My friend Eric introduced me to these. I think they are a happy alternative to the ballet flat, really comfortable and great for Sundays and flying. They come with really squishy soles and I was told to wear them until they formed to my feet and then bring them back to have proper tread soles put on them. Crazy!
I overheard a good question the other day... Who is going to invent this decade's mini skirt? Thoughts?


Know Your Dreams

Philippe Petit in Man On Wire
 Even though Mark and I have no children and no 9-5 jobs we still feel like we should get to bed before midnight. Last night we broke the rules, ate chocolate at 10pm and stayed up late watching Man On Wire; a truly mind blowing movie. If you haven't seen it, it's about a guy, Philippe Petit who TIGHT ROPE WALKS in between the WORLD TRADE CENTERS!!! 
Don't even get me started, just thinking of this was making my stomach do somersaults but now I can't STOP thinking about it. I somehow feel better knowing that I live in a world where someone did this.
Bonus: I slept great. Which makes me think I should watch, read, listen to someone attempting the impossible before bed every night.


Here Comes The Bride

I am honored to be a bridesmaid in my friend Denise's wedding next Summer. In a truly generous gesture she is letting us pick out our own dresses. One catch, she gets to pick the color. I was assigned Royal Blue. This weekend I came across this photo of me when I was flower girl in my cousin Michelle's wedding. I half wondered if I still have this dress somewhere and if I could alter it in some really cool way. Then I remembered I was 5 in this photo, so no, probably not.


Reach Out Your Hand

(Vintage hat, Alexandra Cassaniti bikini,  Hyden Yoo boyfriend sweater, BDG white skinnies)

This post features one of my very favorite accessories... a glass of Champs. Don't judge, two is my limit. Unless I'm dancing on a banquette, in which case, I don't have a limit :) Do ya'll remember a few months ago when I wrote my list of things I wanted? Well I just looked back at it and a few things came true so I thought I would do a FALL list. Mmm-kay here goes...

1) Have Garance Dore stop me on the street (she lives in New York now people!) and take my photo. I have a serious blogger to blogger crush on that lady.
2) Book a role on Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire (or any show that has amazing period costumes from the 20th century.)
4) Star in a play on Broadway.
5) Go to Italy this year (I've never been)
6) Have one of MY favorite Bloggers add ME to their Blog roll.
7) Still working on that healthy savings account!
8) Live in Montauk next summer and become the surfing goddess I am meant to be.

 If you feel inclined write a wish of yours in the comment box below or on your own blogs or just on an old fashioned piece of paper ( I think it works better when you share it with other people though)
I love it when I ask the universe for something and then realize I got it!
p.s. These photos were shot last weekend at the beautiful Sole East resort in Montauk, LI :)


Neoprene Daydream

(Alexandra Cassaniti suit, Alexander Wang sweater-shirt, L.L.Bean tote bag

 I love a beach town in the off season. In that spirit we spent the weekend in Montauk at Sole East resort as guests of Dave and Cindi Ceva. The season isn't totally off but the beaches were mellow and there was a relaxed vibe at all of the places that would normally be way crowded.
I packed neoprene swimwear by Alexandra Cassaniti, old Levi cut-offs and loads of bracelets. 
The bikini tops I brought were not only reversible but also doubled as the perfect bra! I love it when you can see a bit of bra peek out. I guess this is the Carrie Bradshaw in me. I just think if I have to wear the stupid things they should be as festive as the rest of the ensemble. 
I hope you guys don't get tired of the beach (I never do) I think this week will be dedicated to the end of Summer. I know, I know... I said that two weeks ago! But lets luxuriate in the last Sunny days! 
If you take this ride with me to the very end of the season then I *promise* to deliver the cold weather goods soon.


Love On Earth

Revelers outside of Mollusk Surf shop.

Me and Dom enjoying Tecate in a paper bag. The best way. 

Rainbow Connection.

FOAM mag, our lovely sponsors for the evening.

Mark: Hard Body

Me and Dom: Hard Bodies

This black jumpsuit is becoming an excellent canvas for layering. And I fully want to wear this Alexander Wang sweatshirt with everything... expect to be seeing it a lot around these parts. I love it because it manages to be just a sweatshirt and so much more all at once. Dom referenced it as a "sweater" I believe.
They got it all right at the Love On Earth party last night.
As Cindy Campbell says (via Annie Campbell) "people just want to be invited." So keep it simple. And they did. Drink: Tecate. Food: from the grill and on a bun. Beach Fossils played in the basement but we were too busy hanging on the deck enjoying the endless of Summer air.


Who's That Peepin In My Window

For me one of the most brilliant thing about having a MAC is the Photo Booth program. Maybe PC's have this too and I am just a dumb ass (but I sort of don't think so)
I use Photo Booth to asses outfits (so much better than a mirror) and also to record audition material to play back and watch at home to make sure I am on the right track. 
This photo was taken last Friday, Fashion's Night Out here in NYC. I had been wanting to wear this leopard silk shirt so bad but every time I put it on this summer I would start sweating profusely like a whore in church.  Friday was cool enough for me to throw my white blazer on top and still wear denim cut-offs on the bottom. This sort of pleasantly comfortable weather is very rare for us NY'ers. We are usually sweating our faces off or freezing our buns so I take any opportunity to wear bare legs and covered arms very seriously and always capitalize on it.


