The Romantics+Jcrew+Me

Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Rebecca Lawrence, Jeremy Strong
I assisted the menswear stylist for JCREW on this shoot for The Romantics, a new movie that is coming out in limited release on September 10.
So far as I can tell from the preview the movie perfectly depicts what it is like to be in your late twenties at a friend's wedding. During that tricky time in life when you thought you would have it all figured out. Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think. I also met Tom Cruise on this shoot. I know, pretty rad but as Mark pointed out, where do I go from here in the celebrity sightings catagory?


Huey, Dewy and Louie

(ADAM dress, ZARA sweater, A.WANG bag, DEVOTTE wedgies, CANDY SHOP cuff)
We trucked it to Baltimore this weekend for my cousin's wedding, which was lovely. Sometimes Bmore gets a bad rap but there are a lot of good things about my hometown such as fresh seafood and that fact that no one seems to be in a rush to get anywhere, ever. Also, when you run through the grass barefoot at midnight your feet still get wet with dew. I'm not sure NYC has dew. All the dew might have went away because people were too busy to use it. Frolicking in dewy grass is one of life's little pleasures that I had forgotten until this weekend. Try it if you haven't in awhile but make sure you are in a 60+ community where people go to bed early so that you can act a little sillier than usual. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of the awesome plastic, light up, palm tree that someone had on their front porch.


Take me by surprise, have me at hello.

(ADAM blouse, Planet Blue necklaces, Candy Shop Vintage cuff, Alexander Wang bag)
A return to the short short, over sized top look I chronicled here. The items above have been some major players lately. This Alexander Wang bag has become by constant companion. So versatile. I am definitely a believer in investing in a few good pieces each season and going budget on the rest. Next up I am looking to splurge on a Winter coat. Suggestions are being taken. Also pictured above is my new fav cuff bracelet that was sent to me by Candy Shop Vintage. Another bold stand alone piece.
Mark just got back from a business trip to LA where he was part of a team photographing a top secret celeb for Target. He came home bearing gifts i.e. every magazine that was in his hotel room at the Standard (hence the older issue of W) mini bath products and my personal fav...hotel pencils. I do love me a freshly sharpened pencil. Which reminds me, it's almost back to school time. What is on your to-do list for Fall?


Indian Wells Beach, East Hampton 2pm

I like skate boarding; long boarding to be precise.
I like the beach even when it is over cast.
I like striped shirts; short sleeve, long sleeve... no sleeve.
I like how when I am at the beach it doesn't feel like there is anything else I SHOULD be doing.
Cause normally I feel like that a lot.


Old Dog. New Tricks.

After a weekend in the country, where my dog Sidney behaved like a schizophrenic on leave from the institution, I realized it was time to re-visit his doggie training. Sid is two years old and his training effectively stopped when he learned to use the outside toilet. I thought I was going to have to enlist the help of a professional. Luckily my friend Ryan came to stay with us this weekend and he gave me a few lessons in calm, assertive energy. 
1) Always walk your dog on the same side of you, so that they learn where they belong.
2) Stop at streets and make your dog sit. Then step out and make sure the coast is clear. This is so that puppy sees you have his back and he don't need to worry so much!
3) If your puppy pulls on his leash walk him up and down along a wall so that he has nowhere to go and so he learns to walk straight. 
4)Never let your puppy go in the door before you do.

Because Sidney only weighs 12 Lbs and often resembles a live-action teddy bear, I sometimes forget that he is a doggie and wants me to be his master. I am starting to find something Zen in the art of training him. Patience has never been my middle name. Maybe by teaching Sid proper puppy behavior, I will teach myself a thing or two as well.


Cynthia Rowley Resort 2011

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is right around the corner. I know I should be thinking sweaters and scarves but I can't help but dream of my next beach vacation. These looks from Cynthia Rowley's upcoming resort collection aren't helping matters any. I am totally in love with the above pink dress look. Or the white one below. If I had gotten married at a court house in Palm Springs this would have been my dress. Even though I did the real wedding (almost a year ago) I still have this fantasy of the casual "we just decided to get married one day and this is what I wore..." Maybe I will get to act out this scenario in a movie someday! There is hope.
No matter my personal preferences it will be getting chilly soon enough so I will order the above blue/cream sweater and extra large purse tassel and call it a day.


