Feeling DREW in the 90's

There was a photo shoot in Seventeen magazine. It involved Jamie Walters, polka dots and one awesome pair of Chinese P.J.'s.
I think I was 11 and it was the most perfect thing I had ever seen. Drew Barrymore; bohemian, glamorous and imperfect. 
This is the only image I could find online. If anyone has more, please share.
Then there were the GUESS ads.
And of course, BOYS ON THE SIDE.


You've got Mayle

I get a lot of compliments on this leopard bag. It is from the now defunct Jane Mayle brand (R.I.P.)
Although it technically does not meet my day bag requirements (it is quite heavy with NOTHING in it!!) I keep using it because it seems to enhance whatever you pair it with. I would fall in love if someone designed a chic, roomy AND lightweight bag. We New Yorkers carry a lot of stuff around and tote bags, while functional, are really not very lady-like. Sorry totes;(
P.s. If you think the rear end shot is a little gratuitous leave a comment below. I voted against it and Mark said it was necessary to show the stacked cuffs, which btw are from Alexis Bittar:)


Why VOGUE is important

I love Vogue magazine. Sure, French Vogue is always delightful (although a splurge since it is $15 in the states) but I also greatly look forward to my subscription of American Vogue arriving every month. I love it for the very things most people complain about. The antiquated writing, the obscenely priced "Last Look" page.
I mean, really, where else are you going to read a paragraph like this?
"Father John Owens quoted Gertrude Stein and Emily Dickinson as he expounded on the inexplicable magic of love, and Poppy, in a gesture of touching poetry, clung to her father's leg and her mother's skirts. Free spirited Grey, meanwhile, took off into the woods, muddying her broderie anglaise."
What? I don't even know what Broderie Anglaise is but I'm sure glad that Vogue does!
Anna Wintour and Co. are trying to keep old-fashioned formalities alive while most publications are talking about Snookie:)
Am I being too dramatic? I also like weird things such as handwritten notes.
BTW. What magazine do you look forward to reading every month???


Simple As That!

Sometimes I love the way nail polish looks when it chips.This school-bus yellow color looked especially good.
The pink suit jacket is vintage SAKS and came with the added bonus of a beautiful shift dress. I love the way that pink looks with red lips.
  I probably won't wear the jacket and the dress together (I hate when an outfit feels like a costume) but I will style the dress separately.
As for the rest of the outfit...
1.Denim cut-offs
2.white top
3.gold jewelry and 
For me, nothing says summer quite like that roster. As simple as that!


Where I wish I could be

(photos by Mario Testino via Huffington Post via American Vogue)
I have been daydreaming about Bathsheba, Barbados lately and wishing I was at the beach! Since I am instead spending most of my time in a rehearsal studio I have been living vicariously through these shots of Blake Lively from June's American Vogue. They are so good it almost feels like I am there. Good news on the surfing front, Mark found me an instructor in the Rockaways. Exciting and scary!


I'll Take You To The Candy Shop

Our photo shoot this weekend for CandyShopVintage was a rousing success. I can't wait to share the photos that will make it into the Fall 2010 lookbook. For now, here are a few images of us sorting through the treasures.
Also, UPDATE! My mom got the job in NYC!
You might remember that I styled her for the interview a few weeks ago. 
Congrats Mom. Stay tuned as we build a new CITY wardrobe for her this Fall:)


Wish List

A few things I am lusting for right now.
1.A Lisa Marie Fernandez neoprene swimsuit to wear at the pool during these dog days of summer.
2. The new Sara Bareilles album, Kaleidoscope Heart. If there was a soundtrack to my life it would be Sara's music. I am anxiously awaiting September 7 when the album comes out. 
3. Already thinking Fall; boots and brogues from Jeffrey Campbell and JCREW, respectively.


Eat Your Veggies!

Yesterday was the perfect rainy day for cooking. Can you see in the background here my lovingly displayed and designed oils?? I got the idea for repackaging them HERE.
One thing I like to do at the beginning of the week is cook up a whole bunch of veggies and a big pot of brown rice for quick meals on the go.
My favorite veggies to roast are beets and sweet potatoes. Then I throw them in with the rice and top with whatever I feel like...kale, spinach, pumpkin seeds, pecans, EVOO, lemon juice... And always salt and pepper or even red pepper flakes.
Throw it all in a Tupperware container and you have a delicious and nutritious snack.
It doesn't need to be refrigerated and it helps you eat less pizza!

( Forever21 sheer top, Alexis Bittar statement ring, American Apparel bandeau top)


A Taste of Honey

(Bloomers and tank both from Forever 21, Wedgies by Charlotte Ronson, One piece suit from American Apparel, shades by Freeway)

I donated a ton of stuff this weekend after a very necessary closet clean-out. I.E. our hallway closet was vomiting all over the office and getting dangerously close to the bedroom. Do you guys get the same thrill I do from purging your closet?
It feels good to make way for new things in life. Since I now had some extra closet space I decided to explore the new Forever 21 in Times Square between auditions today. Its like Disneyworld in there. It reminded me of back to school shopping as a kid, the vibe in the store and the prices I remember from my youth. Shirts are suppose to cost $24.50, right?
This is going to be an exciting week. I am starting rehearsals for a new play and one of my best friends is coming for a visit. I haven't seen her since our wedding in September. It's hard to believe that was almost a year ago!