ADAM Spring/Summer 2011

 I went to my first real fashion show this weekend. I was an actual guest with an actual seat with my name actually on it. At the risk of sounding nerdy, it was super cool. It reminded me of the theater; the lights, the dramatic music (quite good) the costumes, the energy. I am starting to think that my two passions have more in common than I ever realized.
The show did not disappoint. I am already envisioning an excuse to buy the backless number featured above and the red high-waisted denim. Adam does red in such a wonderfully chic way. I'll probably also want one of the shrunken jackets that I didn't get a photo of. They were layered over long cotton dresses in the most effortless way. I'm already looking forward to next Spring and hair piled high atop the head.
Although Fall is feeling quite good right now.


Under The Tents

(ADAM skirt, Dolce Vita booties, Loeffler Randall clutch)
Here is my new Fall haircut outside of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My head feels about 10 lbs lighter with all that old summer hair gone. I'm really feeling the bangs right now. Sometimes I regret it as soon as I cut them.
I have had this denim shirt for so long, since freshman year of college I think. I would prefer not to reveal it's origin Mavi. Since it has gone in and out of style more than once it's earned it's rep as wardrobe classic and will be sticking around until it frays at the seams. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Foam Magazine

 My hubby got me a subscription to Foam Magazine for my B-day last month. It would seem to incorporate all my interests; travel, surfing/beaching, fashion and music. One problem...it hasn't arrived yet! 
I am PATIENTLY waiting for my first issue and I am checking the mailbox EVERYDAY. In the mean and in between time I have been grooving (yes, I just said grooving) to their Fall mix which is awesome and available for your little ears to listen to
Check it out and ENJOY!
P.S. Happy Jewish New Year:)


If you are not here, you are nowhere

(Charlotte Ronson romper, JCREW cardigan, Banana Republic sandals, Alexander Wang bag, Freeway Eyewear)

Breakin' out the romper One.Last.Time.
Took a spin around Zara today. So much great stuff for Fall. Hoping to buy lots of it very soon.


My Fall Picks From Jcrew

Cocoon Concerto coat
Men's Anchorage sweater
Flannery platform ankle boots
Charlize vest
Herringbone boy shirt
Wool zip Minnie pant

I love me a cocoon coat. There is something so chic about wrapping yourself in something large to keep warm in the cold weather.
I am also a huge fan of ponchos but I am still hunting for the perfect one; not too small but not so big that it looks like Halloween come early. 
Also a big fan of a chunky white Fisherman's sweater paired with some slim black pants or leggings. 
I would probably layer the Charlize vest over the plaid button down. 
Platform ankle boots are my favorite thing again this year but it needs to cool off a little before I can pull out my Charlotte Ronson ones from last year. 
The thing I like most about the above pieces; throw in an A-line mini and a few tanks and you have a weekend's worth of outfits.
Perfect for a Fall getaway.


It Doesn't Have To Be A Buzzkill

(American Apparel culottes and tank, Fred Flare blazer, Devotte wedges)
Can you see my nail color in the above photo? It's OPI Boris and Natasha. I don't know what's better, the color or the name.
Staying in town during a holiday weekend is great because the city clears out and you have the place all to yourself to get into all sorts of trouble. Which for us meant eating Tibetan food, going to see a friends play and searching for abandoned parking lots to take pictures in. Also Pink Berry, a massage, a mani/pedi and yoga with my mom. I'm still in love with this white blazer that I bought in June (also here) and I am deeply saddened at the thought of retiring it for the Fall.


My Booty

After three days in a row of hitting the pool I started to get paranoid about wrinkled skin and sun spots so I decided to give myself the day off from being a "pool rat" as Kristin so succinctly put it.
I know kids, life is tough. What did I do instead of going to the pool you might ask?? Well, I CASHED IN. As I was searching frantically for my watercolors the other day I discovered a defective photo frame, still in it's case, that I had been meaning to return since last October! When I finally returned it today the lady was all "it's been 6 months, you get the sale price" and I was all "I'll take it"!
I then proceeded to exchange that worthless piece of junk for
  • A lovely set of wooden spatulas and spoons
  • A little doo-dad that allows me to brew exactly one cup of Yerba Matte so that I don't have to use the french press/ wash the french press every morning.
  • And a pastry brush. Which seems to be one of those things that we are always like "man, we could REALLY use a pastry brush". No specific incidents are coming to mind as I type this.
Then I marched myself over to West Elm where I redeemed a $25 gift card they sent that was set to expire. At WE I scored a white lacquer box; perfect for storing my headshots and resumes. It is so much more beautiful than the cardboard box the headshots were being kept in, I can't even begin. I also got a tiny bud vase for the bathroom because I had to spend exactly the amount of their "gift". WEIRD.  But who Cares??
I feel like I won the freakin' lottery today. How is it that such small scores can bring me so much joy? I think it might be the combo platter of checking things off the to-do list and getting a prize for it.
Also it was about 100 degrees today so I cooled my heels in The Ace Hotel lobby and had an iced coffee. Which reminds me of another thing I need to cross of my to-do list, get dressed up and eat at their restaurant; The Breslin Room. I'm gonna pencil that in as a Fall date night right now.



Due to unexpected work (always a good thing) during the month of August, Mark and I were forced to postpone our summer vacations. Such is the life of a freelance artist. This week, in lieu of a proper August holiday, I have allowed myself the luxury of going to the pool everyday.
Having membership to a pool in the city is plenty luxurious and a schedule that is flexible enough to permit frequent visits is also a huge perk. An afternoon at the pool allows me to feel far away even when I am right in the thick of it. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without my little oasis.