earns another point for "super comfy travel wear." Seriously must be the best money I ever spent.




Featuring "Headache" by Girls.                                               


Psycho Hosiery

Madewell socks and tights, Club Monaco sweater, Candy Shop Vintage clutch
I bought a pair of leather shorts from Zara a few weeks ago and they came with a leather belt. Couldn't rip it off fast enough. Tossed it in a box with all my hats and scarves and pretty much said "forget you." Until this weekend I came across it again and threw it on a pair of denim cut-offs just for shits and giggles.... And it was magical. Do you agree? I am similarly obsessed with tights these days. Tights with tea dresses, tights with shorts, tights, tights, tights! I need at least 3 more pairs to get me through the brisk weather.


Art Contest



One of my favorite Bloggers, Jane Aldridge, is hosting an art contest on her blog this month. I so rarely give myself the freedom to waste spend time drawing even though I really enjoy it. This contest seemed like the perfect excuse to indulge. To enter visit www.seaofshoes.com


Flower Child GIVEAWAY

Belgian shoes, GAP riding pants, Candy Shop Vintage necklace

This weekend was great. Relaxing and fun and full of old friends. Oh, and I met Terry Richardson. Sorry, couldn't hold that in. He was very sweet and friendly even though I was oddly star-struck and sort of a flurry of words and praise. That was Saturday night. Sunday was spent at a horse farm in Westchester. I could make a lot of terrible jokes about "clothes-horsing around" but I will spare you. We were there to celebrate a friend's birthday and another friend Deirdre, who owns Candy Shop Vintage jewelry amazingly gave me this white enamel daisy necklace to GIVEAWAY to one of you LUCKY readers this week! I love this necklace so much. Click on the photos to enlarge and see the little daisy in all his glory. In addition to wearing jewelry I like using it to randomly decorate around the house and this little guy has found a very cozy spot above the desk in my office. Daisies are also my favorite flower because they truly are the happiest (remember Meg Ryan said this in"You've Got Mail") and this necklace is so so rad, I will be very sad to see it go. Sigh. 
All you have to do to be entered in the contest is 
1.Follow this blog publicly via the Google friend follower to your left (just click "connect with google friend connect" and then click "become a public follower") 
2.Leave a comment below saying what your favorite flower is and your email address.
3.Contest ends Friday 10/15. Winner will be contacted via email for shipping info and winner will be announced in this post Monday 10/18.
Good luck and may the best Flower Child win:)


Get What You Give=Free Fashion Advice All Month Long

I was inspired by an article written my friend Marie Forleo on her BLOG this week. In the article Marie talks about the joy she felt when she was able to present a $7000.00 check to one of her favorite Women's charities, GirlUp. Click on the link above to see a video of Marie presenting the check (it's v.sweet how mushy she gets) This video got me thinking about giving in general. I have always thought that one of the perks of being successful would be the ability to give back, giveaway and help others. I greatly look forward to the day when I will be able to help out with a generous cash donation:) 
For now, I thought I could start on a decidedly smaller scale. This month I will be "giving away" answers to your questions about Fall Fashion. It could be as simple as "Do you have a great Fall coat suggestion" or "What nail colors do you like for Fall"? but I really want to hear what you guys are curious about so please ask away! I need you to help me get my good karma flowing:) If you don't have any questions that's cool too. You can also leave a comment if you have a great idea about giving back in your community. 
I would love to hear any suggestions. Big or small. xx


Some Other Beginning's End

Alexandra Cassaniti Swim

Freeway Eyewear

You know when you have the feeling that things are going to change? I've suddenly become nostalgic for the way things once were even though nothing is really different yet. It's an odd sensation. Maybe it's the beginning of Fall. The weather in NYC has been this perfectly brisk sunshine combo alternating with gray cool mistiness. Sort of a nice change of pace from the steam heat we experienced this Summer. Above is the last batch from our Montauk series. Waves seemed like a good note to end on. As in seeing what the next one brings.


The Preppy Monster

JCREW vest, ZARA top, boyfriend's LEVI'S,vintage scarf worn as belt, RAY BAN sunnies

Sometimes I get an attack of the Preppy Monster. It usually happens around the beginning of Fall and Winter, sort of like SeasonalAffectiveDisorder. The symptoms include a desire to wear a puffy vest or Patagonia and flip flops as the leaves fall. Also to plan a trip to Boston and re-visit my Dave Matthews albums (but let's be honest, this can happen anytime.)
I usually try to fight the Preppy Monster but fighting him does no good. He is too powerful. An attack usually lasts a few days and it's best to just give in, even better in a hammock.