Behind The Camera

When I was younger, I had a desire to be behind the camera...



 I just returned from a trip back east to celebrate my father's wedding and spend a few days at the beach with my mom. It's so easy for me to get into summer, relaxation mode. If chilling hard had been a class at NYU I would have crushed it. Nothing makes me want to watch sunsets, talk for hours on the beach or read for pleasure quite like long, hot days. This Summer however I have a lot going on. It's all exciting stuff but it means my days are full and I have to take my effortlessness where I can get it like in my wardrobe. I've been reaching for easy dresses like this one and sandals with a short heel. I've also been taking my sun hat with me everywhere and staying hydrated of course. Find some more easy red, white and blue options for July Fourth below!

THML Dress // Forever 21 Hat // Aldo Sunnies 

Shot in Los Feliz
Photo Credit: Mark Champion