On Tuesday I wore culottes out to lunch in West Hollywood. Culottes are awesome because they hang like a skirt but are actually pants, a spirited dress up alternative.

Corey Lynn Calter Culottes // Zara Top // Delicate Raymond Necklace // Clare V Bag // 


Little Girl Lost In The Desert

This weekend I popped my Coachella cherry and went to the actual festival for the first time. It's important to know why you are in the desert for three days - music and mixing around with all of humanity, opening your mind a little wider and getting out of your comfort zone. I think outfits at Coachella however should be high on comfort. I had my hippie vibes going strong with red flip flops, a vintage Bakelite handbag and this chambray top from Corey Lynn Calter. The weekend proved that even if you're not a flower crown kind of girl you can have fun at Coachella regardless. 

Photos by MoGeeza

ReDone Jeans // Vintage Handbag + Necklace // Cory Lynn Calter Top // Oliver Peoples Sunnies


Coachella Hair Day To Night

I wanted to get my hair shaped up before heading to Coachella this weekend so I called on my friends at Benjamin to give me a trim. Joan, my stylist, asked me how I like doing my hair on a scale of one to ten and I'd put me at around a 4. I prefer to wake up every morning and have someone else style my hair post-pilates while I sip on a green smoothie and read the paper... a girl can dream. For now these techniques seem easy enough that even I'm not intimidated. Read on for deets.

Hare + Heart + a french press of jo cause it's 4pm and I'm crazy like that. 

I wanted to go short (I was feeling like a rebel) but Joan convinced me to keep my longer bob and ombre color so that we could do something Brigitte Bardot-esque. He added some layers around my face for movement. I will be shaking them while I dance to RAC's set on Sunday.

To get the va-va voom style below apply a volumizing mousse all over the roots of your hair and then dry with a small, round brush. Wrap sections of hair around the brush to curl while drying. Add dry shampoo at the roots and then mist all over with hair spray to finish.

Samantha Pleet romper from Urban Outfitters.

Next Chase showed us a cute daytime style. Part hair in center and make two braids on either side (we did corn rows but any braid will do.) When finished pull hair out of braids a bit to loosen and look messy. Secure in the back with elastics and then tuck under into a small bun and secure with bobby pins.

Thanks Benjamin