Juergen Strikes Again

Just me and my lil' maltipoo chillin' on the floor. I am wearing my favorite JCREW A-line mini in this photo. It's my favorite because it makes everything you pair with it look better and it has POCKETS! Woo-hoo! Ya'll know my obsession with the little slits that hold lip gloss and tissues and cell phones. It's app-ro-po to be posting today because tomorrow I finish up a week long stint of asst styling with my favorite catalog/store/website
As you can also see above I still rock the Uggs around the house (Infact, I have them on right now). I'm no "fair-weather" customer. I hate when a really awesome item becomes "the thing" aka super-trendy and then when the trend dies you have to feel like a loser if you wear "the thing" in public. I remember vividly the last time I showed up at the airport wearing a Juicy jumpsuit (Yes I had one. Yes, Mark had one too) YIKES!!! Thankfully it was a few years ago but it felt way worse than white after Labor day, let me tell you.
Let's just say when I got on at JFK it was too early for me to care or for others to notice but when I landed at Bob Hope International and noticed the travel uniform of the fashionable set had turned to leggings and boots...boy did I have egg on my face. Lesson learned...don't push it, as my friend Dom would say. Although the Juicy set has been passed onto Goodwill heaven I am still a huge fan of sweats, which reminds me, I need to do a post on them. Ta Ta for now...going to hear Patti Smith speak at the NYC Public Library tonight. Only In New York kids, only in New York.


surrender to the idea that you are enough

(Converse sneakers, American Eagle shorts, Charlotte Ronson sweater, Candy Shop Vintage cuff)
I am really interested in creating images which look like film stills from movies. So is Mark. We shot these in the backyard on Saturday night. I had more elaborate outfits in mind but for the character I was channeling, less seemed like more.
Other notable events of the weekend...my graduation show from level one Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade, I'm hooked! A trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday which revealed how gentrified Greenpoint, BKLYN is becoming...babies and strollers and diapers OH MY! And after assistant styling with JCREW last week, then having Saturday and Sunday off only to return to work on Monday I finally realized why 9-5ers get so amped on the weekend. It's like a little vacation! 
TGIF indeed.


Sydney by Juergen Teller

Actually Mark shot this one but we thought it looked just liked Sydney had posed for a portrait by the Marc Jacobs photographer (so much going on behind the eyes). Check out the awesome Jonathan Adler "star sign" pillows in the background, a gift from Taided. Isn't it great when you friends surprise you with something you love?


pink & BLACK

(dress American Apparel, vest Zara, handbag Botkier)
I lived in Santa Monica California for less than one year, three years ago and I still think about moving back there constantly. But then I think about New York and all the friends I have here and it seems really hard to just pick up and start over. I ran into Rachel today and she gave me some good advice. Which was...drumroll please..."do whatever is going to make you happiest now. It isn't always what you think."
So I took sage Rachel's advice home with me and compiled this list of what will make me happiest right now. They are, in no particular order...
1)Enjoying the beautiful NYC weather.
2)Starring in an off-broadway show.
3)Living in a wide open apt with loads of natural light.
4)And French doors
5)More care-packages of rad stuff to be featured on this blog.
6)A trip to Paris 
7)Lots of surfing this Summer in the Hamptons.
8) Booking a national commercial ($$$ which ties directly into #9)
9) A healthy savings account.
10) Moving onto level 2 Improv at UCB.

Not too much to ask for right? I know you all are stumped right now. You thought #1 was gonna be starring in a movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Psych! Trust me, I totally would if they asked me:)
So, lovely readers...what would make you happiest RIGHT now???


we need the warmth

This is our trip to Central Park.

This is our trip to Central Park on Camera Acid.
Any questions?

I got my haircut today at Warren Tricomi which is right by Central Park. After the haircut Mark met me uptown and we picnicked. And no we didn't actually take any acid, Mark just did something trippy with his lens. Later in the day we watched Zombieland which is awesome!(But wouldn't be awesome on acid)  Netflix it if you haven't already.


Beyonce & Jay-Z Forever Young live at Coachella music & Arts festival 2010

As if I wasn't already bummed enough about missing Coachella!  Beyonce joined Jay-Z on stage!!! Next thing you know Betty White is gonna pop out from behind the curtain with a freakin' tambourine. Talk about celebrities that I would like to have dinner with! I love Jay-Z and Beyonce because they have such strong individual personas and also such a beautiful relationship. I think Beyonce's "festival" look here is adorable. She is rockin' the hipster style but making it her own with a little bling. I hope I get the chance to meet these two one day.