Stay In The Sweet Spot

(Romper and Tank, Charlotte Ronson; Necklaces, Planet Blue)
Sorry for staying away longer than usual but my play opened in NYC on Sunday night and getting it to fruition was taking up all my creative energies.
After opening night (and after too many opening night libations) we drove down to visit our friends in the Hamptons for a few days of relaxation before performances resume.
How amazing was this Sunset? 
Sort of like God saying "Thanks for all your hard work, kid". There is no place I feel more at home than at the beach.


Sign Of The Times

(photos by Mark Champion)
We did a photo shoot last month for Candy Shop Vintage jewelry.
All of the photos were amazingly taken in our very own apartment. We had grand plans to do some outdoor shots but it was so humid and sweltering that day we just said F it.
Five hours and one bottle of Sparkling cider later...voila!
Mark did a pretty rad job on these, don't ya think?

To shop the beautiful baubles of Candy Shop click HERE.
To read a Q&A with Candy Shop cutie Deirdre Zahl and to see more photos click HERE.
P.S. my show at the NY Fringe Festival, "South Beach Rapture" opens this week. If you are in the New York area and would like to come see it tickets are available online HERE.


Rockaway Beach 5pm

There are some really great beaches close to New York City, this summer seems to be all about finding them.
I've said it before, I am an equal opportunity beach bum. 
Having a car makes excursions like this one all the more fun. Pack up the Little Playmate (aka cooler) and hit the road.
Oh, and grab a milkshake to share on the drive back home.


Times Square 10AM

(Vintage dress, Alexander Wang bag, K-Jacques sandals)
So this is the dress I was telling you about. The one that came with the cute pink suit jacket? I wore it to lunch with my mother and sister and it did get a few reactions. For example, "Amelia, so lady-like!"
It's true, I did feel very lady like. I sort of love it paired with my new Alex Wang bag and my go-to K-Jacques. Those accessories really bring this classic dress into the twenty first century.


Wanna Take A Ride?

(Freeway Eyewear, TopShop necklace, American Eagle tank, vintage denim, Calypso bag)
Took a break from memorizing lines to get some tacos and ceviche at our favorite Mexican spot, Mesa Coyoacan.
Thinking of adding a yummy NYC restaurant list on my blog since I seem to spend a lot of time enjoying the culinary arts. Would that be helpful to anyone?

Remember These Nails

Let's Go Mets from Amelia Jean Alvarez on Vimeo.


Heart Of Gold

(Forever 21 Oui Oui t-shirt, Adam denim trouser pants, Vintage Chain belt worn as necklace)

A pre-audition lunch with the husband at Bakeri in Williamsburg. I love Focaccia bread, more bang for your buck when the filler is simply avocado and tomato. The vegetarian thing isn't really working out for me so I guess I am just trying to be "meat light" while respecting my bodies cravings. One thing we have accomplished in the health dept is switching to whole wheat pasta. Go us.
Pretty impressive when you consider that when we first started dating a trip to the grocery store consisted of Hot pockets, hot dogs and the fixings for a week of grilled cheeses.
This last photo is what happens when I get tired of smiling and/or looking all hard stare into the camera. I think these photos sometimes come out way better.
Missing yoga this morning cause I slipped off these wedge heels yesterday and now I'm limping;(
Luckily Mark makes a good Lawrence Nightengale.
Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


Take Me 2 Tokyo

(JCREW Thomas Mason button down, ADAM chiffon wave skirt, JCREW belt, KJacques sandals)

 Lately I've been dying to get on a plane and fly somewhere, preferably somewhere outside the continental U.S. 
Mark has been wanting to check out Tokyo for awhile now and I think I have finally caught the bug, although the uber-long plane ride is quite intimidating...we'll see but definitely wanting to go somewhere fun sometime soon.
My mom moved to NYC this weekend and my brother was in town for his birthday (Happy Birthday Jake!!) and also to perform in the Del Close Marathon at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Musings from my super family oriented weekend...Sometimes an ice cream cone hits the spot WAY more than a margarita. Sometimes even if you want to be a pesca-tarian, your body wants a steak. Mayo and ketchup are always a match made in french fry heaven and Rockaway beach is worth the trip at 4pm on a Friday especially if your sister made homemade chicken salad on potato bread. Love me some potato bread! All in all, the weekend was pretty relaxing and I feel well equipped to start another great week!