West 3rd Street

One of my new year's commitments was to become a champion (hehe) at self-care. It's so easy for me to see taking care of myself as a luxury and not a priority even though I'm an actress and the way that I present myself to the world is super important but let's be real, women don't have two dresses in their closet anymore and mani/pedis are a pretty affordable luxury. 

One of my monthly self-care jams is to get my brows done by Maria at Benefit on West 3rd street. I love this ritual because I can combine it with lunch at Joans On Third (best.Chinese Chicken Salad.ever!) and a little stroll. 

Ted Baker Jacket + Bottom
Carlo Pazolani Shoes
Rovi Moss Bag
Oliver Peoples Sunnies
Red Earth Ring
Coordinates Collection Bracelet


Q & A: Mae Whitman

I really like talking to people and I will pretty much enjoy a conversation with anyone so long as the talk is big not small. I think my curiosity is all wrapped up in being an actress and a writer and the child of two journalist and just being super interested in people and where they come from and how that shapes their point of view.  
I've had people say that talking to me is like being interviewed so it's very exciting to present this little passion project, a Q & A series I'm doing for LA Mag.com where I interview people in the entertainment world that I admire. 

The adorable Mae Whitman was my first victim. Mae dazzled me years ago when I saw her at a screening for Thief, a short lived FX drama that my father wrote for and Mae starred in. I was just starting out as a professional actress at the time and was feeling overwhelmed and more than a little terrified to be in Los Angeles period (I had a brief bout with anxiety attacks that specifically took place on American Airlines flights from JFK to LAX in 2005). Mae rolled into the Thief screening with a pack of guy friends, wearing a printed maxi dress and flip flops and all I could think was "gosh she is so self possessed and cool, I hope I can be an actress like that one day."

Flash forward ten years and I feel like I've learned what Mae knew back then, the art of being yourself in this business. Mae's still killing it and making her star turn in The Duff which hits theaters everywhere this Friday. 

Photos by // Mark Champion 
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The Malibu Pier

One of the biggest selling points on moving to Los Angeles was proximity to the ocean. On Saturday my husband and I took an impromptu trip to Malibu. I wore a bandeau top from Pily Q, an old denim skirt from Madewell and my patent leather heels from Carlo Pazolini. I call them old lady shoes because they feel prim and proper and like something a cooler than average librarian might wear. 
We had planned to have lunch at Malibu Farm but when we saw the line we opted for Malibu Pier Restaurant instead. I tried the Organic Malibu Burger and the Crab Cobb, both were delicious. They also have a great selection of non-alcoholic cocktails which were yummy and refreshing. 

Pily Q Top
Madewell Skirt (similar)
Rovi Moss Bag
Carlo Pazolini Shoes
Forever 21 Hat
Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
Pyrrha Necklace
Bando Tote