Yesterday was the perfect day. I had an audition in the afternoon then a massage. Then I met up with Alia for a drink. Then home to make veggie lasagna with Mark and watch Grey Gardens. Really impressed with the clothes in that film. This sweater was loaned to me by my friend Ian and I am simply in love with it. Nothing like a few new sweaters to make the end of Winter go smoothly.
In This Story; Wendi Reed sweater, Vintage Belt, Hue tights, Charlotte Ronson platforms.



Mark and I finally got a chance this weekend to take some pictures of my new favorite sweater from Tess Giberson. The sweater is beautiful gray, perfectly thin, loose knit cashmere & it goes with everything! Thank you Tess!
I paired it here with my latest EBAY score, a fitted black biker vest. I bought the vest around the holidays and finally found the perfect winter outfit to wear with it. I am looking forward to pairing it with some long floral dresses this Spring.



I come from a family of Writers. My parents are both published authors, my sister is a playwright and my brother writes comics. I used to write really bad poetry as a pre-teen and now I pen this blog and am working on my first screenplay. My Uncle Victor (also a writer) will never let me forget that at the tender age of eight I was deep into the writing of a novella entitled "I AM COOL AND YOU ARE STUPID". Probably an artistic retaliation to childhood teasing but funny nontheless. The above are environmental portraits of my Livingroom/Workspace taken by my husband. My desk is photographed in it's natural state with note cards strewn about, a half-empty glass of tea and discarded piece of jewelry ( the Ivory Buddha is one of my favorite charms as it belonged to Mark's deceased grandmother). I love environmental portraits because they are a bit like peeking into someone's medicine cabinet.


I Love Your Smile.

Some of my favorite beautiful women who let their individuality shine.
From top: Meryl Streep, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sara Bareilles, Sarah Jessica Parker.


Here are some more pictures from Sunny Montauk. It is snowing again in Brooklyn for like the third time this week. Although I am not a fan of Old Man Winter, I do love the snow. It is pretty much all that Mr. Winter has going for him, the only thing that makes Winter special and not simply the worst three months of the year. Still I don't think I am looking as chipper today as I do in the above photos with my lil' iced coffee and sundress on. Although I am sitting in my cozy apartment with a cuddly Maltipoo on my lap sipping hot cocoa. I guess O.M.W. does have his charms;)


YOU and ME + SALT and SEA = FREE

I think it is pretty obvious what is on my mind lately...SUMMER! These photos were taken in Montauk (my favorite place) the summer before last. We used them for our now defunct Vintage clothing store FRANKLIN STREET. The pictures were taken at the wonderfully authentic East Deck motel right on Ditch Plains. Oldies but Goodies.
One other thing that has been on my mind...how disappointed I am by all of the people under lets say 50 that are having cosmetic surgery for NO reason. I just came across some photos of a beautiful already successful model who had rhinoplasty. WTF!
I understand the pressure in certain industries to strive for physical perfection. I myself spent a pilot season in Los Angeles and by the time I came home I was pretty sure that my nose was slightly uneven and could use some "shaping". If you Google celebrities and plastic surgery you will see a list of all the people pre and post op. I think that everyone is vulnerable to the cultural obsession with perfection. It is really un-cool that so many people perpetuate this obsession by having "good work" done and then acting like they have looked like this their whole life. Because then we see these pics and wonder why we didn't come out of the womb looking like ________. Well...they didn't either. I think it is time for everyone to stand up for anti-perfection to try and believe that our beauty is in the things which make us unique. Caitlin Crosby has a great new song and video out now called FLAWZ.
I don't want to sound like a crazy, I think there is a time and a place for plastic surgery (i.e. please don't remind me of this post when I am 60) I just wish that beautiful people would stop trying to all look like the same super race. Why does everyone need to have the same nose? It really is our differences that make us special. I am going to try and remember this myself next time I am fixated on how much prettier I would be if x,y,z.





I had the wonderful opportunity to assist Jack O'Connor the menswear stylist at JCREW this week. I adore the JCREW catalogue. It is a refreshing alternative to all the "cooler than thou" fashion I so often see when I am "style stalking" in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I always buy Mark clothing from JCREW because it is classic in the best possible way; easy and pretty affordable. It was truly a pleasure to work with Jack this week as he is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

I have been feeling a bit "betwixt and between" as my mother would say. Winter is taking on that never ending feeling and I am desperately craving a new adventure although I have no idea what that means. Flipping through old photos I found the one above. A favorite that never made it on the blog. We were in Palm Springs staying at the wonderful ACE hotel, I can't wait to get back there. If you haven't visited, plan a trip. You can have a wonderful weekend there without every leaving the hotel.

We borrowed some bikes from the front desk and were cruising around a retirement/trailer community. So cool at dusk, with streets with names like Morocco... Eventually we were run out by a local resident who must have been suspicious of our camera equipment and youth.

I love the desert and actually think I could be happy living there. Warm sun, tons of great Vintage shopping and a whole house with a pool for the price of a one bedroom in Brooklyn (I've looked). Plus LA is just two hours away if I got bored.



I recently had the privilege of traveling to the island of Vieques with American Eagle to work on their summer 2010 campaign. Vieques is a beautiful island off the coast of Puerto Rico. You have to take a little puddle jumper plane to get there (exciting/terrifying) or alternately a ferry. Take the puddle jumper.
We were in Vieques for nine glorious days. Although we were working, I was able to get a feel for this island's super laid back VERY un-pretentious vibe and I can't wait to return. The beaches are breathtaking and while I have yet to visit Hawaii some of my co-workers said that Vieques beaches are quite comparable.
Vieques is also a great place to experience the bio-lumenescient bay. A rare bay that contains a certain single celled organism that is fluorescent at night. When you swim in the bay it looks like your body is covered in moving glitter.
Another cool thing about Vieques... The American Army was stationed on the island for several years. When they left the island they released all of their horses into the wild so Vieques now has a large free-roaming horse population. This adds to its Gypset charm.
You can also surf this island and one of my co-workers was a former pro-surfer who lives in San Juan. I did not get my "carve on" this trip but I am planning to log some hours when I travel to Bathsheba, Barbados for my honeymoon in March.
In this story; swimsuit American Apparel, sweats Adam, headband Forever21.