i don't smoke but the character does

These are from a series we took inspired by Elastica's self titled debut album (c. 1995) and the theme "smoking in the girl's room". I don't smoke (they make you smell bad) but the rebellious teenager  I channeled for this shoot did, so I sucked it up, um, literally. There are some really funny B role photos of me hacking between takes. Will post those later.
                  In this story; vintage dress, JCREW metallic knee-highs, steve madden oxfords


who took my cookie?

Sample Sale season is just around the corner. Isn't it just enough to give you night sweats? O.k. maybe you don't get as excited as me about "cheap" expensive clothing but since you are reading this blog you probably do. As the sales approach I will do my best to provide updates on Facebook about which ones are worth visiting during your lunch break. Charlotte Ronson is usually a favorite of mine because there is good selection and amazing prices. Plus I love the videos she does for each collection that feature her adorable little sister Annabelle. Hello Charlotte...if you are out there, I would like to be in one of your adorable videos...they are awesome. Oh and you were doing platforms way before anyone else.


quote # 1

"Being nervous is actually being really selfish, because you are making the situation all about yourself."
                                                                            as told by Katie Lee in The New York Times Magazine


love story

 Do you ever envision a piece of clothing in your mind and then actually find this piece of clothing out in the real world? I do all the time. One of my favorite trends for Spring is floral patterns, I remember dreaming up this blouse sometime before the holidays. It is the perfect color for a brunette and the floral print is delicate not robust. I think my specialty is real world styling. I know other stylist in the industry who are all about doing crazy Sh$t on editorial photo shoots. Maybe that will be me one day but for now what I really love is finding pieces that make people look good and feel great.
                                             in this story; blouse the gap, horse necklace verameat.



So I tried what my computer wizard friend Deirdre suggested and Voila! Larger videos. I love having friendships where we can fill in the blanks in one-another's personal hardware.




Last night we went to a SURFACE magazine party with our friends Dominique and James. Along the way Mark started rapid firing at us paparazzi style so we played along. Notice my peace sign? Low-brow brilliant. My favorite accessory of the night was the Issey Miyake PLEATS PLEAS bag toted by their awesome PR girl Brittany. My gigantic ring got some comments as well.



 A few of the looks I liked from last nights ceremony. Meryl looks lovely and was so smart for covering the arms! Totally chic! If you have the skinny arms and decollage... flaunt it, like Miley Cyrus and Rachel McAdams did. I was also a fan of Zoe Saldana and Sandra Bullock, who both looked classy and beautiful.
Whenever I watch the Oscars I feel very inspired and very happy to have chosen the craft of acting. To be in a profession that allows me to always continue learning, evolving as a person and meeting wonderful and hilarious people is so fantastic. I loved when Meryl said that her favorite thing about coming was seeing all of her friends.
There are a few downsides to the job however, such as weeks and months when you are not working, but that is what blogging is for;)



I usually don't do this but I just had to re-post this Q and A from the New York Times Style magazine last weekend. I have always hoped that as I get older I don't lose touch with what is fashionable. You know the story... You turn sixty and suddenly cut your hair like an un-fashionable lesbian and wear sweatpants around the clock. It happens. Joan Burstein's seems to be the anti-thesis of this approach. Her "must haves" for Spring were lovely, amazing and absolutely everything that I would be seen in if I had bottomless pockets. One classy lady, imagine us having tea together at Bergdorfs! I am obsessed with her imagined outfit of the sun hat pictured above paired with an ALAIA sundress and LOUBOUTIN cork wedges. Perfect Joan, simply perfect.
P.S.Click on the tear sheet to enlarge and read.