Sunday was a beautiful day. I had the desire to cut things so I started with some T-shirts then got serious and shredded some skinny white Levi's into short shorts. I also found the perfect Fall oxfords by Dieppa Restrepo. While I save up for those I thought of using my old Jazz shoes as a substitute. They look strikingly similar to oxfords and are super comfy. This turned out to be very serendipitous since Mark kept asking me to jump in all the photos we shot;) I'm amazed how he always hits the shudder at the right moment, I felt my inner ballerina smiling.

In this story: Dance shoes by Capezio, Levi's cut-off short shorts, AE striped shirt, Vintage clutch.



Here on the East Coast we are trying to make the best of what has been a very rainy June. Red wellies help.

In this story: red wellie boots by Hunter, denim by
Nobody, white eyelet dress, fringe vest Forever 21.



I love clothing and accessories. I really can't help it. Sometimes I beat up on myself thinking that these are not worthwhile interests and that I should be spending my time doing something more "serious" like working on my screenplay. I especially get this feeling when I receive emails from my favorite online store Planet Blue. I feel compelled to open these emails right away so that I can check out whatever cool new merch they just got in. Today was this awesome fringe clutch from Linea Pelle. I WANT IT SO BAD! What do you think? Had to share.
Ok, back to the screenplay...hopefully it will be finished by the end of summer;)



These are the things I can't live without this summer. Neutrogena Lip Soothers in Glaze is an A-MA-ZING drugstore buy. Dermalogica moisturizer with SPF 25 and super rad tint so that you don't need any other make-up. Unless you are a "mascara everyday kind of girl." Personally, I like to give my lashes a break if I am not going to an audition or anywhere fancy. I think everyday mascara use actually shortens and weakens the lashes over time. My look is all about enhancing what I have while not destroying my skin, hair etc.

And of course my engagement ring will be my must have jewelry item for the summer. It's hard to wear other jewelry when you are wearing this diamond because the ring is so simple and beautiful on it's own. Mine is a family heirloom from the 1920's. Tiffany's has a similar version pictured above.