Chillin' like a villain

(Carhartt skullie, American Apparel top, In God We Trust denim, Top Shop necklace, Freeway Sunglasses)

It was love at first sight when I saw this awesome multi-cross necklace at TopShop last week. I want to wear it all the time because it seems to enhance every outfit. Allergy season is in full effect here so I have not been able to drink coffee or wine or any of my usual fun stuff (they make the allergies flair, don't ask me why) Ever resourceful, I have replaced wine with Vodka lemonade (yum) and coffee with giant Iced teas from Dunkin Donuts. It's fun to walk around with a giant Dunkin Donuts cup. Sort of makes me feel like LeLaina Pierce from Reality Bites with the Big Gulp. Also got a chance to take my new Freeway Sunglasses for a Spin as the Sun made a brief appearance this weekend. They rock, thanks Alex.xx


Jeans... that actually belonged to you.

 (Colonial Madness booties, JCREW blouse, Alexis Bittar choker)

I get all of my husbands hand-me down denim which is awesome because he really wears them hard, everyday till they are nice and hole-y and distressed and wonderful. I usually can't bear to put on anything other than these until around 3pm. For me, tight clothes in the a.m. just doesn't feel right. Last night Alia and I went to the gym, then hit the steam room then came home and cooked a yummy dinner of Kale salad, carrot-ginger soup (I had made earlier in the week) and a nice bottle of red. The perfect rainy Friday night (in my opinion) Today I have improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade. I can't believe our class show is next week already! Looking forward to the rain clearing up so I can take my new Freeway sunglasses for a spin. xx


art imitates life

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The weather here has been gorgeous

                         I've become sort of obsessed with this old leopard coat, it used to belong to Annie. 

We went to The Smile on Bond St. for lunch. Their portion of smoked salmon was HUGE. This made me happy because I hate when you go to a NY eatery and the food is so dainty that you leave hungry. And yes, I ate all of those potato chips, unfortunately.

                            Trying on some shades. The Smile also carries some cool retail stuff.

I love this Damages poster and Mark happened to snap a picture of it. I hope Damages doesn't go off the air. It is such a smart show with strong female characters, this poster says it all.


Born in the USA; Karlie Kloss in Vogue UK

Karlie Kloss shot by Alastair McClellan in Los Angeles, styled by Kate Phelan.


Boat shirt by Splendid

  (Boat shirt by Splendid, skinny cords by JBRAND, jacket by Urban Outfitters,platforms by  Charlotte Ronson)
         Boat shirts are definitely a must in my wardrobe because they fall into the easy/chic category.
         Even better, I didn't have to steal this one off of a crusty old sailor!
        Things are all a-bloom in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area and although that means I am
        sneezing a lot it also means that I am surrounded by beauty and rebirth.
        While we were taking the pictures with my head in the tree
        a clump of flowers got embedded in the top of my ponytail and stayed there all day!
        It was too perfect.


surf's up Barbados

                                           (Sunglasses Ray Ban, Bikini bottom American Eagle)

So here is where I actually surfed in Bardados at Zed's surf school with my awesome teacher Jr who after instructing me for two hours popped out of the water and had a cigarette (while telling me how important it was to breath out there) and then promptly jumped back in the water this time to paddle board. Amazing. I felt pretty proud of myself for catching a few waves although it got harder and harder after the first hour and there was this obnoxious eight year old who caught every single wave (ok. he was adorable but it was obnoxious how good he was). I longed for a lower center of gravity. I felt the best exhausted/ accomplished feeling after the lesson and I can't wait to go out on Long Island this summer. Thanks to Elizabeth and Jean for lending me the awesome NorCal rash guard. I've got to get me one of those.


a drive up the PCH

                                                                                                                           I truly love California.
                                                                                                                             Freeway sunglasses

Mommy wants...paris kain's perfect robe

                             I am envisioning a rad photo shoot with the above Kimono.
                             I love tye-dye when done right but it has to be totally authentic
                              (which is why it never works when large brands try and do it).
                             It's whole vibe is of the home-spun variety
                             This one of a kind silk robe by Paris Kain really floats my boat.
                             It is a work of art that the owner will have forever.
                             It conjures up the image of my un-born children
                             remembering Mommy lounging on Sunday afternoons
                             in her kimono sipping herbal tea
                             or at her dressing table preparing for a big night out on the town with father.


Sorry, I got carried away


Scenes from our recent trip to Barbados
Via the hotel room at SEA-U
We stayed in Bathsheba, near Soup Bowl, a world renowned Surf spot.
I was disappointed to realize there was no way in hell I would be surfing there. LOL.
So off to the other side of the island it was for surf lessons at Zed's.
One day Soup Bowl...one day.
In this story; Levis Men's denim cut-offs, thrifted blouse.