restless spirit on an endless flight

Ph. by The Champ 
(Shades by Freeway, Floral high waisted skirt courtesy of Fred Flare,)
 Oh what a stay-cation I had. A lot of time by the pool and my new favorite Greenpoint hangout The Manhattan Inn. Also much time spent listening to my pandora "Eagles" station. "Leyla" by Clapton comes up a lot which you would think would be a bad thing but turns out you sort of like that song. Also a lot of Stevie Nicks which is never a bad thing till you get a Fleetwood Mac song sung by another band member. Enjoying my new Jo Malone scented candle and the beginning of glorious east coast summer nights. Thanks to Fred Flare for the gift card which allowed me to pick up this little number. Now I just need a bicycle and the French countryside.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Child's Play

Ph. by Gemma Booth

I have a classic case of "Champagne taste on a Lemonade budget". I mean this figuratively and literally...for I do LOVE champagne. More on that later. For now, lets discuss my love of fine garments. 

My grandmother (my Nunny) says I have always been like this. She was responsible for buying all of my clothes as a child and we would always go shopping at Macy's. Please remember that I grew up in Baltimore, MD so Macy's was the HEIGHT of fashion. So began my love of department stores. The escalators, the make-up counter, the thick smell of perfume...so much glamour under one roof.

Nunny says that as soon as we entered the children's dept I would immediately gravitate to the most expensive rack of clothing (probably GUESS?). I had a patented technique of conveying that I wanted something. Surely I couldn't come right out and say it, that would be tacky. Instead,  I would gently feel the fabric and sigh significantly (always the actress). I had to give the impression that I LONGED for the item. At which point Nunny would pick up her cue and urge me to "try it on". At which point I would "give in" and take several outfits to the dressing room.

In theory I was only allowed one outfit but as I hemmed and hawed in front of the mirror in a overly dramatized state of indecision over which to choose my Nunny would always give in and say " Oh, get them both!"
Ahhh those three magic words, get-them-both. Still to this day it is hard for me to get a buzz off of buying just one item at a time.
This same scenario played out all throughout my childhood. And as I write it really does seem like a game we invented. Sure, we all knew how the game would end but that didn't make it any less fun to play. 
The grand finale occurred when we would be pulling into her driveway. She would whisperer to me pensively "Leave the bags in the trunk, I don't want your grandfather to see." Our decadent shopping trips were our special little secret.
As if he thought we went to the mall every weekend just to eat at Chick Fil-A. 


Almost Famous

It never fails, as soon as I start trying to "consciously" style an outfit, I feel like I have no style. Maybe because I am trying to make it "better" for the photos and more "fashionable" for all my readers. 
My style is pretty easy, pretty relaxed so maybe I should just take pictures of that and hope people like it. I hate the look of "trying to hard" so I should stop myself before I start. For me the things I come back to are the things I have known and loved for a long time. Such as....

Ripped denim, don't know why, maybe it's the hippy in me, but I have always had a love affair with the stuff. 
White flimsy, lacy, cheese-clothy, might melt if you get caught in the rain tops. Nothing goes better with worn denim than a floaty white blouse.
Gold jewelry. Think this is cause I'm a LEO but I simply love gold. The only thing that goes better with a tan is diamonds...maybe?
Wedgies. I hate straight up heels. I mean H_A_T_E! They are so uncomfortable I want to kill myself whenever I put them on. But wedgies are the perfect alternative and they always make me feel like I am Bridgette Bardot in Saint Tropez.


It Could All Be So Simple

Ph. by The Champ. Hair, Make-up + Styling by moi.
Levis jeans, Forever21 necklace, Blush bustier, JCREW tank.


The Wanderer

I want this sweater. And I want the sunlight to hit my body just so as I walk down the street; making a halo of warmth all around me.
This Photo was originally posted here
Thanks for the inspiration JakandJil


Show me your Flare (Fred)

Ph by The Champ
(Trina Turk dress and sunglasses, Vintage clutch and bangles, Devotte wedgies)
Is there anything cuter than a taco make-up bag? At first I thought it was just silly but then I realized I had to have it. Sort of like my husband.
 The staff at Fred Flare are possibly the nicest I have encountered in NYC. They ordered me a white blazer that I had seen earlier in the week and was now sold out and even gave me a discount for my "troubles".
Other highlights of the weekend...dinner and drinks at No.7, discovering Method Grapefruit handsoap, Tommy Hilfiger is making a comeback (I wore Tommy Girl in high school) and seeing Greg Keller's play The DutchMasters, which is playing now at The Cherry Pit. The writing and acting are both superb.


It's The Weekend

Time to get F%*&ed Up


Still Life; my kitchen

     Ph. by Me
Sometimes I am struck by the accidental beauty in my everyday surroundings. These were taken in my kitchen after a dinner of Lemon Roasted Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Arugula salad served with a Mustard Vinagarette. No wonder I was feeling romantic!
From Left to Right
1.Olympus Pen
2.Jimi Hendrix Experience, AXIS: Bold As Love
4.Fresh Peonies in Kate Spade Rose Bowl
5.French Press


Let's get lost (Coney Island)

 Ph. by The Champ
T-shirt by American Eagle (distressed by moi:) Earnest Sewn denim, Botkier handbag, LA RAYS sunglasses, sandals by Banana Republic.
There is something to be said for getting stranded somewhere you would have never planned on going.
Friday morning we went to Coney Island to pick something up and ended up waiting around for two hours. This resulted in some cool shots on the beach, a Nathan's hotdog and one obscenely large fountain coke.
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to wonderful mothers everywhere. xx


Please give

  1. These brown leather shorts by ALEXANDER WANG have become my new obsession. I first saw them HERE. They are so far out of my price range however they could become a fantasy, but I say "where there is a will there is a way." I would even wear them into the Fall with black nubby tights underneath.


Style Icon Patti Smith

While in Barbados I read Patti Smith's new book Just Kids. The book is a memoir of Patti's early years in New York and her relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorp. I couldn't put it down. The  evolution of Patti's unique style was beautifully organic. Her look essentially came from her original spirit and also imaginative necessity.
Patti got pissed when people called her a Joan Baez knock off so she took scissors to her own hair in order to lose the hippie/folk look she had come to New York with. When it came time to shoot a cover photo for her first album Horses, Patti went over to Robert's house and had him take a few pictures (top photo). He shot her in natural light and Patti styled herself, bringing over a few white button down shirts that she had picked up at a local Salvation Army. Proving that creating something original doesn't take a lot of money or designer brands.
When we saw Patti talk at the New York Public Library last week she spoke at length about how the artist is the relic and the objects of the artist, their typewriter, their desk, are second degree relics. A photo of their typewriter might be a third degree relic. It made me think that if every object in our lives had symbolic meaning we would live in a much less dispensable world. And maybe a much more authentic one.


summer storms and tea

(LA RAYS sunglasses by Freeway, Kara's sundress, vintage cowboy boots)


If you don't think this is funny...

We can't be friends anymore.