Tutti Frutti

I did wonder whether painting my nails electric yellow and my toesies electric pink was a bit too much. But then I remembered that it's summer and everything looks great with a tan;)


Little Obsessed With This Little Lady

(Above images from Emerson Made)
Hold the phone. Yes, hold a minute. Wait up. How cute is Emerson?!? Little Mrs. moved from NYC to a farm with her hottie hubby and now makes tiny batches of lovingly hand crafted goodies for you and me! It is the anti-mass production and I freakin' L-O-V-E it! Thanks to Kristin for sharing!


Two of my favorite things; Planet Blue and Cupcakes.

 (Above photo from Cupcakes and Cashmere)
You know how some mass emails you actually look forward to? That is how I feel about the ones from my absolute most favorite boutique in L.A PLANET BLUE. A trip to the West Coast is simply not complete until I drop by and pick up a little something special to bring home with me. Sometimes it's a MISSONI scarf, sometimes a piece of fantastic gold jewelry. I still get compliments on the handcuffs charm necklace I got there a few years back. Today I opened my inbox and found their new summer lookbook featuring Emily from CUPCAKES & CASHMERE. So cute!
I visited Emily's blog for the first time today and It was love at first sight. Like, holy hell, she is into all of the same things I am! Food, DIY home projects and clothing. She even has a "How To" feature explaining the execution of the perfect Cali-girl beach waves. I took note and my hair came out smashing for my audition today. 
Thanks to Planet Blue for introducing me to Emily (the bf I've never met)
You girls never let me down:)


Jersey Girl

The temperature got up to 102 degrees today. I spent most of the day inside, with brief trips outdoors to run a quick errand. We went to dinner around 5pm and took these photos on the way. It felt like we were trying to outrun a tidal wave of steam. I prefer heat to cold but what I really prefer is a warm day with a breezy night. Would love to be in Malibu right now watching the waves roll in with a nice glass of wine. It is almost too hot in New York to drink anything other than water.
We stayed with our friend Pete's family in Jersey this weekend. Sometimes staying with a family that you know and love is better than staying in a hotel.
A tween-ager gave me these Silly Bandz last weekend. I do feel sort of silly wearing them but maybe that's the point. I never want to grow up.
I am totally in love with this metallic photographer jacket that I got from ADAM last week. It has these sleeves of awesomeness that zip on and off. Isn't it great when you find a piece that easily transitions from one season to the next?
(ADAM vest. Charlotte Ronson blouse, thrifted skirt, DeVotte wedges, Freeway Eyewear)

Ask And You Shall Receive

My friend Renee just sent me a picture of these awesome leather shorts that she designed. She knows that I have been lusting for a pair. You know when you have one of those beautifully zen moments where you feel like you don't want anything, that you have everything that you could possibly ever need? Then someone goes and sends you a picture of the perfect pair of brown leather shorts.
A really awesome new pizza place just opened in our hood' called Paulie Gee's. I am feeling like I really "need" one of their Greenpoint pizzas right about now. It's a white pizza with Arugula smothered all over the top and it is de-lic-ous! If you live in Brooklyn I highly recommend checking it out. They also have the yummy and elusive Mexican Coke which makes up for the fact that they don't have a wine and beer license yet.


Happy Birthday America

(White blazer @ Fred Flare, shorts by Charlotte Ronson, Necklace by Alexis Bittar)
I love these new shorts from Charlotte Ronson. They sort of remind me of Sloane from Ferris Bueller, one of my favorite movie style icons.
When people ask me what ethnicity I am I usually just anwser... American.
Being part Italian, part Spanish, Polish and Welsh sort of makes me a big human melting pot. Which is very American, don't ya think?
 I'm on the Jersey Shore for the fourth and zonked from a day of sun, surf and peach cobbler. So don't mind if my mind seems to be darting from thought to thought sporadically. Back in the city tomorrow and back in my right mind. Promise.


Meet Me In The Clouds

Modern Classics: Why does a white button down make it on every "closet essentials" list? It's right up there with the Trench Coat as something women have been told they must own. I had a trench coat once. I left it at the Chateau Marmont one balmy L.A. evening and I haven't missed it much since.
I also have never once been searching in my closet, wishing I had the perfect white button down. I try them on occasionally and they always make me feel frumpy. Dear readers, if you have found the life changing white button down or trench (that make you think Audrey Hepburn not high school principal) please share your findings. 
What I have always dreamed of, season after season, is the perfect black jumpsuit. Ever since I saw Carrie wear it to her rehearsal dinner with Big, I have been lusting. And yesterday, Voila! There it was, at H&M of all places. And it is so perfect! Soft, lightweight, oh-so-chic and easily dressed up or down.