We were invited by some friends (and art-lovers) who live in Minneapolis to attend a party with them at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. They were taking FOREVER to get ready so Mark and I staged an impromptu photo session in their beautiful apt. Pictured above are a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutins and the hem of a Monique Llullier (one of the evenings sponsors) gown. Later in the night there was an auction. I realized that when I can actually afford to bid in an auction I will be pretty dangerous; it combines my two loves...competition and shopping (oh yeah, and charity). Our friend Eric bid and won FRENCH FRIES FOR LIFE! Money well spent.



There is this thing in casting called "the other way to go". I.E....I show up to an audition and the room is full of blonde barbies.
What the frig am I doing here???
I start to panic, they can't possibly want a brunette with a dry sense of humor and just the slightest little chip on her shoulder.... ;)
Instead of freaking out as sometimes happens, I try to remind myself that I am "the other way to go".
The not so obvious casting choice and often the more interesting one.
Sloane (pictured above) is a classic example of this. Another good example...Winona Ryder in Heathers, who the powers that be originally thought was not "pretty enough" for the role.

Want to hear a terribly true life story that happened to yours truly? I was once told by a casting director, who was auditioning me for "a pretty girl" role in a big movie that he just didn't think I was "the girl that all the guys jerked off to in high school."

Dude actually said this to me in the room!

Hahahahahahahaha. Can you believe??? Best part is...the casting director was gay! Yes this sucked but it was also such a ridiculous thing to say I just had to laugh. Moral of the story, I'm slowly learning to be happy just being myself. Although the process actors go through could beat the self-confidence right out of anyone. Someday someone will want something different and I will be there...the other way to go.



If your like me, you have stared, with what can only be described as cold envy at the beautiful YSL cage shoes. Well lovely ladies now you can have a pretty darn authentic looking knock-off for only $34.99. The even better news...they are also making a Flat version! Happy Happy JOY JOY! As my savvy friend Katie (who works in p.r.) says, "why should I pay loads of money when other people are getting this stuff for free?" Why indeed Katie....
go to www.bakersshoes.com to find these and many other examples of thrifty awesomeness. For once your wallet and your closet will thank you:)



My sister stopped by on Saturday morning to pick up a coffee pot, duvet coffee, bath towels and two dresses (in that order). I was cleaning up my piles of clothes strewn about. We both happened to be wearing plaid so I got inspired to do an impromptu photo shoot, when inspiration hits you should always fight back. It reminded me of Marc Jacobs circa the early 90's and that model with the blunt cut bangs from the same era. What was her name???? Karen something??? Afterward we skipped home like we were in the pages of SEVENTEEN magazine. photos by MARK CHAMPION.



When I was in my adolescence I was all knees, elbows and long lanky limbs. About the furthest thing from sexy you could imagine. Possibly the only thing that kept me from being horribly self-conscience about these all-too-true facts was that there was a very cool R&B singer named Aaliyah who was my same age and lanky as all hell too. Aaliyah didn't let her tomboy body stop her from being the coolest girl on the playground and so I didn't let it stop me either. Instead I bought baggy jeans just like hers and paired them with shruken baby tees occasionally adorned in the right hand corner with my initials. It seems fitting that men's pants on women is making a comeback this season. Even though I have gained a few curves over the years I still like to rock the tomboy style occasionally. The photos above are an experiment in wearing my husbands khakis. I hope they are more reminiscent of Aaliyah than Ellen DeGeneres;) This year is the eighth anniversary of Aaliyah's death and I hear a bio-pic is in the works. Hope it does her justice. Thanks Aaliyah for helping a skinny little girl from Baltimore feel cool.