Make A Statement

Above necklaces all from JCREW.com
My friend in Texas, Kristin, likes to use the expression "I love me a ..." and I think I will steal it for this post. I love me a statement necklace!
I recently gave my mother one for her birthday and she loved it too. They are so versatile because they dress up jeans and a tee but they can also give your fancier dresses a little POP and flair.
I think every woman, no matter her age, should have one (or ten) in her jewelry box.
I styled my mom today for a job interview and she looked great! 
The prospective job is right here in NYC and it would be so great to live in the same city again.
Will keep you posted on the results.


And In Conclusion

Top and Bottoms by ADAM LIPPES
This outfit brings us to the end of our wonderful week of ADAM.
It was the best of times and I can't think of a better outfit to end on than this one. The drapey embellished tank, the sea-foam Tencel pants, could an outfit be more Gypset?
In awesome news, ADAM is having a contest via their facebook page. Take a pic of yourself in one of his lovely frocks, post it to their page and you might win a $500 shopping spree.
Don't think I haven't entered that shiz already.
The discount code for ClotheshorseNYC readers is good until July 24.


Prepare For Landing

(Blouse and Shorts by ADAM, necklace by Alexis Bittar, cuff by Candy Shop Vintage)
This outfit was sort of a departure from the norm, in a good way. Mary Helen suggested this sheer blue zebra top to pair with the high-waisted shorts and I was admittedly skeptical.
When other people speak we should always listen because collaboration stretches us in directions we may have never explored on our own. For me, collaboration is one of the primary joys in life.
Which is to say... I loved the blouse!
It made me see myself and my style in a totally new light. I felt very much like a woman in this look. Also, buttons are fun. I think I will be adding more blouses to my summer wardrobe! 
What do you think?
To shop this awesome look and many others visit www.shopadam.com


ADAM in the flowers

 (Dress by ADAM,  Vintage denim vest, Freeway eyewear)

 Ever since the sleeves came off this denim jacket I have been wanting to wear it with everything. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not (insert sound of discontent here). But with the above dress, I think it was quite a success.

When I get more than a moment to myself I promise to write about a super fun photo shoot I was working on today with Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel.
And yes, Suri Cruise really is that adorable in person.


Clotheshorse NYC hearts ADAM

Ph. by The Champ
(dress by Adam Lippes, Gold heels by BCBG)

I have been a big fan of Adam Lippes' for a few years now.
 Adam designs with the Gypset girl in mind.
His clothing makes you feel comfortable, elegant and just lovely.
   Going to a wedding, doing the dishes, whatever, I could live in his effortlessly glamorous designs.
Most items are made in New York City and are high quality, last a lifetime pieces. These things always have the most meaning for me. Forever 21 has it's place but I do get a little sick of our disposable culture. 
I was so excited when Mary Helen from his store in the meat packing district invited us in for a photo shoot! 
We had a blast with her and it went so well that I couldn't fit everything into one post. 
So begins our week of ADAM! 
Everyday for the rest of the week we will be featuring a look from ADAM's summer 2010 line, with a special 15% discount for Clotheshorse NYC readers for the next month.

Visit Adam online or in NYC at
678 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10011


Dream Job

Being on Mad Men is my ultimate dream job.
Do you think the show has inspired the explosive return of red lips and lady like dressing? 
I sort of do.
P.S. Where are Joan's curves in the above photo? Couldn't they have padded the Barbie doll?


Way Better Than An Apple

Yesterday I filmed a really cute commercial for the New York Mets. 
In the spot, Mr. Met is giving me a manicure as I lament to him the troubles of being a single gal in New York City.
Today I was styling on a JCREW holiday shoot that involved a live reindeer and five babies! 
After getting up at 6am two days in a row I was wiped and in need of some serious "me" time.
On the way home today I stopped at the Rite Aid and picked up some Lavender bubble bath and a new lipstick; Revlon's Hot Coral (Our stylist Sarah was sporting it today)
It has that awesome "old school" lipstick feel.
I also picked up a bottle of Vinho Verde. The official drink of my summer.
Sometimes a girl just has to indulge in some spa time at home.
If you are ever feeling less than stellar I highly suggest the above prescription.
You'll feel like an old time movie star, in the bath with a coral mouth.
It's like being reborn...with new lips:)
To see pics from both of the shoots visit my Twitter.


My mouth was made to speak French

On set today I had the opportunity to parle with one of our models from Paris. I was totally shocked that I could actually hold a conversation. She even complimented me afterward!
I can listen to people speaking French all day long and never be bored. That is why I am going to make a concerted effort this year to pick up my studies. Everyone always tells me to learn Spanish, I'm an Alvarez after all, but it just doesn't have the same appeal.


Up In The Air

Nothing like a good pair of heels and a pedicure to make you feel like a million bucks!
I passed on going to an Elle magazine party tonight cause I was on a photo shoot all day and was wiped.
And you know what? I've got my puppy on my lap and I couldn't happier.
Good Night.


Off the reservation

 This vest used to be a vintage denim jacket that lied dejectedly in my closet season after season just dying to see some action.

 Tonight I cut off it's sleeves after realizing it served no purpose as a jacket any longer.

A fashion lesson is also a life lesson: don't be scared of change.

These photos are a little racier than normal but they remind me of Calvin Klein in the 90's.

Fashion is a creative experience. The best ideas come to me when I get in my closet and just start playing around.


The High Life

  Ph. by The Champ, "Je ne sais qoi" by moi.              
(Chambray Shirt Jcrew Men, pearl choker Alexis Bittar, Sunglasses Trina Turk)
Location scouting on The Highline yesterday for a shoot we will be doing on Monday with a very fancy brand:)
I have been big into button downs with barely there bottoms lately. In fact these high-waisted white shorts are so "barely there" you can't even see them!
  The day before I wore this same shirt tucked into a yellow A-line mini. Will take a picture soon and post.
When my photographer is away on other jobs I am simply lost (cue dramatic sigh and back of hand being raised to forehead)
As we were taking these pictures I remembered a photo I saw HERE earlier this week. I love old lady style. It is one of the few parts of growing older I can look forward to. The picture of Rosella backstage at the Moschino show really is too chic!


Mine's with Rasberry Jam and Almond Butter

@RumiNeely is such a blogging inspiration. It's amazing to see how far she has gone with her #1 blog Fashiontoast. Since she is such an inspiration I could only be mad for like 2 seconds that she blogged about this amazing Zara cream, poncho-dress thing before I got a chance to. It had been on my mind for days and I just never got around to it. You got to be quick, quick like lightening people in this fast-paced fashion blogging world! 
Congrats Rumi! You're a blogging rock-star!


I'm in no shape for driving and I got nowhere to go

All my lovely readers should know by now that I love luxe. But recently I have been similarly drawn to the tattered, torn, worn out and stained. All of a sudden it doesn't seem to bother me in the least if a piece of clothing looks pauper-ish, instead it seems to fill it with even more character and history. Maybe this is because as my friend Ian told me recently, I am in my Saturn Returns???
People from LA say the darndest things.
My apologies that I don't have a photo credit for the above. It's Jennifer Jason Leigh and I pulled it off the internet awhile ago. The file reads Fass-Woodstock if that means anything to you.
Best quote I've read this week:
"I like elegance, but when it looks overdressed, I hate it."