Dogs and their women

I wanted a dog so freakin' bad growing and instead of getting me one my father got me a photo book called "Dogs and Their Women." Forget the cover photo of the dog and his woman kissing and the weirdly erotic title which also sort of suggests the dog's own the women and not the other way around but I didn't want a book about dogs I wanted an actually cuddly thing to love me and since I was pretty sure that the Pillsbury Dough Boy couldn't be bought I wanted a puppy!


Bloodies and Brunch

At the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa aka my new favorite place in the world. Read the full story with links to what I wore on LA. Mag. More photos after the jump!


I Lurve New York

It's true what they say, you never forget your first love. NYC was definitely my first love of a city and even though I'm a west coaster now I will never forget her. 


Shake That Laffy Taffy

This weekend is Coachella weekend one. Coachella is the unofficial west coast welcome wagon for Spring. Spring makes me think of Easter and Easter makes me want to dress like a painted egg. Welcome to Friday's post!


Green Dinosaurs

I used to have this game I would play in my mind when I liked a boy "when will I let him see the real me?" I would wonder... the weird version. The version that sang show tunes off-key as I walked around the house, made the ugliest faces imaginable because I thought it was funny or put on a voice and just sort of carried on "in character" for a bit. No matter how cool I was playing it sooner or later my weird side would come out and I was always surprised by how the boy seemed to still like me afterward. Always a good lesson in being yourself.


Comfort Zone

Did you know that I hate talking about myself? I know pretty bizarre for an actress/blogger but I am 100% that person at the party who will ask you question after question to avoid sharing anything about me. It's a very useful conversation skill but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone lately and be more revealing.


Baltimore's Best

As I mentioned in the last post one of my favorite things to do in Baltimore is eat and I def got my grub on last weekend. Here's where