I've really been loving a good romper as of late. There's something about wearing a one piece that just feels easy and loose. Like if I had to pick up a motel room quickly I could do it because all I'm wearing is one itty, bitty article of clothing everyday. Sorry for the motel reference, I'm reading Gone Girl and the book has taken over my life. As in "maybe I'll get my car washed today because that would warrant a half hour of reading for pleasure during the workday" taken over my life... justification station.

In keeping with our July theme of great designers doing good I hereby introduce you to Kristinit, who uses organic fabrics, fair trade practices and local manufacturing to create her masterpieces. If that weren't sweet enough she also donates 5% of all profits to charities helping animals and the environment.

Kristinit Romper // Birkenstock Sandals // Brahmin Bag // Folli Follie Watch // Pyrrha Necklace



The most un-L.A. things happen on a road trip... #20ozofsoda #styrofoamcup 

Wearing New Balances, Joey cut-off shorts, Heidi Merrick top, Clare Vivier bag, Zara sunhat

Mary Darling from A Fab Life catching some rays. #badassbitch

Kristen is sooooo excited because The Apricot Tree makes a killer taco salad.

Finally getting around to sharing these photos from our "girl's only" road trip to Sonoma with the Crossroads Trading Style Council. In 24 hours we managed to squeeze in a ton of shenanigans and the sort of crazy over-sharing only girls know how to do.  Getting up at 6am is normally not my jam unless I'm being whisked away to an island or sent directly to hair and make-up but piling in an SUV with this crew was sort of cozy.

Photos by Grasie Mercedes.

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Ghana Get Cha'

Sorry I've been MIA this week, auditions picked up for me recently and turns out, memorizing six pages of dialogue a night leaves less time for blogging. It's crazy how emotionally draining a day of auditions can be. Actually I guess it's not crazy... if you think about what it is, literally experiencing heightened emotions and expressing them all day long. All I really feel like doing at night is sitting on the couch and eating hummus. But enough about me and my love affair with hummus, let's talk about some clothes...


Currently Craving: Clare Vivier

No outfit is complete these days without my Clare V. flat clutch. I like to keep all my essentials in there and then if I switch handbags I can just toss it in or pull it out for use as a clutch. Something so practical and chic is what I'm all about. Here are some of my fav bags and a few ways to style them. 
x AC

1// Tank 2// Jeans 3// Jean Jacket 4// Crossbody 5// Sandals 



Just pulled over on the PCH to fire off some quick shots after an impromptu late-afternoon beach hang. I've really been feeling the ocean at dusk lately. Actually we were headed apr├ęs beach to one of my favorite seafood shacks but when we saw the outrageous line we turned around and went to The Hungry Cat Santa Monica instead.
There is nothing like the simple pleasure of white wine and a lobster roll when you still have sand in your hair. x AC

Stylemint Dress // Birkenstock Sandals // Oliver Peoples Sunnies // Folli Follie Watch // Necklaces from Pyrrha and Delicate Raymond 


Top Notch

A few weeks back I got to travel to Sonoma with Crossroads Trading Co. and other members of their style council  to sit on a panel and discuss trends with regional directors from across the country.
One of the questions was "what is your favorite Crossroads Trading Co. find?" It's a tough call because I have scored many great pieces there but my inner hippie says it's hands down these India Cotton M.C. Hammer pants which I have worn to the beach, to acting class and yes, even to bed which makes me feel a bit like "The Dude" from the Big Lebowski.


What I'll Wear There: Fourth Of July

As I've gotten older I've moved away from my too-cool-for-school 'tude on festive dressing. And while I'll probably never be the girl with Christmas trees on her fingernails, I can now embrace a little creativity in my holiday ensembles. On Saint Patty's day this year, for example, I moved way out of my comfort zone and actually wore green—an army green surplus shirt from Heidi Merrick with dyed denim sleeves mind you—but green, nonetheless. Was I pleased with myself? You bet your bottom shamrock button I was.